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Silver Springs Shores Country Club, Ocala Fl. Nice course, has held Q School, Zach Johnson holds the course record. Hole 15 #1 HC, looong par 4. decent drive left me 210 from the FW. Hit the 4 iron of my life and holed it!

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My first one was about 6 months ago. #18 505 par 5. Drove the ball behind a tree on the right side of the rough.  Had 215 left and i had enough room to draw the ball around the tree.  Ball landed just short of the green and rolled up to about 6 feet. Made the putt. Best thing about it was i normally almost always play a 5 yard fade.  Had 2 good friends  playing with me that day that were more excited than i was when i hit that shot.

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First one was a straight out par 4, 300 yards.  Went for it and landed pin high in the rough to the right.  Was a firm day so I got out the lob wedge and flopped it, one hop and sunk straight down the stick.


Actually, most of the eagles I've had were on par 4's, either holed out or I hit the green in 1.  Most of the par 5's I get a chance, I usually miss the putt.  I think it's because I get antsy when I see I got it there, but still need to wait for everyone else to get on and it kills the rhythm and focus.  I'm working on it.

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Couple years ago hit hybrid off the tee on par 4 to about 65 yards holed it with my 60.  Same hole the year after drove the green and made the putt.  I've tried to repeat on the same hole and haven't after many rounds.

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My first eagle came in the 1980s on a 490-yd. dogleg left par 5. Was playing MacGregor persimmon-headed woods. With hard summer fairways, you could run a drive through the dogleg. So, I hit a 3W that bounced up the fairway and to the edge of the dogleg.


Trees to left of green partially blocked my approach. So, I followed up with a 4W, a hot draw that hit the front fringe and bounced through to just off the back edge of the green. Was facing a downhill 40-foot chip shot, so I took a MacGregor MT 8i (vs. my normal 7i). It hit a few feet onto the green, checked a tad, and rolled smoothly against the edge of the flagstick, and fell in for an eagle.


This is interesting, because with older lofts the 7i was my normal chipping club. In early 1990s I switched to Ping Eye2 clones, and found the modern, stronger 7i too hot for normal chip shots. Quickly made a switch to 8i as my normal chipping club.



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17th, Par 4, 320 yards but you're forced to lay up to somewhere in the 120 range because of a river.  Hit an iron off the tee then an 8i from 145 from the right rough and it felt good.  The pin was hid behind a bunker and there's a little creek behind the green so I spent a few minutes looking in the creek figuring I flew the green.  My buddies went ahead and chipped on and one got close enough to see there was a ball in the hole.  If it wasn't for the weird ball I was playing that day (Wilson Titanium) they wouldn't have believed that I holed it out from back there.  So not only did I not get to see it go in the hole, I didn't even get to see it in the hole or take it out.  Next hole I had an almost identical distance and knocked it to a few feet and birdied.  3 under for 2 holes.  Works for me.

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I only first read this thread about a week ago (at least that I can remember).  


Today, I played my first round in a while after weeks of practice.  The #1 hole is a par 5.  Without much of a warm up I hit a good drive, though only about 255.  I hit my approach 3w smack dab to the center of the green from about 240.  At this point, as I'm driving up to the green, I start thinking about this thread and saying to myself, "how funny would it be if I got my first eagle just a few days after finding that thread?"


I drained about a 22 footer for eagle, with nobody around.  After hundreds of rounds (and many a par 5 reached in two), it almost seemed anti-climactic.  But I enjoyed being -2 at any point in any round for the first time in my life...even though it only lasted for one hole :)



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My first eagle happened when I holed out with an 8 iron from 120 yards out after a 200 yard drive on a short par 4 That was maybe six years ago and I didn't even realize it was a Big Thing until my friends said I should buy a pitcher. I have holed out from over 100 yards only two other times, once for bogey and the other an ace. Just shows that if you play enough, the ball sometimes goes in the hole.


However four rounds this year already and I have yet to hit a driver even close to 200 yards and haven't gotten any irons in the air at all. Just fat chunks. Must go to the range. Must go tomorrow.




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My first eagle came about 3 years ago.  It was 458 par 5, 90 degree dogleg at about 350 yards.  I hit my drive about 300 and had to hit over tall pine trees to get to the green in two.  I then hit my 8 iron to about 4 feet and drained the putt. I ended up shooting 39 on that 9 that day, a bad day of golf with one good shot.

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I honestly don't know for sure where/when I made my first eagle......


I first became a diehard golfer in 1992 and I've recorded every score along with specific details of every round since January of 1993.  I kept a log of every 9/18 hole score, birdies made, weather conditions, who I played with for every round since January of 1993.  The funny thing is that in my early years, I counted an eagle like 2-birdies..............WTF?  yea, I was a beginner...what did I know?  I have memories and can narrow down my first eagle between 2-3, but I can't recall my first eagle with certainty.


When It comes to par 4 eagles, I know exactly when it happened...............I jarred a 3-iron from 228yds!!!!  That was SWEEEET!

I can recount every single one of my 10 par 4 deuces.........yep, I've made 10 of them.


My par 4 deuces:

My home course is traditional and has 10 par 4s and I've made eagle on 7 of them.  From the tees I mostly play, the course plays 6564yds....137slope...72.5cr

#1..........357yd par4........jarred from 100yds....3 wood/56deg wedge

#4..........358yd par4........jarred from 45yds......driver/sand wedge

#5..........408yd par4........jarred from 150yds.....driver/9-iron......terrible drive in the left rough...LOL

#8..........364yd par4........jarred from 50yds.......driver/flip/wedge

#10.........414yd par4.......jarred from 150yds......terrible drive in the left rough

#11.........348yd par5.......jarred 2nd shot 3 times...from 50yds, and 2 chip-ins

#16.........322yd par4.......jarred from 80yds........60deg wedge


My first par4 eagle was the best.......

