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Welcome to the PING community.

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I started this thread so us PING lovers and can discuss everything about PING. If you would like to post what PING clubs you have in your bag, go right ahead.

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My "love" for Ping started with my first bag. A Ping stand bag. This was about 20 years ago.

Right now i own a set of G5 irons. G10 1W, 3W and 21* Hybrid. Along with my Anser 4 putter.



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Just ordered my first set of PING G15's .. I am so excited to be back golfing. I started about,... well let's just say it was in the '80's. (no, I don't have big hair).. But I was one of the first girls on our high school team and crushed it.  I loved it.  then life happened after college - let's just say work and no play.. So, my clubs get stolen about 5 years ago out of my garage. I was sad, not because of the club cost (they were over 20 years old - so not worth anything) but the sentimental value. Seeing them everyday in my garage just reminded me that I needed to find a way to get back to the joy... So, this week I bought an  Iron set, Driver, etc. etc in the PING G-15!! I have taken a few lessons and got properly fitted. I've waited a long time and now I can't stop thinking about golf.

So I'm back, at 41, an executive, and one that can pay for pay for golf.  Next week, Thursday, they arrive. I'm opening champagne as if it was the birth of a new child. It is. It's me.. I'm so excited!!!

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I just got a set of ping i20s 4-pw,uw,sw,lw. They feel great and I would recommend to anyone thinkning about getting new clubs to try these out.

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I'm currently playing G15 driver, 3wood and hybrid.

They did wonders for my game last year.

This year they don't seem to like me anymore, allways pushing my ball out to the right or hooking it left.


Nevertheless, Ping i20 irons and Tour-S wedges are on my shortlist of new gear this year.

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G15 Irons, 5 through U wedge, D66 putter. Love 'em, shaved many strokes off my game.

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