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Need help finding a golf membership on Long Island?

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I am looking to find an affordable membership to a golf course here on long island. I am most like going to have to get a twilight membership or something seeing I am not trying to spend to much money just trying to save and play more rounds of golf. I found the course I love and I want to play but the membership is to much. I wanted to join spring lake golf course in middle island but cant see spending $1600 just for twilight yet. Is there any good places here on Long Island that have a decent price and has atleast 2 different courses to play? Thats a major reason I like spring lake with it having an 18 hole course and a 9 hole course and some great pros and such. I might be asking to much but I want to spend like 500 or so for a couple course options and twilight hours for the year. Anyone out there have any info. on membership prices in the areas? been looking and seems i have to call everywhere. Please help thanks!

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What about Bethpage?
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I would love to have a membership at bethpage. I grew up playing the course but would think it might be kind of expensive. how much is it for the memberships there?
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I highly doubt Bethpage offers membership. It's a muni in the full sense.
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That's right it's not a private club and they don't offer memberships. Just get over there on a late afternoon with your driver's license and play as many holes as you can get in. They must have a reduced rate say after 4pm. I liked the green, blue and red and of course there's always the black if you can stay out of the rough!
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Yea...I called them today and they don't offer any sort of memberships. I don't mind because I know I will play rounds there from time to time seeing its nearby and one of my favorite courses. I did however find a couple other places that offer a couple good memberships. I am looking at Timber Point in Great River, Harbor Links in Port Washington, and Glen Oaks Club in Old Westbury. The only one I have price on is Harbor links so far which is 480 for six months. Anyone play and know how those places?
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Hey, I know I'm real late to this, but I'm looking for pretty much the same thing. I think I could spend maybe 1,000 but obviously the cheaper the better. Just wondering how everything turned out for you? Did you go for the Harbor Links membership? If so, how much did it cost, was it worth it, how was the course, all that kind of stuff. Thanks!

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you received accurate answers. Bethpage is a state run course and there are no memberships. One of the answers suggested courses. The Green, Blue and the Red. There is also the yellow which is frequently broken up so you can play nine holes. He also mentioned the Black. Do everyone a favor. If you've never broken 80 you have no business on that course. Understand your limitations and realize that if you're not a good golfer you won't enjoy that course. It is physically exhausting. You'll lose a ton of balls and you'll hold up the groups behind you. Courtesy, unless you can really pl;ay the game, excludes you from the Black. If you want to use course management for the Black course, stop for a beer before you play and stay there. If you must tell people that you played the Black just lie and tell them you did. Tell them you shot 136 and they'll believe you.

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"Joining a CLUB" and "JOINING a club" are two different things, and some people confuse the idea. On Long Island, if you want to join a CLUB, prepare to pay fairly big bucks. You are paying a membership to enjoy the facilities and not deal with large crowds and slow play. About the cheapest PRIVATE club that I know about is Island Hills in Sayville. A few different levels to join depending on what you want.

If you're looking to JOIN a club like Timber Point or any other type of courses that are PUBLIC, you are just paying for the opportunity to play at a specific time (in general). Many offer the same time before 11am or so every week from May to October, plus maybe a discount at other times. They might throw in a handicap and a chance to play in the club tournaments. It doesn't mean you play faster, or not have to deal with crowds.
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