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Its surprising to find opinions of theft.. theft would be counterfeits not clones. Look at any industry on the market, car companies do it, and computers and electronics.. for one dell started as a clone company.. clones may not be to the highest quality of aome namebrand clubs but they are not all bad clubs.. some clones are terrible as are some namebrand clubs that come out.. if you find a club that fits you and plays well who cares if it is a clone or namebrand.. stating that clones are junk or theft is just stating namebrand is "always" better and thats not necessarily the case. I played namebrand and ive played clones.. I played better and more consistent with the set of clones.. not thatim saying that all clones are better cause thats not true, but finding a set of clubs that you are comfortable with outways the argument of namebrand or not
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Another option is www.hirekogolf.com. They are not a clone club making company, but rather they have designed their own clubs and have geared them toward the custom club making industry. Some other websites sell their products and will compare them to main stream clubs, but they don't themselves. They are a legitimate club maker, and some of their clubs have been featured in "best of" lists on golf digest and golf tips magazine. Their acer irons have great reviews and are a very good value. They will sell components or build to your specs.
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The name on the club by the big boys is exactly what it says it is. i.e. mayor club makers design in the technology, but the average golfer or even advance golfer is subjected to brand loyalty and popularity. They never actually get all of the benefits from the technology, because they generally cannot work the ball by accident or intentionally. When it happens it's like, "What was that?"


The type of material responsiveness of the head to impact; how it was made(forged or cast) the shaft (The most important component of the club assembly) and the depth of the groves and the grip collectively make up the golf club. 


The range of player is so broad, that any one of us can hit something. You have to decide if you want your clubs to have a popular name on it and hit a sometimes good shot, or the right clubs for your game, be it popular brands or clones.


...I've played golf for 30 years; hit a lot of different clubs old and new ( currently playing Hogan apex l from Mizuno's).


Going to build some clones; re-shaft myself and see if my theory holds up.

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Spend $50 or so to get fitted for a set of irons.  Then look for a used set that may be available in your fit.  Example:  You can look on ebay and look for a set that are your fit.  My fit was 1" over standard length and 1* up right and R Flex steel shafts.  This is what I did and was able to pick up a nice set of irons 4-9 that were in excellent shape.  I have 3H and 4H that I like and I like my wedges.  I felt like these used clubs, Taylormade Aero Burner, for $350 was right up my alley.  Been very happy with them and I would recommend getting fit so that what you end up getting fit you.

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Another vote for buying 2-4 year old clubs on the used market.  I can't believe how LITTLE a 3 year old driver is worth on the used market.  I just upgraded my driver and sold a TM Stage II adjustable driver to a buddy for $50.  The trade-in value for it was only $40!!!


And don't underestimate the value of a GOOD putter!  You can go to any of the big box golf shops and demo a lot of putters.  Pick one that feels comfortable to you.  Heck, you can even look for the model you like used somewhere.


Many of the major manufacturers sell used clubs from their home page.  TM, Callaway, etc.  I've seen a couple of guys go this route and literally receive 'as-new' clubs purchased for discounted prices.  Not discounted as much as a private seller would have to sell for, but you can be assured of getting genuine TM or Callaway clubs and NOT knock-offs or clones.



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