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Originally Posted by mchepp View Post

I am surprised to see this thread pop up again. It was to my surprise because lately I have been having some major issues with my insert. The insert is no longer staying in place. I think that the plastic piece that holds the screw is wearing out and the insert moves all over the place. During my round last week while sitting in the cart the insert would move down into the grip. I would hit the club and the insert would move back into place until the next hole. It was a pain in the rear end. I am worried the plastic may be worn and my insert lost.
Anyone else seeing this?

Have you tried contacting the Harrison Shotmaker team to see if they will send you a replacement?  May be worth the call?  I'd mention that you use this message board frequently... The last thing they should want is a poor customer service experience(s) being shared on this site given so many users find it via Google.

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Originally Posted by fastmc View Post

Please give us a call at 800-347-4646. We will be happy to replace yours. 

There you go.  You beat me to the punch! c2_beer.gif

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Originally Posted by fastmc View Post

Please give us a call at 800-347-4646. We will be happy to replace yours. 

Great. Thank you for the offer. I messed around last night with the plastic to see if that couldn't revive it. I will play over the weekend and if I still have the issue I will call you.

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No worries. We are here to help.

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After the driving distance study, we were curious if driving accuracy has improve during the past decade. With much higher MOI, larger club head, adjustable weights and adjustable club head, one would easily assume driving accuracy must have improved, right?

Regrettably, it was quite the opposite. During the past decade, driving accuracy has consistently edged downward. In fact, 2012 driving accuracy is 5 % lower than a decade ago. The chart below shows the results. All data points were taken from PGATour.com.

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Harrison likes to invite all Sand Trappers to visit us at the PGA Show Demo Day next Wednesday, 1/23/13 at Orange County National Golf Center. It is located at 16301 Phil Ritson Way Winter Garden, FL 34787.

We are at tee box #1 near Callaway Golf. We will have a bunch of shafts, Shotmakers along with a Flightscope launch monitor on site.

Our exhibit booth # is ICG-5 on the Orange County Convention Center main floor.

In addition, I will be hosting a seminar on Thursday, 3:45pm at room 224-F. This conference room is located 1 level below the main floor.

The topic is "Which new golf technology is capable of elevating results of the game beyond its current level?"
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During the PGA Show Demo Day at Orange County National Golf Course in Florida, over 300 club pros visited Harrison booth to test shafts and Shotmaker.

The tests were monitored by FlightScope launch monitor.




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Very interested in getting one of these. I know there are different sizing options, so I'm not sure of what specs to get. I hit a reg flex 10.5* Cobra S3 with a Fujikura Blur shaft. My miss is always short right. Any suggestions?
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We noticed during the past few months that there was still a general lack of understanding as to how Shotmaker works to eliminate S Wave and Clubhead Wobble so we created an illustration below to share with everyone.

Before we address the S wave issue, we need to talk about clubhead wobble. Most thought clubhead wobble is a clubhead problem without recognizing that clubhead is a metal object. It is incapable of wobbling by itself. One could shake the clubhead as hard as he can.

The clubhead simply does not wobble. It is the golf shaft that wobbles. Shaft wobbling is S Wave in action.

The presence of the Shotmaker makes it impossible for golf shaft to wobble. Some thought it will take an insert that goes the entire lenght of the golf shaft to kill the S Wave. By looking at the illustration below, you will see right away that it is not necessary. If you kill 1/2 of the S wave, you automatically kill the other half. In fact, if we position the insert stretegically, we only need an insert around 3/8 of the S Wave wavelength to kill it. That is what the Shotmake is and does.


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Harrison is pleased to announce that Shotmaker will be in play at the FedEx St Jude Classic in Memphis, TN this weekend. It will be in the driver of a PGA Championship winner.

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No one will question the talent of this player, a major winner and winner of 12 other PGA Tour events. 


He ranked 46th on the money list last year, but he did not come out as strong this season as a result his money ranking slipped over 100 places.


He tried Shotamaker at home and liked the improvement he saw. FedEx St Jude Classic is the first event he puts Shotmaker in play.


Finishing -3 in the first round, he is currently tied for 4th place.


You cannot argue with science.

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I am in the process of getting the SM  for my ping G20 driver, not because I am all over the place but because after reading all over the WWW about the SM I just need to give it a try. Looking forward to giving this a go.

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