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From Ping's website:





Has anyone been able to find this?  I have an S III and I would really like to get the app but can't find it anywhere.  Same goes for the cradle.  I sent Ping an email and I'll see what they have to say, but maybe someone on here knows?



That didn't take long, here's the response:




We will be releasing the cradles for the new iPhone and other phones shortly. Once these are released, you will be able to full use the APP. My apologies for any inconvenience.
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Seems like they are trying to support more and more devices. I was able to install the app on two android phones from

Google Play / app-store: HTC Sensation XE and Samsung Galaxy Note2.

Just attached the phone using rubber bands, but was not able to register any putts :-(


I even considered buying a new iPod Touch to use this app (and a couple of other apps), but apparently the latest model is not supported.

iPhone 5 is supported, but that might just be a bit much to run this app. My putting could need some improving so I'm hoping for more devices to be supported in the future.

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iPing putting app works on the latest iPod Touch, but no cradle for this, as it is slightly slimmer than an iPone 5. Used rubber bands to attach iPod to putter and coupled with a rubber vise clamp it works ok.


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