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This is very similar to what my pro got me to do, but it was not called the Rotary Swing. He had me take the club straight back for about 18", and I end up in the same position as the Rotary guy.


I wonder if this Rotary Swing has any ties to the Manuel de la Torre swing method? de la Torre focuses on club position and motion rather than body motion; also, emphasis is on how the arms swing, vice leading with hips. I haven't had any full lessons on the de la Torre method, but have discussed it with a pro who teaches it. (dl Torre pro not my regular pro).

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The "Rotary Swing" is just Iron Byron transferred to a person. The basic concept is rotation around the spinal axis, facilitated by slightly more forward spinal tilt at address as opposed to too upright a posture; using the large trunk muscles to initiate the swing unifies the takeaway and widens the swing path. An added bonus is that improves contact consistency. I had never hear of Rotary Swing. I just tried to model myself after Iron Byron and dropped my handicap 5 strokes. And it is NOT stack and tilt. I keep my head well behind the ball at all times.

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Originally Posted by CalBoomer View Post

And it is NOT stack and tilt. I keep my head well behind the ball at all times.

With all due respect, it appears that you don't understand Stack and Tilt.



Stack and Tilt players have their "head behind the ball" too. (Click to show)



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My name is Alison Thietje. I discovered the anatomical fundamentals: Move1, 2,3,4. I taught Chuck these fundamentals. When we met, I gave him a golf lesson and his response to that golf lesson is public in many places when you google: Rotary Swing blogs. I just want to educate golfers on the fact that there is NO difference between swing mechanics and body mechanics. It has been a tough sell to the golf industry and neither Chuck or any other golf instructors understood this 4-5 years ago. I now teach my Anatomical fundamentals and "how the body works" to Universities. It will soon be a credited course. One of the cool things about Universities, is they take liars seriously. If I really didn't come up with this on my own, and I claimed the knowledge as mine, with NO proof or explanation for "HOW" I did it, I could never be where I am today! I have many Doctors from my board who will be a witness for me!


You can easily research the last 16 years of MY research! I had built a national medical advisory board before I ever traveled with the PGA Tour as a personal trainer. I formed this board in 1995. I am the leader and founder of golf fitness and teaching the golf swing from an anatomical perspective. I am the leader in taking modern brain science and techniques used on Stroke patients and using it on healthy golfers who wanted and needed to improve swing mechanics. My creditability and my history goes way back and can be found by Googling my name and my old companies: Motion Memory Golf and Total Approach Golf.


Golfers...you  can't believe everything you read. Just be a smart consumer! Do your homework, research people's background. Make people give you quality answers for how they came up with a concept. Make them provide written proof  for being the "founder" of something. As a consumer I hate to be lied to. So I do my homework before I buy into what someone says.


Check out the history of Rotary Swing and Chuck Quinton! The history before 2008 is especially interesting because it doesn't even resemble, on any level, what he teaches now. Why did it change? Who changed it? How did he learn it? Did he really have a medical board? When was the board formed? Who are they? What was his bio-mechanical research? Where did he do it? He owned a snow boarding business not to long before getting into golf.....where was he 15 years ago. He claims he was doing research for the golf swing. Can you find anything on the internet that backs that up? I'm not telling you what to think. I'm not a snake oil salesman. I just encourage you to do your homework and make educated decisions.


Bottom line: Rotary Swing Tour is awesome! I developed at least 90% of that swing model and in a court of law would be found as the one telling the "truth" on this claim. I'm not dogging on the swing model at all. I love it! I also LOVE what I did for Chuck's swing! What a difference since he has applied my swing fundamentals. It took his game to a whole new level! I have my own website now and plan to get the credit I deserve for my 16 years of hard work. Thank you Chuck for paving the way for me to launch the greatest sports training program of all times!


Last but not least, I am a firm believer in the First Amendment. I have a right to defend myself and my hard work. I have just done that and will continue doing it every chance I get! Everyday, I will post this message somewhere and make sure people know the truth about my work and research.


Alison Thietje


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Everyday, I will post this message somewhere and make sure people know the truth about my work and research.


Alison Thietje



oh good lord, please don't!   take your harpy sh*t back to the kitchen!

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It's an anatomical fundamental. I taught it to Chuck and my name is Alison Thietje. I pioneered fitness for golf and anatomical fundamentals for all motions in the golf swing. For ANY swing model.  I have many anatomical fundamentals that work on everyone. They are laws. Chuck uses all of them and I taught him back in 2008. It is very simple. Learn to move ONE bone and shut down the muscles in the arms that normally move, do it a lot, through out the day without hitting balls for 30 days. I have been teaching these laws for 12 years and it took 4 years before that to develop it. I traveled on the PGA Tour as a trainer to Tom Watson, Phil M, Justin L. Brad F, Stewart Cink etc....check it out!




