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Originally Posted by mathews42 View Post

Thanks for the info iacas.  I really like the insert on the edel putter I guess my question was really what would one pay for a Edel Putter.  

I answered that in a PM, I think.

Originally Posted by snowman0157 View Post

How many strokes could good ball striker, below average putter save with  properly fitted Edel flat-stick, you think? Do they have a good size Mallet model?


Yes, they have a few mallets.


Also, to answer your first... who knows? It depends on how well they aim and putt with their current putters. Some will not gain anything. Most will gain a little. Some will gain a fair amount.

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Originally Posted by shades9323 View Post

If you look at his other thread he flew 6500 miles from Tokyo for that fitting!g2_eek.gif  That is some serious dedication. 


Nice putter BTW!



I just got mine a week ago .


I flew slightly further to get the edel fitting .


Shenzhen China -> Hong Kong -> Los Angeles -> Denver 


Then drive for one hour from Fort Collins to Colorado Golf Club to get fitted .


I am yet to try it out at the course but did some practice round at home . It really give some confidence compare to my Scotty.


Can wait to try it  on this sunday ...

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I hope it was a business trip.a2_wink.gif


Enjoy the putter.

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It was on the business trip . : ) .


I have a choice to fly to Singapore , but cant find the time.

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Originally Posted by johnclayton1982 View Post

I'm expecting my putter mid-next week.  With my Taylormade Rossa Spider on their system I was aimed about 8" left on a 10 foot putt.  I used to miss putts left constantly - my pro even had me go to a different swing to compensate because we both assumed I was pulling the putts.


The theory behind Edel is pretty simple: you eliminate as many variables as you can before you swing.  Edel wants to eliminate the aim variable - so you are always aimed where you think you are and you just have to hit straight putts, as opposed to compensating for putts.  Also, the weighting is pretty neat, and how they weight both the shaft and the head.  After trying out tons of different combinations with my fitter (Ben LaVergne at Rob Noel Golf in Abita Springs, La. - who was great) I found one I loved.  I can't wait to see how the putter comes out.  Also, 35" putters always seemed too long and 34" too short.  When ben put a 34.66" shaft in my hand it was honestly like "ahhhhhhhhhhhh..."

John, I'm in Metairie and would be interested in a fitting.  Is Ben still in Abita Springs?  I'd love to make the drive up and check out this process.  Let me know.  Thanks



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