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Poll Results: Which brand do you use when it comes to putters? Pros and Cons.

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 25% of voters (321)
  • 9% of voters (113)
  • 18% of voters (225)
  • 1% of voters (23)
  • 1% of voters (24)
    Never Compromise
  • 3% of voters (39)
  • 1% of voters (16)
    Heavy Putter
  • 7% of voters (96)
  • 15% of voters (195)
  • 1% of voters (20)
  • 13% of voters (168)
    Others (Please specify)
1240 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by ryanf View Post

I dropped my Odyssey 2-ball blade . . .


I still LOL at Odyssey having the gall to call a 2-ball putter a "blade". They're less like blades than their mid-mallets (I use an Odyssey WH #7 and it's kind of a shovel) which are like blades from the 1940s compared to a 2-ball.


But what logic can you expect from OEMs who sell oversized, perimeter weighted, feel enhanced (fudged), "players irons" and 460 CC high MOI adjustable "players drivers".



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Odyssey White Hot Tour #9. After feeling the #9 White Ice in store, I wanted one badly but couldn't stand how the White Ice would rotate a couple degrees open naturally and I didn't care for the White Hot's super soft insert. So I got a White Hot Tour off eBay. Feel of the White Ice with a slightly firmer than mid-soft insert. Love it.
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Playing an Edel Vari-Weight now!

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I also use an Edel putter and I love it.

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PING IN Anser V2, 35", Blackout grip, standard lie/loft

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I'm different from most people because I rarely change/replace putters.  I've only used 2 putters over the past 15years!!!!!

I played a rather classic style Ping Zing2 putter from 1996-2008


Then came a HUGE departure from traditional......I've been playing a Spider since mid-2008.


I absolutely love the Spider and it may stay in my bag for another 10yrs......who knows?


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I got a used Cleveland Classic Collection 2 putter from Edwin Watts for $60. I consider it a huge steal I absolutely love it. It came with a SuperStroke FATSO Grip which helps alot. I've averaged below 2 putts a hole since I've acquired my baby

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I just picked up a Cleveland putter as well, a like-new Classic #4 off eBay for $29.99.  I demo'd one the last couple rounds I played and really like it, so I found me one at a really good price.  Can't wait for the greens and fairways to melt off so I can get back out and try it.  At that price, I couldn't resist.


Cleveland putter 1.jpg

Cleveland putter 2.jpg


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I collect Scotty Camerons. Since I switch putters every round, I simply purchase the 1.5 peripheral weighted (modern blade) version of each series when it comes out so that I have a somewhat similar appearance and feel with each one. The later series are slightly heavier, so I'll use those on the fast greens and the lighter ones for slow greens.

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Wilson Staff 8882 ( currently the only user of a Wilson putter based on the poll )


Have only putted on practice greens in store and on my carpet but love it. I previously used a Nike Ignite blade - I have a bad habit of leaving putts short...like inches.


The 8882 is A LOT heavier across the entire face. I may not always hit my lines, but hopefully won't always be short. it also comes with a slightly thicker grip which I prefer on all my clubs and the thing truly looks amazing. Plus I got it for $50 at golftown - a steal





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Ping Anser 4 - 34".  I've had it since somewhere around 1995 or so.  I like its simple look and feel.

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I found an old Ray Cook Blue Goose putter at a thrift store last summer. Just felt right in my hands. Used a Anser 3 before that for a few years with the classic Ping slick grip, but it felt too light and the grip didn't really fit well in my hands. 

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I just got fitted into one of these by Ron Pritchett (Ashdon Golf) and I love it!  I wanted something a bit heavier than my Ping Pal.  I'll keep ya posted...



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i use a clevelend classic 4 putter. i needed a new putter and it was on sale. i like it. i have fast greens on my local course during the spring until they seed them. i can ussually control the accuracy pretty good

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I use a vintage 35" Ping Anser 3 with a midsize Winn grip that I snagged at a yard sale a few summers ago. I have several other vintage putters in my closet, but this one is tough to beat.

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Nike Method Concept





nike-method-concept-putter.jpg 70k .jpg file



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Scotty Cameron California Del Mar... Love the finish, love the feel. The fact the shaft meets the head right at the heel of the putter is the reason i bought it to be honest.

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Scotty Cameron California Monterey. I've gone through a few putters in the past couple years and it's definitely my favorite. Great look and feel. I've been putting really well with it so far this year. 

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