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I've had my true linkswear tours for about 6 months now. In general, I've enjoyed them. That said, after my round yesterday, I developed a bruise on a ball of my left foot. This would be the one between my 3rd and 4th toe. I've searched the web to see if anyone had a similar complaint and/or an explanation for what happened, but nada. Anyone experience this? I live in Phoenix and spent a good amount of the round walking on the cart path (most Phoenix courses are designed around a cart). I wear a pedometer and logged about 13500 steps.


Foot is still sore 24hrs later. I wore my Sperry's, which are normally very comfortable, but don't have much cusioning, and had to limp when I walked. I put on my cole haan slides when I got home, significantly more cusioning, and can walk with only a small amount of pain.


Can anyone relate? Do Trues' lack of cushion make them grass only?

I've worn True Tours on and off the course for 2 years - no problems. But feet are different. Have you tried an orthotic?