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Originally Posted by WPLga View Post

Do you mostly boom drivers on the range or do you have a set routine to practice your entire game? What about putting practice?

I don't practice at all.  There are a few reasons for this. The first is time. My time for golf is limited and I choose to play instead of practice. Second, practice is boring. Third, I am not concerned with advancing my game.  I play to have fun and practice is not fun.

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I spend a lot of time just going to the course and pitching and putting........ or well i try too. Because after 10 minutes of hearing people tee off behind me i go and pay, and play.


I hit the range once a week. And play at least twice a week. Today i played, went home, back out to pitch and putt. Tomorrow night range. Friday pitch and putt. Saturday play. Repeat!


Actually Monday i have an appointment with golftec for an analysis (lesson, i think). I may be in the market for a fitting. And could use some professional help while im at it.

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On playing days to warm up, I like to first go to the range and get a small bucket (40-60 balls depending where I'm playing). I hit balls with a wedge, short iron, long iron, hybrid, and wood. Then, if time allows, head to the putting green and hit some three footers, 15 footers, and 30 footers. This all take about 45 minutes and allows me to be fully ready to play.


On practice days, I like to go to the range looking to improve on some certain area. Always focusing on something, I think that the practice is starting to pay off.

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Started seriously practicing over the last 4 months. Go to the range Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work. It's a 2 minute drive. Day 1 start with GW and work up through the bag hitting 10 balls each club to various targets on range. Day 2 chipping and putting. Day 3 repeat day 1. Play on Saturday. Following week is opposite of previous week so I would have 2 days chipping and putting that week. Probably do 1.5-2 hours each time. Before this I would be lucky to practice 1 time every 2-3 weeks.
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125 and in, chips, pitches, and putts.   

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I vary it, sometimes short clubs first, other times long clubs, even woods first. Will switch between mats and grass. Sometimes I'll use only one club, sometimes switch between wood and wedges. Sometimes my stock shot shape, sometimes try curving the ball alot.

Usually I try and exhaust everything I digested from my last lesson, I stop practicing and just play until I have another lesson. How I practice hinges mostly on what my pro tells me.
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3 hours putting per week

2 hours chipping within 80 yards

Play a round a week

Arrive 30 minutes prior to playing and practice putting

Chip the day before I play from 30 - 60 minutes


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I practice at least 4 times a week. I have had 2 full weeks this summer, but my lower back didn't like it. I tend to practice 4-5 times a week and give myself a day off in the middle of the week and Saturday or Sunday off. This is my practice routine:


1. Stretch out my shoulders and lower back

2. 10-15 balls with a wedge (half swings and/or chips)

3. 10-15 balls with a wedge (full swings)

4. 20-25 balls with a mid iron (3/4 swings)

5. 5 balls with the driver (smooth full swings)

6. Play 9 holes to work on all aspects of my game

7. Spend 15-20 minutes at the range before I head home hitting mid iron shots (sometimes the driver if it failed me during the 9 holes)


I rarely work on putting. I try not to get too technical with my putting. It caused me too many problems during my rounds when I was playing high school golf. I do, however, need to work on chipping more than I do. It is the weakest part of my game at the moment. I bet I am at 50% or less on up and downs right now....which sucks for scoring.



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Every day I hit 20-40 chips in my garden trying to land the chips on a frisbee from about 12 yards. 


twice a week I play a practice 9 holes. Each time I hit a bad shot I hit another from the same place, around the greens I usually hit 3-4 of each approach shot.


Before a serious round if I have time I putt for at least 1/2 an hour with particular focus on putts in the 6-8 foot range, I start with a marker at 3 feet, after I hole 5 consecutive balls from there I move the marker back by 1 foot until I get to around 10 feet from the hole. 


Whenever I get time I take 2 tubes of balls (40 balls) and hit them in the 80-150 yard distance range, aiming for a 5% tolerance (usually achieving < 10%) with about 10 shots with each club to 8 iron. 


I don't practice my long game much at all other than practice rounds, I sometimes hit a tube of mid irons but not often. 


Overall it's quite a lot of practice, my short game is good, the course I play is very penal to wide tee shots and generally hard to score on (lots of golfers in the 1-8 hcap range and gross 83 still qualified for top 16 in the club championship). I don't get enough hit FW's and I don't get enough GIR's, but my putting is 1.87 per GIR and 1.64 overall these stats are good. 

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This Year...


When I do find the time to practice, I focus on my short game.  ~100yds and in shots, chipping and putting.  For me based from my stat tracking (last 5rds) it is taking an average of 3 strokes from 85-100yds and that is not good enough for my goals. 

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