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Golfer's elbow....

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Since I retired 3 years ago I have averaged more than 110 rounds a year. For Upstate NY that is quite a bit of golf. About a week ago, seemingly out of  nowhere I have developed am annoying pain on the inside of my right elbow. Internet diagnosis is a rather classic case of golfer's elbow. I have not played in nearly a week and the pain is still there. Maybe someone can answer some questions for me...

First, could the pain be a result of my re-gripping my pitching wedge and 9 iron?  I regripped with Lamkin N-Dur with the right hand build up with extra tape. I really can not think of any other changes in my game that might have triggered the pain.

Second. Does the pressure strap I see some players wearing on their forearm really help absorb the shock and prevent pains like this? I used a similar jumper's knee strap for a sore knee and really was not sure it helped. Thanks.

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Had this problem about a year ago. Got so bad I couldn't shake your hand with any grip at all.


I discovered (quite by accident) a few stretching routines that made the pain go away, and hasn't been back since. And I play year round.


I start by raising my arm palm up, in front of me. I then bend my palm upwards/towards me. Using my other hand, I pull it in tight as I can stand for a about 10 seconds, then rotate the hand away from my body i.e., left hand is rotated counterclockwise, right hand is rotated clockwise. I take it as far as I can comfortably stand, and hold for maybe 10 seconds. Release.


I then raise my arm palm down, raise the back of the hand towards me, and then using the other hand pull it back as far as I am comfortable with.


I alternate between these two for a few min a day to keep the tendons and muscles loose, and the tendon pain in my elbows has gone away.


Like I said, I've been pain free for about a year now. YMMV...  a1_smile.gif

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Elbow pain in golf can be caused by several things. 


Here is a post written to address the most common reasons. 




The second part (addendum) here: 




Hope that helps some. 

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Yessir, that hurts!!  I finally went to the the Doc last year for the same thing..he gave me a cortisone shot in the elbow and instructed to lay off for a week or so, and to get one of those straps you mentioned. I certainly lightened up my grip pressure, assuming that may have caused it and have had no problems..............with the elbow ;-)

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RICE, rest ice compression elevation is an acronym to address strains and sprain.  You have a strain.  Best way to ice I have found is what physical therapist use, ice massage.  Take some Dixie cups and freeze water in them.  Peel back paper to expose the open end ice.  Massage the area of pain with ice for 5 minutes.  It will be cold.  It works better than long icing methods.


Do this 2-3 times a day for a few days until the pain subsides.  If you play or practice, ice down after playing.  I keep a zip lock bag and ace wrap in my car for just this.  Get ice from the club house or store and wrap it for the ride home.


There are also compression straps for tennis/golf elbow.  They are very effective at keeping the tendon compressed while you play.  I've got one and it's easy to use when you play.


Stretching.  There are some simple stretches that will help.  Don't do them until your pain has subsided though as they can aggravate the strain.  Do them gently.


Lastly, rest is part of the solution.  Take a couple of days off and do the icing and compression wrap on doing daily activities.  


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Thank you for the posts and advice.

I am currently on a "to the beach" vacation so that should help with the rest.

I am trying the stretching exercises... turning just right still finds the soreness.

I think I will add the strap once I am back playing.

As for my golf swing... I know I do breakdown and flip on occasion.

I still suspect the re-gripping might have been the first domino to fall...

I love the slightly bigger grip with more 'bite' for chipping...

but it may have caused me to start flipping on pitch shots and 1/2 shots.

I also recently changed to ultra slim Super Shooter grip from tall putter...

Maybe the 'slimmer' grip from the putter changed something??? I putt left hand low.

Doesn't seem like putting would much strain on tendon though...

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To OP:


wmiller has suggested some exercises my therapist gave me last year for cubital tunnel syndrome (too much PC mousing with right hand).


This season, I'm having pain in my right wrist. Hurt if first on a heavy shot on a swampy day in May, then hurt it (and left wrist) using a post-hole digger to put in fence posts in my back yard in early June. Then, right wrist started hurting again Friday after a three-day burst of golf (warmed up, played 18, and then hit practice shots afterward like all dedicated golfers are supposed to).


The pain centers around the underside of the wrist, and seems to start when I apply grip pressure including ring and little finger. Doing ice and ibuprofin at night, and heat in morning. Should probably limit myself to chipping and putting the next few days.


Not sure what kind of shafts you have on your irons and wedges. Supposedly graphite shafts are easier on joints and tendons than steel. One help for steel shafts is Sensicore inserts (True Temper) which could be put in when your regrip next. Also, irons with inserts such as gel (Cleveland) or elastomer (Titleist) supposedly are easier on arms and hands.

BTW, I admire anyone who can play 110 rounds of golf a year. c3_clap.gifFortunately, I'm to the point where I can play twice a week the rest of the summer, a big improvement in my quality of life.

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I got severe golfers elbow after my round Friday. A few hours after my round I couldn't get my left arm straight at all, no matter how hard I tried. Golfed Sunday morning with it and I still couldn't straighten it completely but didn't seem to affect my game too much. Today it is still sore but better, and my left bicep/shoulder feels extremely tired.


I used to play Tennis competitively and had to give up the game because I used to get it so bad in my right elbow....now it's my left.


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I tried the Trion-Z bracelet 2 years ago when I had severe left elbow pain.


Saved me a Dr. visit.

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Pressure straps really do make a difference. I would try ordering one from any place that sells medical supplies; see if it helps!

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I had Golfers Elbow for three years and almost had to give up golf.  Did it all, straps, stretching and anti-inflamatories, nothing worked.  Had 5 cortozone shots and physical therapy, nothing.  At the end of my rope, couldn't lift anything with palm side down, life was a misery.  If I hit a golf ball a bit fat, I got shooting razorblades in the elbow.  A friend recommended acupuncture, desperate I tried it.  I was very skeptical but after a couple of sessions, the elbow felt better.  A couple of more and I was cured.  Now occassional stretching and the elbow is fine.  If it gets that far, don't go with cortozone go with a local acupunturist. 

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If you have anything similar to Tennis Elbow, that means you have a weakness in the muscles surrounding areas. I would work out the forearms, to build up strength to take the strain off the ligiments and tendons.

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