Just google my name and Chucks and you will find the old blogs and where he learned this stuff. I really hate that he claims it is his and he did the work and research.  I think all golfers should do more research when someone claims to have created something.

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Ah, what do we have here, a cave man! LOL, you have got to be kidding me, go back to the kitchen? LMAO. GEE, you must be really smart!

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Originally Posted by Alison Thietje View Post

. . .  Everyday, I will post this message somewhere and make sure people know the truth about my work and research.


Alison Thietje



Is this you?




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yes, that's me!

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Originally Posted by Alison Thietje View Post

yes, that's me!


Good luck. This discussion really has no place here, though. Thank you.

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I was there (one of Chuck's students) when all of this came about so I know that Alison is telling the truth about how excited Chuck was about working with her and then "poof" she was gone.  Erik is probably right though in that this forum is not the place for all of that drama. 

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I like GWLEE7 post. Here is someone who has worked with Quinton (for 5 years) so he must know something about the Rotary Swing.  GWLEE is not popooing it he is merely saying that the basic rotary swing elements worked and the (enhanced) version Quinton says you need is just a lot of detail on the original basic premise.   As usual, the advanced (for members only) stuff is marketing and more money.


I get sick and tired of looking at these "online instructors" who start out with great basic teaching and then get into the mode of "now, get this DVD on (whatever) and receive free (whatever) and get my newsletter for $29 a month"  These hooks are the marketing aspect I don't like and if all the instructors buy into this type of promotion for their teaching then they should quit and get a job elsewhere.  Obviously they are not making enough money teaching at the course they belong to so they launch out into that wonderful world of internet marketing where they find they can get peoples money very easily by just making a few DVD's and then start a web site.  


Read the terms and conditions on some of these websites.  It makes your head spin. 

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I have recently looked into this site.  What I like about it is that it is complete, start to finish.  The swing is correct or at least very reasonable.  It tells you how to get there with drills and what muscles need to fire.....  I think if someone puts the time in and follows this site they will make improvements.  Is it marketing, sure but the content is good.


I have taken private lessons over the last several years and because of the time involved it does not seem to work out.  Spending as much time as needed to work out all the points in 1/2 hour lessons is difficult.  You could spend several lessons without hitting a ball and that just doesn't happen (or it didn't for me).  I am going to move forward and I am sure this is going to get me to a better place.  Is it the best thing ever?  No but it is pretty good and well done.


I pass over the "this in the one and only correct way to do this" comments and take away what is good.  In short order it has given me lag and more consistency.  

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I have watched tons of videos from chuck quinton, and clay Ballard. Their videos have done nothing but educate me and help improve my swing. I went from casting to creating lag and a divot in front of the ball. My ball striking has improved a ton. As to the marketing aspect, which some people complain about, any instructor out there today has to make money and there is good money in golf instruction. It's a free market, if you don't like them making your money then don't buy their product. Set at home and watch YouTube videos.
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Originally Posted by Ringworld View Post

Homer Kelly -- Golfing Machine

Bobby Clampett -- Impact Zone

and throw in Stack & Tilt for good measure.  At least for my body type the best repeatable swing imaginable.  :D


All of these items above offer insight.  Impact Zone is the key to understanding the Golfing Machine's physics.

All great books. The impact zone is an easy read but the golfing machine may take some time and a great deal of focus to actually get it!

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I have experience with instruction under Rotary Swing.  It was not positive.  


I was a 20 handicap player when I found the Rotary Swing website.  Like many amateurs I had hit the limits of my swing.  I am athletic yet I don't understand how to correctly hit a golf ball.  I've read a lot of golf swing theory and have tried different swing methods to little success.  I suffer from consistency and distance problems.  Every now and then I was able to hit solid compressed shots but that was the exception and not the norm.  Naturally the Rotary Swing marketing appealed to me.  Simple instruction that promised how to gain effortless power by lagging the golf club and releasing that energy through the ball.  Sounds perfect!  


I live in Tampa so I scheduled a lesson with Clay out of Orlando who is Chuck's protege instructor.  During the first lesson Clay taught me that my swing was too body orientated.  He instructed me to swing more with my arms from the top, actively crossing my right arm over my left through impact (I'm right handed) while keeping my shoulders closed to the target.  Of course this felt extremely weak to me.  It was a weak arm flip but Clay was insistent that this was a major factor contributing to my inaccuracy and lack of swing speed.  Clay assured me that I had the fundamentals and athleticism to be a scratch golfer and that I should be able to pick up this new swing change in no time.  I spent 2 weeks practicing this new armsy downswing.  Of course I got progressively worse.  At my second lesson with Clay I explained that I was practicing the moves he instructed but I was getting much worse.  He assured me the moves were correct and that every professional golfer did them.  He said all I needed to do was continue to practice them and I'd get better.  And of course another month of practice left me significantly worse.  


