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Im a horrible slicer but im determined to hit straight tee shots with my driver. Im getting the Cleveland Classic 270 with extra stiff shaft so i can slow down my swing speed and hit straighter tee shots. Im hoping that with a new "pretty" driver it will motivate me to do whatever it takes to master the tee shot.

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I started the game 6 years ago, I m a pure product of the modern gear era. Last summer a non-golfer friend gave me an old persimmon Ben Hogan 4 wood with a stiff steel shaft assuming it was not a pricey present, but only a memorabilia I should be happy to own.


He was just right. After taking few hours sanding it and giving a new tint I brought it to the range. What a surprise! Quite easy to hit and what a whack! I claim I had my actual modern cleveland 5 wood lengths! Averaging 210 meters! The sound is perfect, loud and deep. Amazed by the consistency I decided to give it a go on course. My usual golf buddies laughing at me first, but quickly wanting to try the ancestor!


Well, I did not kept it in the bag, but still use it from time to time on the range. Apparently, the loss compared to titanium head is not as huge as we can imagine. Some says 3 to 5%.

The barely thing to overcome is the manufacturing price, and that was the reason why metal heads were generalized in the 90s.

As often, just a matter of business ruled our way to play a game.

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