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Regarding the Adams A4r irons, I purchased a set on Ebay last year. I'm certainly not looking for an excuse for my lack of improvement, I just know very little about clubs. These are considered a decent GI set but I just read where they are not necessarily good for high handicappers looking to improve. My first question for anyone who has played with these is how true is that statement? Please keep in mind my HC is over 30.


My priority is developing good mechanics and I am making progress. I had always believed that my equipment is not a problem. But at what point do I consider the possibility that the clubs are not a good fit? What do you look for when choosing the right iron set? Conventional wisdom is to go to a shop and try out different clubs until you find a set that feels right. Honestly, I can't do that if I have no intention of buying a brand new set. I would be taking advantage of a golf shop by trying out their clubs and then buying a used set on ebay.


Also, as far as fitting, how much can they do on a cast set other than adjust the shaft length?


Any information or opinions would be greatly appreciated.