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Need more pitch elbow

and to release 1 and 4

faster to push draw.

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Thirteen greens today
Lucky to card an eighty
My putting licks balls
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Hit one bad tee shot

Must need a better driver

Where's my credit card?

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It is hot out here.

Really very hot out here.

It is time for beer.

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One good shot is all,

One good shot for the whole day,

To make a good day.

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Hole in one would be
Nice to see, please pretty please
Uno para me
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Left the ball will go,
Into a neighbor's window,
I run away fast.

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This is a sentence.
This is also a sentence.
This is a sentence.

Took me forever

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Twenty over par.

Try again on the next 9.

Looks like another 9.

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"You're thinking about

Your golf swing right now aren't you?"

She says, during sex.

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Laugh at partner's flub

Tee up and give mighty swing

Yep, I'm still away


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Its quite interesting

Seeing others master this

And I cannot...

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Feeling like a pro

Duff it to the ladies tee

Pull out your weenie 

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sitting on the couch

watching LPGA golf

some should play topless

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No one's been posting

I guess I'll make a haiku

Oops, time to tee off

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Someone always talks

All the while I am swinging.

Voices in my head

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almost wrecked my car

driving by a nice golf course

eyes on the road, son

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Tried the Shotmaker

Harrison makes this insert.

I like it so far.

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