452yd par 4....I hit a bad drive into a tree........Jarred a 228yd 3-iron............that is nuts.  It was my first par4 deuce.............



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Not my first eagle, but I did eagle #9 yesterday. Par 5, tees up just a bit, second shot I had 210 to the front 228 to the pin, into a slight breeze. Hit 3 wood, landed it just on the front and it stopped pin high about 12 ft. Made the putt to shoot 38 (+2) on the front.

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My first eagle..... a 320 yd. par 4 dogleg hole. Drove the green with a perfect hook and sank the putt....

But even if it wasn't an eagle, I love the most a birdie I made last year: 500 yd. par 5 where I drove into the trees, took a penalty shot for an unplayable lie, missed the green short by 2/3 feet and sank the chip for a 4! It was awesome!!!!!

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My first eagle was on a short par 4 on a hot sunny day. I drove the green and my ball ended up 18" away from the flag. I was so nervous. I almost yipped the putt past the hole.


A much more interesting and controversial story is about my first double eagle/albatross.


At the age of 17/18, playing in a monthly medal, I recorded a 2 on the 520 yd, par 5, 3rd hole at Lochgreen G.C. in Troon, Scotland. A long perfect drive down the middle and a sweet 4 wood which bounded onto the green and then dropped into the hole. But that's only half of the story. 


Although it was recorded as an eagle and cannot be changed, I knew differently. This is the first time I am telling this story so I will start with a calming prayer,


"God grant me the sincerity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference."

Of all the games that have found their way into my life, golf is clearly the most intriguing. Most or all of us have at some time bent the rules of this game.

From improving our lie, moving or clearing something that obstructs the swing-path/ball-flight, or not counting that missed 30" putt that you would normally make. How many of us have counted a few of these missed putts as made and called them pars or birdies instead of the bogeys or worse that they really were.

We seem to convince ourselves that our playing partners are complete morons who can't count, have trouble seeing and don't understand your version of fair and honest play.

I am deliberately not using the word cheat as this would be rather harsh but we are fooling nobody. We do have many more golf habits that are scarring this game.

As I was saying, I holed my second shot on that par 5 for an albatross. It does however grind at me that I improved my lie when that perfect drive found a divot. I have endlessly convinced myself that the middle of the fairway shouldn't be in such disrepair.

I know it wasn't an albatross, perhaps one or all of my playing partners that day also knew. But if anyone ever asks me if I have ever had one, I immediately relay the story of my two on that par five.

I have however recorded an honest albatross since, again on a par five, and I have been able to substitute some serenity to my claims. I never claim to have recorded two albatrosses. I personally see my (second) only one as a wonderful gift from the golf gods and do believe that they have given me a second chance to play this game with the serenity it deserves.

So I thank these gods for giving me this peace and say these words to them,

"Dear golf gods, grant me the sincerity to accept the way any ball comes to rest, courage to play it as it lies and the wisdom to know that I will never seek to play it any differently."






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Can't really remember my first par 5 eagle but, I remember my first par 4 eagle.  I holed a wedge from 80 yards on the first hole of the golf course.  I wanted to get in the car and go home after that because there was not really anyway to improve from there.  My favorite story is the one that happened this Monday.  I was playing in a tournament and made 7 straight pars on a fairly short and easy course.  Then went eagle, eagle, par, eagle.  Back to back par 5s and holed a chip shot on a short par 4.  Best 4 hole stretch I have ever played.

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On a Par 4.  My second shot was a 135 yard sand wedge, over water, that had spun back into the hole.  It was kind of into the sun, so we really couldn't tell if it went in until I pulled out my rangefinder to look at the green...no ball.  The ball mark was about 3 feet beyond the hole.  ProV1x spins when you need to it to...

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My first and only eagle came on a short par 4. 270 yards with a pretty crazy dog leg left. This was the second or third time I had played the hole and wanted to try and hit my 5 wood up and over the trees cutting off the dog leg. Right when I struck the ball and I knew I hit it pretty well but wasn't sure the distance was good enough to keep it on the green. When we walked up my ball was sitting about 5 feet from the hole. I was so happy with the shot that I wasn't even nervous to make the putt, just went up there and sunk it.


I tried to hit my 5 wood over the trees a few more times but only made it close to the green once more by topping the hell out of it and the ball it somehow made it through the trees. It's a fun shot to try and hit but the margin of error with the distance either being short in the trees or long in the woods is pretty frustrating to try and replicate. Also, I can't draw or fade my shots on command so now I just usually try to lay up with my 4 iron and leave myself an easy wedge shot to the green.

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Originally Posted by poser View Post  Then went eagle, eagle, par, eagle.  Back to back par 5s and holed a chip shot on a short par 4.  Best 4 hole stretch I have ever played.

Wow....that is NUTS!!  hahahaha......I can dig it!! 


I've made back-to-back eagles 1 time (par4-par5)....but going eagle, eagle, par, eagle has to be a statistically insane accomplishment.  What are the odds of that?


very nice................

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Was in high school at the time.  Spent my whole round playing like crap.  Was on a pretty terrible course with no trees/shade anywhere, and it was large and open, so you could hit the ball anywhere on the course.  It was a long straight 530 yard par 5.  Hit a decent drive about 250. Bladed my second shot about 100 yards up.  Bladed my third shot right at the green. It took one hop on the green and hit the flag dead center and dropped in.  Had it not hit the flag, it probably would've been about 35 yards over the green.  Was very excited at the time, although I still shot 90+ even with an eagle.  d1_bigcry.gif

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