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Well its fair to say im in a slump now..... I just cant seem to get anything going.... i mean at all.... like the lowest iv shot in a tourney in te past 2-3 months is 75.... at the beginning of the year i was averaging around 72-73...now im lucky to break 77..... I cant even play normally anymore...it is ridiculously frustrating... ill play mediorcish for around 16 or 17 holes(even-+2ish) and then i make a tripple or wuad out of nowhere..... Iv practiced my eyes out and to no avail...i still SUCK... I cant even hit the ball anymore... chipping is ok...and putting is just frustrating...I have hit countless balls and i cant get it back together...i used to be a great ballstriker(like 15-17 GIR average) and now im lucky to hit 11 GIR....Im soooo frustrated...I mean one day i want to make it on tour and iv tried so hard to get out of this but its frustrating and very discouraging... how have you guy gotten out of this stuff??? HELP PLEASE......

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from a bogie golfer, I feel for you, I really do

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The standard suggestion, take a lesson from someone you trust. Most likely it is something very minor you are doing. I am currently working to break through into the 70's consistently so I have been taking mini lessons with our club pro to put into play the little tweaks here and there that I need. Once I get the tweak or two down I go back to get a couple more, a little at a time. In my talks with him actually earlier today, he said the lower handicap players when they go into a funk, it is usually something very minor they are doing that they just don't see. 


If you can't do that, try recording your swing, you might be able to spot it yourself.

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You know you're a good player.  So obviously take this with a grain of salt


Just take a week break clear your head.


Usually I find after a break I swing really pure, I'm not as tight and all those really small little bad habits I start doing I forgot them.. but the main foundations of the golf swing remain.  Maybe that will help.  If not definitely get lessons lol

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Back to basics,  putting, chipping and a great short game, keep up your cardio for the back nine.    Have fun and don't keep score until after the round.

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