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I was looking for a review of these somewhere.


Just picked the irons up at my local Play it again sports for 180 bucks (4H, 5-SW) and I'm very pleased with these. I'm not swinging the very latest clubs on the market; but I am a fairly good player who hangs around in the Mid-80s and these are wonderful sticks esp. for the $. I beat my X-20s into the ground for years and after tinkering with some taylormades and a set of pings Im glad I found and settled on these. Like putting the Xs back into my grip with new makeup. 


I do find it weird that there is essentially no info on these sticks anywhere, even at Callaway's website.

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I am not the greatest golfer by any shape or form of the imagination, but I recently picked up this iron set because I knew I needed new irons and being a college student I have a limited budget. Has anyone actually played them before? I am about to this Saturday and hope they play ok. I recently changed over ALL my clubs. I have been playing with the same set since I was 17 (now 29) and didnt realize how much of a difference your clubs will actually make. Trying my friends Callaway Irons and Nike driver I was hitting the ball straighter, cleaner and further than I have ever. I have already switched over to Nike's Driver VR PRO 10 not 9.5 and have been very pleased with the distance and control of my drive. I am just wondering if anyone out there has used the Warbirds so I can find out what to expect on saturday. They are Callaway which all my buddies swear by and the set I did use (my friends clubs) were fantastic. Any input would be greatly appreciated happy "birdie hunting"

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Glad to read your post as I am waiting till tomorrow to try them out after picking up the Warbirds two days ago. I havent seen any info on them anywhere not even at Dicks Sports where I bought em. I am glad to read that you liked them and hope they work out well for me as well THANKS

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Yes they are for Dick's stores only.  I recently purchased the 3W.  I love it.  It goes LONG.  Seriously long.  I am looking for a Driver to test out.  Dick's didn't have one.

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I got these around Christmas time (4-AW), and I love them.   Granted, they replaced my 15yo hand me downs, but they are great for me.  I hit several clubs in the 200-300 dollar range, and these were the easiest for me to hit straight and pure by far.   They are very forgiving.  So far, they have held up well, but they are only 4 months in.  

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i have the warbird driver got used for 80 bucks its a sweet ass driver i hit between 325 and 380 yards every time i swing it depending on how hard i swing it i have the callaway razr x irons and woods but cant trade my warbird driver i love that club

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Originally Posted by sean_miller View Post

Doesn't sound like anyone knows for sure, but I'll take a wild guess that anyone familiar with the original Callaway BB with Warbird soleplate will be not buying this version. They (Callaway) hit a home run with the 1st generation WB.


Yes they did. I still bag my WB 3w (see sig) from ~1993, and I have hit all sorts of newer 3 woods, and still nothing comes close. Really wish they would reincarnate that design..

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They are discontinued. The Strata line is taking the place of the Warbirds...with a much smaller price tag. The Warbirds were sold as a complete set and the only place I have found them still available is at Global Golf and Rockbottom Golf. The Strata line was part of Top Flite which was sold to Dick's but Callaway kept the Strata name. Four complete sets are available men's 18 and 13 and women's 16 and 11 piece complete set.. 



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Yes - I remember the old Warbirds!


I remember the Memphis 10 steel shafts too - fabulous!


I have a load of old Wilson, TaylorMade and Titleist clubs in my garage but no longer have the Callaway Warbirds - I regret not hanging on to these great clubs.


They were the ones before the big move over to titanium heads.  Callaway went stupid and started charging ridiculous sums for their Great Big Bertha driver, (something like £500) and they lost me.


I always remember being able to hit the 10 deg WB off the deck with a draw - easily!  You can't do that so well with all of these 460cc heads now.


I could hit the WB driver past anything I've had since.  Looking around on Ebay etc. there's none about anymore - what happened to them - did they all get melted down or something? 


Those were the days!

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They should be still available at Callaway's pre-owned golf site (http://www.callawaygolfpreowned.com/golf/drivers,default,sc.html).


I got a classic WB Great Big Bertha 10 degree driver and it was so much easier to hit it over the new 460cc heads. Maybe it's a psychological thing on my part - but I find it less intimidating to swing a smaller club head over those ginormous new drivers.

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I bought these clubs a couple of days ago when I was harassed by the shopkeeper to purchase them. My first thought was what a nice a bag surely the clubs are good. I was horrendously wrong. These clubs are a tragic remake of the once great Calloway name and I personally would not recommend them to anyone . So mate I beg you to forget about callaways and move on unless you get a kick out of disappointment. Overall 1.7/10
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