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Things you bring for a round of golf

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Just wondering what you all carry with you/bring with you onto the course for every round. Obviously Golf clubs and a golf bag. But what else? Like a range finder, divot tool, etc.

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Divot Tool, groove cleaner, permanent marker, toque, windbreaker, toonies ( $2 coins ) for closest to the pin/long drive bets with buddies, cash for beer cart girls, sunglasses, sunscreen, iPhone with GolfShot GPS ( phone on silent ), smaller change for ball marker

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BUG SPRAY.  even some of the extremely high end courses have bug problems.



I played the Ace Club in philly a few weeks ago in a match and the bugs were so awful on some holes it was impossible to hit a solid putt

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a change of socks ( my balls are hydro-magnetic) , couple 2, 3 , beers ( snuck in the bag of course) , sunflower seeds and a stogie or two .

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Cigars, cutter, lighter, etc. are a must in my bag.  I also have a small spray bottle (just a few ounces) of water so I can clean off my clubs. 

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Cell phone, cigarettes, dip, divot fixer.


Nothing out of the ordinary


Oh actually I do bring sun block and spare spikes with the replacement tool.

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Duct tape, a mask, vaseline, some condoms and a knife..

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Originally Posted by GolfBear View Post

Duct tape, a mask, vaseline, some condoms and a knife..

If I ever enter a tourney and I'm to play against you, I just want to say you played a great round and congrats on your win...


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Bottle of water or gatorade, zone bar for a snack at the turn, divot tool, souvenir zloty (polish coin) that I use as my ball marker and a soft bristle brush.

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I my pockets I keep an extra ball, a divot tool, a tee, a ball marker, and my glove. In my bag I have a rule book, a groove brush, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and a bunch of other crap that I carry around for no reason. a1_smile.gif

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In my pockets as little as possible ....... some markers, a few tees, divot tool, my personal yardage book.


And as I am carrying my bag as little as possible in the bag ...... Mostly only 10-12 clubs, 1 waterbottle, about two sleeves of balls, extra tees, a few gloves in case it rains, a few muesli bars, R&A Rules booklet and only when rain is expected : MPC raingear (I never use an umbrella and I even like playing in a standard Scottish summerday), old toothbrush for cleaning grooves and a permanent marker ....... and reading glasses (my arms are getting short).

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3 bottles of water, 3 gloves, health bars, and I wear pants with a hole in the pocket for an incognito drop or two (just kidding)

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The only thing out of the ordinary I keep in my bag is a long sleeved Coldgear UnderArmor shirt for those chilly early morning tee times.

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I carry a light jacket for rain/cold, spikes and tool, torque wrench, masking tape (for use as impact tape on range), a water bottle, phone in left pocket w/ scorecard app, and cliff bar.

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EpiPen. A few years back I got stung by a wasp. It nearly killed me. 3 hospitalizations and 2 surgeries later and I don't screw around anymore. The EpiPen goes with me everywhere I go. If I ever get stung again, I'll be rushing to the ER straight away.

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Water, divot tool, ball mark, gps, extra towel to keep wet when it's hot, light jacket in case it rains, cash and depending on who I'm playing with, maybe a little herb.

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Divot repair tool

Two coins for markers (unless I'm alone, then I'll just bring one)

Small, wet microfiber towel

Snacks (mini-Clif bars and mini-Lara bars are awesome)

Bottle of Vitamin water, Propel, e.g.

Bug spray and sunblock


That's about it, I try to always trave light, even if I happen to end up in a cart.

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