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I can hit my 5 iron fine but my 4 iron is awful! - Page 2

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I have the titleist AP2 forged Irons......Standard lies and lengths at current

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Nice sticks MB.  Those are definitely player irons.


Did you get a set of 8: 4i thru GW or 3i thru PW?


How far do you hit your 7 iron?


What shaft and flex do you have?

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I bought 3 through PW but recently ditched the 3 iron as i have been having similar issues to the 4 iron. They are fitted with project x 6.0s which i was originally fitted for but i am a lot stronger now which may make a difference.....

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PX 6.0 is actually stiffer than S300, going up to PX 6.5 ...... uhh, ready for some serious injuries ?


I also play the 710 AP2 3-PW and the 3i is a bit mixed, still I like to use the 3i from the fairway if I need a low long shot ...... I also have a 710 CB 2i I use actually only at the range, being able to hit it well at the range helps me thinking I can hit the 3i with some ease. With the 3i and 4i you have to have faith that you will strike good shots with them.


I could leave the 3i at home, but there are just in every round a few shots, where a 3i is just simply the best option.


From the tee I can hit a 3i about 210 yds, but I must admit I currently prefer the Wilson Staff 19.5 Fybrid for these kind of shots.

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Darn, Project X 6.0 ?? isn't that X-stiff shaft??

Mine is 5.5 and it's stiff enough... just wondering, who fitted you? I'm asking because I find that a lot of retail places who claim they can fit you well, don't...


And maybe it's just one of those tiny little fix that you need to swing that 4i of yours.


Like me... I had trouble hitting my new driver for 1 month... guess what the fix is... go back to a neutral stance... that's it...

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Ok, interesting. It was actually my local pro who fitted them!! It would make sense that the shafts are too flexed as generally my ball flight is considerably lower than most of my golfing buddys. I think i shall have a wee talk to him about that next time i see him!

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It seems like your 5 iron is your optimum club. The longer each club gets requires it to start from a deeper position. So, take a little deeper backswing with the 4 iron. This is due to the angle of the clubface. Also, many golfers are trying harder on longer irons and mentally get the perception they have to hit it harder. This now causes tighter arms and the arms get faster. The clubhead is now beating your body to impact with poor results. 


So relax the arms, take a little fuller swing, and if possible, allow your lower body to lead the turn and the club to impact. This will help keep the clubhead in the optimal position at impact. Practice and good luck. .  

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I love my 4 iron but use my hybrid on approach shots (from the fairway or off the tee) - it lands softer for me than the iron does. I was at a point last year where I wasn't hitting my driver off tees, I was using 4 or 5 iron. Was having major problems with my hybrids/woods. Anyhow, this forced me to develop a good relationship with my 4 iron and get comfortable with it. 


Unlike my 5, I do play the 4 about half a ball roll further up in stance. Try putting the same 5 iron swing but a different ball position?

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I switched from carrying a 4-iron to a 4-hybrid, and liked it so much I decided to also swap my 5W for a 3-hybrid.  Love 'em, particularly out of the rough and off the tee.



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you're probably standing too close to the ball. if you take the same address with your 4 and your 5, you'll hit your 5 well, but your body makes adjustments undetected by you in order to not shank the ball cause you're too close to it. i'd try scooting back an inch before you go readjusting your clubs.

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Originally Posted by MB1630756 View Post

I am having some troubles with my 4 iron at the moment. Instead of the desirable mid ball flight i have with my 5 iron, the 4 iron is all over the show, even when i feel ive put a good swing to it the ball flight is low and goes no where at all, and a nagging cut. I have considered putting a hybrid in its place but before i go ahead and do that i want to know if anyone has some advice for me.........cheers

Back the ball up in your stance. Helped me. Had the ball too far forward.

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Originally Posted by DocParty View Post

Back the ball up in your stance. Helped me. Had the ball too far forward.


If he's still got that same problem now, 2 years later, then I'm sure that will help him.

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