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I'll never forget mine....   Par 5 -    3 hybrid from 230, made the putt (around 8 inches)   


I've eagled the hole several times since, but the first one, thats special  a3_biggrin.gif

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During the first year I started playing, it was during december and I was off for winter break (teacher). I was in left "rough" ~150 yards out on a par 4. There was a tree in front of me that I had to carry. I take out my 6 iron, fly it over the tree, it lands softly on the green next to the flag, and then disappears. At first I didn't know what happened. I thought it might have gone down a undulation in the green and I just couldn't see it. I ran towards the green, and saw that there was no ball to be seen. I took out my phone and took a picture of the empty green, and then a pic of my ball in the hole, and then ran back to where I hit the shot and took a pic of the green/flag.


There wasn't anyone on the course as it was a moist, winter (for Houston) day, and I was playing alone. I called one of my golfing buddies and my older brother who introduced me to the game.


That feeling of having to tell someone was intense.

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First Eagle came on a trip to Va. Beach. I was about 14 or so- it was right before my sisters wedding a few months later. Dad and I were playing Red Wing Lake Golf Course early in the morning. First time on the course, naturally. We teed up on a hole, Dad sliced his off to the right side as usual. I gave a mighty blow and squirted it down the left side into light rough about 150 yds out. He chopped his back to the fairway, and I was annoyed and decided to hit a driver out of the light rough. SMACK! took off like a shot and made a beeline for the green... it just kept going and going... and dropped in the hole! We finished out and were looking around for the next hole. We asked a greens keeper where #5 was or whatever... "Well this is 11...." D'OH! first eagle and it didn't count!

First legit eagle came the next year at my local on a short Par 4, good drive with about 60-70 yds in. Lobbed in a SW and 2 hops later it was in. The next WEEK, I eagled the Par 5 4th hole with a 6 foot putt. So 2 eagles in a week.
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Had a few... Don't remember the first one... I will never forget a skulled hybrid to a down hill green that I never saw go in for a double eagle.... Spent 10 minutes looking all over the back of the green, the next tee box, etc.... my buddy walks up to pull the flag and my ball pops out.... Awesome way to start a round, -3 after one hole

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These are some pretty great eagles guys and awesome detail in sharing! It's really cool to see that people (for the most part) still remember their first Eagle and keep the memory as a big deal. I'm sure I'm going to remember mine for the rest of my life as I'll never be a professional and can only strive to get a Double Eagle and an Ace now! My buddy tells me that Eagles and Birdies are like bowling, where as when you bowl a 300 they usually come in bunches (for the avid league bowler that is capable of doing so of course). I really hope he's right and I see many, many more in my life! It was really a cool thing to share with my dad too as he's been golfing for many years and never had one yet. His best memory of golf was hitting the hole and the stick at the same time on a Par 3 and having the ball rest not even a putter head's length from the cup. I would need to be carried off the tee if that happened to me!

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I had many, many frustrating years trying to get my 1st Eagle. I've had numerous chances and just couldn't drop it! 

Today, the weather was around 75* with a steady 16mph wind blowing. Did I mention the muddy conditions? Anyhow, my round had already taken a downturn for the worse due to the wind and wet conditions. So, I stepped up to the 14th tee par 5 (16 mph winds blowing left to right more into us) and hit a great great drive, walked up to the ball in the fairway and saw that it had plugged and rolled about 2 inches from where it landed. I was roughly 250 yds to center of green so I hit a nice 3-wood and came up about 30 yds short. Hit a perfect pitch with my 56* wedge and watched it roll towards the cup. I was happy because I was thinking the whole time I had a great opportunity at birdie, but the ball just kept rolling and rolling until it dropped into the cup for a 3! I couldn't believe it but was so relieved as well! As cheesy as it sounds I am keeping the ball as a momento! 

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well, i sorta have two first eagles.


the first one was on a very short course that's barely a golf course at all and more like a goat farm with some flags sticking out of the ground.  the par 4 third hole really isn't a par 4 at all, i don't think, because it's only about 210 yards long.  so i hit the green in one, walk up there and sink my putt, but just can't convince myself that i really made my first eagle.  it doesn't feel right.  it feels like i just made a really excellent birdie on a long par 3.


the first one i count was at a course only about 2-3 miles away from the previously mentioned course.  it's a pretty short par 4 as well, but it's about 260 yards and going slightly uphill, so it takes (for me) a pretty good driver to hit the green from the tee.  however, i didn't get that drive - what i got was a pretty weak drive that landed about 30 yards short and in front of the green.  good lie though, and i pitched it onto the green where it rolled straight into the hole for what i say is my first legit eagle.

