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Well, as a high hi-handicapper (in the 20s!) Ive used a number of balls as my "experience" within the game grew.


I started with using what ever was in my bag or what ever was the cheapest at the shop. Then I tried the unspinable Bridgestone E6 and well, I could spin those like they were going out of business! :)


I then tried the Noodle balls and loved them. The feel off the face was great, that ball just felt and sounded perfect.


Then one day I found a few Pro V1's on the course and played with them BUT thought they were not much better than rocks...plus I didnt think they would do anything for my game considering my golf journey had just started. So I continued to buy Noodles off ebay and continued to love them.


Then one day (yes, another one day:) I splashed out and bought a couple dozen ProV1's off the interweb and fell in love with them almost straight away. I guess the difference between now and before was my game had actually progressed somewhat since I first tried the ball and could now manage to strike the ball much, MUCH better than what I used to do.


The difference was almost immediate! The balls start to grip and stop on the greens AND Ive even managed to get a couple to spin backwards! While Im still slicing and cutting like a pro, when I do get the shot right (which is happening more often now) the sound and feel off the face of the club is just as good as what the Noodles felt. Ive used both the ProV1 and V1x and to be honest, I cant tell the difference between either ball!


As for swing speeds...hell, mine is just as slow as the next guy yet when I connect I can get up around 260 to 280 yards off the tee! I dont have an overly fast swing (except when Im trying to be a he-man and end up slicing the hell out of the ball!:)


But anyways, do yourself a favour and get a few dozen off eBay. They can cost you next to nothing so you dont feel too aggrieved when you send more than your fair share in to water!





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I just switched up from ProV1s to ProV1x because I wanted less spin on the scoring clubs due to hitting near the pin only to watch it suck back a bunch.


I found the ProV1x's to be slightly longer (maybe a couple yards) on irons and about 5-10 yds longer at times with a driver. They also seems to roll more once hitting greens with mid irons and on scoring clubs did the 1 hop and check or with a little suck back. No where near what the ProV1s were.


That being said, the ProV1xs didn't feel very soft like the ProV1s. I like them but come summer I may switch back once greens get firmer.

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Both PRo V's give lots of spin if you have the swing speed. That is a problem if you don't have the shots and accuracy and hit it hard enough to spin it. YOu will find occasions where the ball will spin back 30 feet or more and off the green unless you know the greens and know how to hit three quarter shots or half shots.


A second issue with Pro V's and Pro Vx is that they react differently to chipping. When the greens are nice and holding well you will finds that a short 3 foot chip to a 6 foot pin will spin and check and come up short, so you hit it a little harder and it goes farther but checks more. So, unless you are good at using different clubs to chip and can make a ball that does that work for you, you will lose some strokes.


Another issue, if you have the swing speed is being capable of hitting past the hole and getting the ball to come back. THis will mean you will be hitting one club more sometimes and maybe that's not a route you want to take.


I use ProVs occasionally depending on the green conditions. I prefer the NXT Tour ball because it more or less checks and stops or occasion backs up a little. THis is a much easier way to get your distances right. Watch  the pro's play and pretty soon you will see some guys spinning balls way too far back from the holes, Those balls will be PRoV's.


As for the DT solo it's a good ball for players with sub 90mph swings. If your a long knocker you will lose distance with the ball on many of your clubs.

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The difference for me is that the Pro V1 had way too much spin for me on long shots, the Pro V1x had a little too much spin on long shots, and the Bridgestone B-330 Rx had the least spin for long shots. They all seem to be spinning well at the green, with the Pro V1 having the most spin. For me I would just trade my friends a sleeve of mine for a sleeve of theirs until I settled with the Bridgestone.

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Originally Posted by OldManBirdie View Post

"In essence, you give up a little distance for enhanced spin. One additional thing that I will add to this discussion has to do with the ProV(1x) and side spin. Side spin makes the ball go sideways and a ProV(1x) will go sideways harder..." (MybloodinVt)


I have been playing the ProV1x for the past three years.  Purchasing the Pro V1x (X-outs) are a whole lot cheaper than $50 per dozen of the regular Pro V1's.  The side-spin on the Pro V1x is huge compared to the Pro V1.  And, it has taken me 2.75 years to discover this.


I am no longer hitting shots hard to the left or right when using the Pro V1.  My distance is about the same off the tee and with 8 iron through GW.  The back-spin is a mystery to me.  While the Pro V1 is supposed to spin more than the Pro V1x, I am finding the opposite to be true.  Chipping the ball off of a tight lie is a good way to determine how each ball behaves on the greens for me.  I use a 54/8 sandwedge to chip and the Pro V1x hits and stops faster than the Pro V1.  How is that possible?


I am a 5.1 GHIN.


I agree with you.  I have had the same results.  Maybe it's because the (hard) ionomer layer under the urethane cover is thicker on the V1, and that reduces spin on half wedges and pitch shots.

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Originally Posted by OldManBirdie View Post

Nope...The Pro V1x does have way more side spin than the Pro V1.  I carry at least a dozen of each in my bag and when playing and practicing on the golf course alone in the early evening, I do the "blind techniqe" and tee up one of the Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls so I can't see which one I am hitting.


In >99% of the driver hits, the Pro V1x went way left or way right while the Pro V1 went down the middle or a little left or a little right.  Chipping was another matter.  Using the same blind technique, the Pro V1x stopped faster than the Pro V1 balls.


I'm not a scientist but seeing is believing.  I will continue to use the Pro V1 golf balls and not the Pro V1x golf balls.  Why not try another ball?  Because they don't go far and straight for me...I also have 13 grandchildren who give me gift certificates to Dick's Sporting Goods for birthdays and Holidays.  I have plenty of golf balls and the gifts allow me to purchase the Pro V1's.


Thanks to all.




If that is your experience, then go with it.  By design, however, the V1x has lower long game spin than the V1, and greater (side)spin will exagerate hooks and slices. 

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I've played different golf balls, some of them did turn out to be ones i wont play again. Like Nike Tour's, did not like them at all. Taylormade LP Blacks were really good, Penta's were ok, i do like Pro V's. I played some really good rounds with Top Flite V2 gamer. 


For me, i like a golf ball with at least 3 layers, this lets me have better feel. I like a premium golf ball because the cover is softer. Just my personal preference. 

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If you strike a an x correctly with any type of wedge it stops, drops, and spins..period....it is the best ball out there!

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