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Lake Tahoe a few years back.  On the way out to a business meeting that included golf, the weather forecast for this early October week was sunny and low-60s.  The day of the golf event, it was chilly, 40s maybe in the morning.  As the day wore on, the temps had dropped to the high-20s with flurries and a steady 30-40 mph wind.  The few times the course came out into the open areas, it was beyond brutal!


The worst thing was taking back a driver that was being pushed off-plane by 40 mph wind gusts!  Never had that happen before.  Don't think I'll every play in those conditions again.  Our group literally bought out any and all warm clothing at the pro shop.



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Turnberry, on my trip to Scotland. It was about 40° if we were lucky, with 40 MPH winds and a spitting rain on and off.


Was also one of the most fun days I've ever had on the golf course. :)

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Now on the flip side..... of the " bad " weather, i had a couple days last year, when i went out golfing and it was 90+ lol...... not that it sucks but by the end of 18, i dont think i had a dry spot on me..


I did do this 1 once!!!!  back in 97 or 98, i went golfing and decided to Walk 18...... well it was a hot summer day probably mid 90s and by about hole 12 or so i was barely able to carry my bag lol..  it was the first and last time i ever walked 18 lol... I've walked 9 plenty of times in perfect sunny n 70's weather..   

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65 and sunny instead of 72 and sunny?


But seriously, near the coast in LA it's basically never bad.  I've played through passing drizzle a few times cause I'll try to get out sometimes on the lead in or tail end of the rare storm cause it's SoCal and the course empties out at the slightest hint of rain.


Toughest weather conditions for playing have probably been a few windy days in some courses up in the hills, but I've never played a round with more than maybe 15mph sustained winds, maybe gusts at 20-25 mph.

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My father and I got stuck in a nasty, cold, sideways rain/hail storm before. The weather went from 55 and cloudy in September to about 37° and windy/rainy in the matter of 2 hours. I remember I was out in only a UA Polo + UA Cold Gear mock and long golf pants. I played out 4 holes in that weather freezing my ass off and sipping on some jack that I happened to have left in my bag. I woke up the next day sneezing and coughing my brains out.

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A funny weather story comes to mind...........


This was 20+ years ago when I was playing a 9hole muni.   It was a beautiful summer day, but an absolute "GULLY WASHER" rainstorm hammered us square in the face on maybe the 17th tee. (our 2nd loop) We were destined to finish!!  It was raining so hard that it was difficult to see......LOL


The 9th/18th hole was a 200-210'ish YD par3.  I proceeded to lose a 4-iron high up in a pine tree after taking a swipe at the ball from the tee...and it got stuck up there....LOL   I have no recollection of where my ball went, but I remember looking 15ft up in that pine...and seeing my golf club!!  I risked losing more clubs by throwing other clubs at it, and I was lucky enough to knock it down without losing others to the same fate............LOL


Hehe...Oh, the memories!!

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The ''winter golf games'' in Hemsedal Norway. Snow and - 12 degrees celcius.

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