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My Swing (awall)

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Hi all,


I would like to hear some thoughts on my driver swing.  The first swing sliced about 10 yards off the fairway and the second ended up in the fairway, but still had a big left to right flight.  That is my typical ball flight.  I would like to get some consistency and minimize the left to right flight.  I don't mind hitting a fade, but would like to straighten it out a bit.


I have never taken a lesson, just pieced together my swing over the last two years with things I have read on here and other sites. 




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Anything?  I don't mean to nag or anything.  If I need to get better quality video I can do that.  I forgot to bring my video camera with me that day so it is shot from a cell phone.


This was my first time recording my swing so I am not sure if I did it the correctly.  I do know I need to get a caddie view to add to it.



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The best views to view and analyze a golf swing are down the line (down the stance line from behind) and face on (caddy view). One aspect that I can see is some elbow separation in the backswing and forward swing. With a down the line view, I'd be able to see swing plane. With a face on view, I could see how well you get forward into impact.
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Couldn't tell where the ball went, but you looked up way to quick.  The swing looked pretty good to me though.

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Your slicing and left to right movement might be caused by a weak grip.  I used to slice the ball wwaaay to the right and then watched these three videos and now only have a slight fade.  Pay really close attention in the "Understanding why we slice the ball" video when they explain why a weak left hand grip will cause the face to open and the slice to occur.  These videojug videos are pretty good, IMO.  I am not too sure about the swing itself, it seems like you have decent rotation and what not, but check your grip and alignment.



These three videos improved my shots more than anything else i've tried.

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Watch your video as it transition from :09 to :10.  Your slice is created by a swing path that is across the ball, combined with a face (at impact) that is open relative to this path.


Your setup and backswing look pretty good, and I think a few small drills (some mentioned above) will help you approach the ball from the inside and overcome the left-to-right spin.  If you can post your swing on YouTube, I'll grab it and provide a few visuals.

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