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Its surprising to find opinions of theft.. theft would be counterfeits not clones. Look at any industry on the market, car companies do it, and computers and electronics.. for one dell started as a clone company.. clones may not be to the highest quality of aome namebrand clubs but they are not all bad clubs.. some clones are terrible as are some namebrand clubs that come out.. if you find a club that fits you and plays well who cares if it is a clone or namebrand.. stating that clones are junk or theft is just stating namebrand is "always" better and thats not necessarily the case. I played namebrand and ive played clones.. I played better and more consistent with the set of clones.. not thatim saying that all clones are better cause thats not true, but finding a set of clubs that you are comfortable with outways the argument of namebrand or not