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It was in '95 (I think??) but I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was at Laguna Seca near Monterey playing the day before a friend's wedding.  On the 10th hole (par 4) my drive ended up in the right rough 145 yards out.  I hit a PW that landed on the front part of the green and rolled all the way to the hole and dropped.  Our jaws dropped and I'm pretty sure I just started laughing.  Will never forget that one.  Heck, who am I kidding, I've only had 3 ever (and 1 hole in one) and I will never forget any of them!


I would love for them to become commonplace enough for me that I do start forgetting them.

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Pitching wedge from the fairway....a long time ago. Blind shot
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I had a hole in one when I was 13 but my first par 4 or 5 eagle came when I was 16. The 18th hole at my childhood home course was a short par 5 but the tee shot was very uphill so the hole played a lot longer. If you hit a good drive you could crest the hill on the fly which gave you anywhere from 200 to 180 to the green. I hit a good drive had about 210 left and hit my 7w to 10ft and made the putt for eagle. My favorite eagle was 3 years ago on a dog leg par 4 I snapped hooked a drive and didn't quite get up far enough that I had a clear shot to the green. I had 225 to the pin so I hit a high cut just missing the last tree and I thought I heard it hit the pin. I walk over to where my playing partner was and asked if he saw it but he doesn't say anything. We drive up to green he is on and I don't see my ball anywhere so I say looks like you might get this hole. My playing partner says that would be true if your ball wasn't already in the hole 

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450 yard par 5. driver to about 200 out, 3 wood to 7-8 feet. sank it, 


college hill. poughkeepsie, ny

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I had an Eagle on a par 4 about 6 years ago.  I was about 150 yards out, hit a 7 iron.  The ball hit the front of the green, rolled straight at the hole, and dropped.  Some guy came running out of the tree line jumping up and down, and pointing.  I have putted for eagles on par 5's (within 10 feet...) and have yet to make one of those though.

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Par 5 at deerpark in Livingston Scotland. Had only been playing 4 months (only been playing 2 years this month).

Hit a screamer of a drive (for me), then a rescue club over the trees of a dog leg. Sitting 10 feet from green with pin another 15 feet on. Chipped in a1_smile.gif.

Originally thought it was a birdie until I was told it was par 5!!
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Well, not counting the executive course i learned the game on which had 250-yard par 4s, I believe my first eagle was when I was 16 when I made my first hole in one.

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20+ years ago during a golf tournament, I drove a par 4 and the ball ended up resting on the lip of the cup a fly fart from going in off the tee.  I tapped it in for my 1st eagle.  I still have the golf ball to this day.

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I do not remember my first eagle, unfortunately it was a few years back and I do not remember it. I do, although, have a story of the eagle that is the most special to me.


To start out the story, it needs to be known that my father who was formerly an avid golfer had a stroke which paralyzed him on the right side of his body. He had golfed with me as I grew up but never got to see me play at the level I am lucky enough to play at now. 


My father was invited by one of his friends to come ride a cart while he played a golf course that neither of them had ever seen before, and he accepted the invitation just to watch of course. So I was home at the time and my father asked me to join him so he could see me play again.


After we met with all of my fathers friends we finally headed to the first tee, a 540 yard par five with a slight dogleg to the right. I had never been that nervous to play a round of golf in my life, just because I had so much talk behind me from my friends that I really wanted to impress my father. I was the last to tee off, my dad and his friends watched intently and I was feeling the pressure bearing down on me. I took my swing, and I had hit a dead straight 325 yard drive just past the dog leg. It felt so good to wow my father with a drive like that. 


The last 200 yards of the hole was a fairly large hill, and I couldn't really see the flag or the green at all. I decided to go by the numbers, club up for the hill, and hit a five iron. I hit a solid shot, I knew it was on the green, but I really had no idea how close or far from the hole it was.


When we finally had reached the top of the hill I saw my ball a surprising 8 feet away from the hole, I never would have thought with all the pressure I would be having a makable putt for eagle come across my path. The rest of the story obviously tells itself, I made the putt and had never seen such a smile on my father's face. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. 



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My first (and only, so far) eagle wasn't anything that special. It was a drivable par-4, and I was feeling a little ballsy, so I went for it. I ended up putting the drive within 10 feet of the cup, and sank the putt. It was pretty exciting at the time, but I've certainly heard better eagle stories.


I did have a pretty awesome mulligan-eagle (aka par) once, though. It was a par-5, and I striped my tee shot right into the middle of the fairway. I shanked my second shot OB, so I hit it over again and was about 100 yards out. I pulled out my sand wedge, put a good swing on it, and it took one bounce and landed in the hole. I actually find it to be more exciting than my eagle.

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148 from center of fairway, hit an 8 iron smooth as can be, one bounce and out of site!!! whoohoo!!!

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