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Poll Results: Which brand do you use when it comes to putters? Pros and Cons.

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 25% of voters (321)
  • 9% of voters (113)
  • 18% of voters (225)
  • 1% of voters (23)
  • 1% of voters (24)
    Never Compromise
  • 3% of voters (39)
  • 1% of voters (16)
    Heavy Putter
  • 7% of voters (96)
  • 15% of voters (195)
  • 1% of voters (20)
  • 13% of voters (168)
    Others (Please specify)
1240 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by BlizzardMan23 View Post

I use an Odyssey White Hot #2 Center-Shafted 35". Great feel and have always putted good with it.

I'm currently playing this one only as a belly putter 43". I fight playing a belly putter, but I do seem to be more consistent with one. 


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Just picked up this wonderful piece of equipment.. I love this thing, ALMOST as much as my 910 D3!



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I'm back to this after straying for a couple rounds.  I've never putted better with any other putter.  It's a Wilson Patty Berg "Cup Defender" blade putter.  Yep-50 something year old ladies' putter, with a short 33" extra narrow shaft, and a round grip.  I've never lag putted as well, and my 4-6 foot putt make percentage is much higher than it's ever been.  Considering selling my Cameron, just because it's sitting in the closet collecting dust.



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Arnold Palmer "The Original" by Callaway, blade putter 33" in length. similar to the one for sale on ebay.



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I have a Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2.  32 inches 6 degrees of loft 2 degrees flat.  Love it, have nothing bad to say about it.  I have had it since the first week it came out.IMG_1195.jpg

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Hi all,


after many fruitless purchase's i've settled on a Scotty Cameron Kombi 35in.




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Switched to an Odyssey white hot XG #9 last season but wasn't that happy with a heel shaft as I thought I would be (kept pushing my puts). Loved the soft face though, so this season I'm putting with an Odyssey white steel 2-ball center shaft putter and couldn't be happier. Really like the balls as alignment aid (apparently more people than me like them =)), and the steel insert makes the putts come out slightly hotter (which I prefer) than the white hot, while still maintaining the butter soft feel. Putting average has dropped from 36 to 32 so far this season!

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I use an old Ping o-blade.  It has amazing feel.  Will use it until I get mad....hit a ball with a baseball swing and break it.....

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Recently started putting with TM Corza Ghost long putter, which I use as a belly. It's 48", 440g and heel shafted so I could adjust it a bit flatter -- although those big, fat shafts are a biotch to bend. Never been much of an insert fan, but the feel (such as it is with such a heavy head) is quite pleasant.

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Yes! Sophia 33". It's simple & works :)

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Used a Ping iWi Anser for ages but have always been inconsistent. Recently tried out a center shafted, face-balanced putter and it suits my eye a LOT more (Ping iN Half Wack-E)

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Currently a Nike Blue Chip "OZ" Mallet putter. It's alright, nothing too special. Looking to upgrade this fall. Currently looking at the SC Kombi, TM Ghost Spider, or the NC Perfecto.

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Scotty cameron california 32 inch ionic white grip love the roll off the face solid and consistent 

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Rossa Daytona Ghost love the white I find it very calming very easy to line up, ball rolls well no real cons other than I have a very minor issue with the way the shaft meets the club face

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Depends - either a Ping iWi Anser or a TM Rossa Monte Carlo. Anser style is my favorite, but the half mallet is a nice enough look - not huge and chunky - and the TM insert feels decent. Both are 34".
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I've always played Odessey. My short game is the best piece of my game by far, so abandoning my putter if the last thing on my mind!

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Yes ! Groove tube Jsut got it I'm gong to try it out today !

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Taylormade Rossa Classic Daytona1

with AGSI+  insert....the roll and feel are fantastic and the price is reasonable too.

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