Now, I understand that when someone is learning new movements in the golf swing it is natural that it takes a little time to adjust.  But after 45 days I would expect some measure of progress.  So, at this time I wrote off Rotary Swing and Clay's instruction.  Clay had posted video to You Tube of one of my lessons has a student testimonial to the wonders of Rotary Swing instruction.  I then posted a comment stating that I was the student in that video and contrary to Clay's commentary I had gotten worse and not better.  Clay responded shortly afterward stating his instruction was still correct and the problem was that I didn't have more feedback regarding my practice.  He said 2 weeks to a month between instruction wasn't enough and that I needed daily feedback.  He then advocated the Rotary Swing's new online learning group.  For a nominal monthly fee I could post video of my swing and get feedback from Clay directly on a daily basis.  At first I didn't think it was a good idea.  The instruction I had received to that point hadn't helped me and I really didn't think it had anything to do with my practice.  A few emails back and forth allowed Clay to be insistent that he would improve my swing in a months time.  He sold me on the idea that his system can truly teach me how to effortlessly hit a golf ball.  He's a good salesman.  


So, I spent the next nearly 2 months following his instruction via the online learning group.  This instruction consisted of me posting video, Clay taking still snapshots from my video and comparing it to a pro (normally Tiger Woods).  Clay would then instruct that I need to look like the pro.  This was the entirety of the instruction.  Trying to mimic static positions of professional golfers.  There was little to no instruction on how to actually move to get into those positions.  Every day that this went on my golf swing became worse.  It became disconnected, mechanical, nonathletic, and slow.  Of course, when Clay asked me how it was going I would tell him the truth.  He didn't want to hear this but he's very polished and didn't lose his cool.  Every time I told him I was getting worse he'd find a different part of my swing that needed to look more like Tiger's or that I needed to give it more time.  We constantly changed direction from downswing, to transition, to takeaway erratically.  Clay had no plan of instruction, only reacting to my unhappiness at getting worse and worse.  At the end I was unable to hit a golf ball at all.  I went from a decent weekend golfer with a 20 handicap to someone who couldn't beat the ball around a golf course under 120 strokes.  My friends were astonished at the transformation.  At that point I asked Clay how this could have happened.  The cracks in Clay's salesmanship veneer started to appear at this point.  He tried the old tactic of pointing out other things in my swing that needed to look more like Tiger Woods or Adam Scott or whichever pro he favored at the moment.  And then he stated that he couldn't make me better, he could only give me instruction, only I could make myself better.  Please keep in mind I had done nothing but follow his instruction and post videos daily to his learning group for the past 2 months.  I asked Clay point blank, is there anything else in your instruction beyond comparing snapshots of my swing to a pro?  He answered in the negative and that was the end of my instruction.  


Afterward I went to the student You Tube video he still has posted to review my old comment and noticed it had been removed.  So I just posted another comment of my experience with Rotary Swing.  This is just my experience and I'm sharing it knowing that someone out there has probably benefited from Rotary Swing (or thinks they have).  For me it was a huge waste of time, energy, and money.

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Yuck. Sounds awful.
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Thanks for the feedback. I too got wrapped into an online golf program and online golf video lessons. Dollar amount was substantial, and my frustration and inability to physically not accomplish it didn't help as well. They would put up your swing next to a pros, and compare your swing positions to theirs. Good intentions, but all I would hear is " they have a similar build to you.. So they should match up with your swing". I disagree with this, we aren't pros we aren't top amateurs .. comparing us to top level players may not be the best advice for some of us. So I went a different route, I'm doing this myself.. Comparing my swing and getting help from a few online amateur buddies.. Comparing my swings with theirs. I also take in comments I get from people I believe that are trying to help. And than ..eureka. I beat my ott steep cast in 5 months from hard work doing this myself.. Without shelling money away that I can use for my son. I sent in my swing to a random pro for a video lesson a few months ago, and he loved it. My confidence and pride in what I'm doing went out the roof.. I can and I am doing this. Everyone is unique.. What works for one may not work for another.. I appreciated all of the help I did receive.. But in my conclusion, I'm doing better working thru this on my own. And I'm saving money, you can get so wrapped up in this online golf .. Just be weary..

Having fun of digging up info to help my swing on my own.. Try it , it does work

Chris p
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