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Your handicap is much better than mine so you might not listen to me but putting is really my only strong point. On days that I don't actually play I practice putting for at least an hour. The practice green at our driving range has 9 holes-- I alternate between 1 to 9, 9 to 1, and putting to the hole opposite whichever I choose. If I three putt I start over from the very beginning (if I start on hole 1 and make it to hole 9 and then 3 putt I start over from hole 1). I also only use one golf ball because I feel that it really makes me focus on making the putt count. I got par on 5 out of 9 holes today and every single par was a one putt so it can't hurt.


Actually. My back gets pretty sore from putting so much.


Good luck out there!

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1) A putting aid that I like to use is the string connected to two rods that can be inserted into the ground.  I position the string over the hole and this helps me keep the putter face square to the target on my back stroke and foward stroke.


2) I have several putters and I like to use a blade putter.   the reason I like the blade putter is that it will help you see any flaws in your putting stroke.


3) practice and have fun


4) enjoy putting and build your confidence


5) focus on a straight line and distance control



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My game also falling apart for the last 4 rounds .

The club punched holes and puttong samd on the greens to maintain the green in summer . As the result , the chipping and putting were affected badly .
Green speed are slower and the break are not predictable .

Driving accuracy dropped and am hitting OBs, which causing 4 to 5 stokes more .
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putting, chipping around the green and short shots within 30 yards is what I would focus on.


Do you track your putts per round?

Do you track your up and down, scrambling per hole?



My best round this year was with


26 putts for 18 holes

7 out of 11 up and downs to one putt


I shot 72 or par.


4 birdies

4 bogies


I practice putting for 3 hours a week.

I focus on distance control and making a straight putt from 3 - 5 feet


I also practice 2 hours a week on the short game from within 50 yards and in toward the pin.


You score well enough to shoot close to par, its the putting and scrambing that is keeping you from shooting par in my opinon.

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