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Even a dog gets a bone once in a while :)

373 yd par 4..horrible drive left rough first cut (only went 170 some yards) 3 wood right at the flag.

Couldn't find the ball cause it was in the hole!!

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I'm sure my first eagle was at my home course in small-town Minnesota. The ninth hole is a big right->left dogleg. If you crack a drive down the left hand side, you can hit the green with a well-struck long iron. I don't remember the specifics, but I'm sure that I won a few bucks off my buddies that day.

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I have only had 3 eagles in my life. Two on the same whole. The first and third were at Mountain Meadows GC. Hole 15 on a Short Par 5. 490 yards down hill. When im hitting it straight, I can get ther in 2 easily.The tough thing is putting the ball next to the hole which is the tough part. Im usually about 15 ft away, but these two times i landed within 3 feet. I have been trying to repeat for sometime, but haven't succeeded.

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that's awesome.  A buddy of mine grew up playing the same course and he is now in his 60s.  He has made eagle on every hole on the golf course and hole in one on all the par 3s.

Wow....VERY NICE!!

I've made eagle on 11 of 18 holes on my home course so far......I definitely have a long way to go!!a3_biggrin.gif   I have three par 4's and four par 3's left to get.....(still hoping for my first home course ace)  I do have 1 ace, but not on my home track. 



At least I am past the halfway point!!  Hahahaha



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I've been so close so many times but never had an eagle until yesterday.  It was on the first hole a 493 yard Par 5.  I hit a terrific drive which was just off the fairway on the rough on the right hand side.  The lie was pretty good and it was a little down wind so I decided to hit a strong 6 iron and let the wind give it a ride.  I hit the 6 iron flush with a slight fade right towards the pin and I ended up about 2 feet from hole for a tap in Eagle.  I then followed up with my first round in 70's with a 78 and it could have been much better because I 3 putted on 3 holes and made a couple other mistakes.  I've shot in the lows 80's several times and been on the green on 2 but never manage a round in the 70's or an eagle and yesterday I did both.  Can't be any happier today.


Congrats!!  Ya gotta' love recording 2 milestones in the same round!!  

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Choke down wedge from 100 out on a short par 4 with a Balada ball (hole in one was in 2005!). Ball went right at the pin landed short bounced about 4 feet past almost off the green then zipped back hard right into the cup. 

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Originally Posted by xmanhockey7 View Post

Choke down wedge from 100 out on a short par 4 with a Balada ball (hole in one was in 2005!). Ball went right at the pin landed short bounced about 4 feet past almost off the green then zipped back hard right into the cup. 

Ya gotta love the back door hole outs.......


Your 100yd hole-out reminds me of a fun story of my own:


I was playing with one of these Remax long drive guys by pure chance. We paired up together as singles late on a weekday afternoon.....we teed off on #10 and played the back first.....we really enjoyed each others company.  This guy was busting it 350-400 and we had some really fun conversation about that.  Mostly I was amazed how far he hit it and was asking him questions about his game.   I played pretty well and hit a few close on the back and made several birdies, and he asked me how many times I holed out...or something to that effect.   As I stood in the 1st fairway with 100yds to go,  I told him I had 9 par4 deuces as I stood there with a 56 degree wedge in my hand....and I'll be GD'med if I didn't hole that very shot for my 10th!!  It was a backdoor hole out.  That was freaking nuts.  After a few high-fives, I said something to the effect...."you probably thought I was full of shit, huh?"....hahaha....we both had a good laugh.  That was a fun day....

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Carramar Golf Club in Perth, Australia. 18th hole, Par 5. 1st shot went about 240 metres, then hit a sweet 6 iron which crawled within 8 inches of the flag!!! Lovely 3!!! 

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I was 14 years old and literally had a brand new set of Arnold Palmer PG clubs my parents had bought me for graduating from the 8th grade. It was a new (at that time 75/76) public course in Shaumberg Ill Highland woods there was a short par 5 probably just over 500 yards but at that age it might as well have been 5 miles.On the tee I hit that brand new shiny black driver and it all came together, I never felt a thing!  The ball went straight down the middle of the fairway 260/270, thirty yards farther than I had ever hit a golf ball.  I was playing with three of my friends and two of them hit their third shot before I ever got to my drive.  I got my 3 wood out for my second shot and again the planets were aligned, straight as an arrow 210, I could not believe what was happening. at that age breaking 100 was like breaking par and here i was lying two, forty yards from the pin!  the third shot I got out my pitching wedge which I had very limited experience with. I had always chipped with a 9 iron from a half set. I remember being so nervous I couldn't



 even feel the club in my hand and thinking chip and two putt for a par no problem.  I drew back and hit that wedge about three times harder than I needed to and skulled it!  That ball was still on its way up whet it got wrapped up in the flag and after what seemed to be forever it fell down right on the edge of the hole and did a tiger, sat there for a second and fell in the hole.the memory is so vivid It might as well have happened yesterday!

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Two eagles in twenty something years
Browns Mill Golf Course in Atlanta: Hole. #1, (1) Par 5 ~ 500 yards (white tee). I had just recently switched to the Adams Titanium Tight Lies High Launch Max COR Driver and I striped my tee shot dead center down the middle of the fairway about 270-275 yards. Then a struck a truly epic second shot (for me) with my Cleveland Quad-pro DualRail 16° fairway wood which hit about 10-15 yards in front of the green and rolled up 3 feet past the cup. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about that putt (3 footer = automatic, right?). Wrong... But I did sneak it in the back door and around the rim for an Eagle!

(2) Southland Golf Course in Stone Mountian: #14, Par 4, dogleg left ~ 370 yards (white tee). I cut my drive (not particularly great in terms of distance) over the trees on the left and was sitting about 160 yards out in the middle of the fairway. I hit a 6-iron sweetly and watched it arch directly at the pin so I knew it was a good shot, but I couldn't see where it landed. When we got up to the green, I didn't see my ball and I figured I flew the green or perhaps my ball rolled off the back and was in the goo in back of the green (I had lost balls there before). I kept searching behind the green and after my friend played his third shot out of the right front bunker he said, "Why don't you look in the hole?" And sure enough there it was sitting pretty in the cup for an Eagle!
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santa teresa golf course , san jose   2nd hole  aprox 500yds  slight dog to the right--


driver slight fade 250 to the first cut on the left side  #4 fairway stright down the fairway to  within 3 ft hole slight up hill putt


had to wait for the rest of the foursome  to putt out  then all went quiet - said to myself just roll it   it rolled straight


and one of the guys says to  me nice  eagle  it was i am keeping that ball    

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My first eagle was when I was 14 years old. I laid up behind a fairway bunker on a par 5 and had about 165 yards left to the green. Don't remember what club I hit 165 at the time, but whatever it was I struck purely right at the flag. The hole was over a little ridge on the green, so I couldn't see the ball go in, but when we pulled the cart up to the green and the ball wasn't close by, I instantly knew it was in the hole. The ball landed a few feet short of the hole and released right toward the pin. It was a pretty cool feeling, and looking back I was very fortunate to share that moment with my late grandfather.


I've never hit a hole in one. Have been within inches probably 7 or 8 times but have never got one to go it. Once the ball was dead center of the hole and was literally hanging over the edge but didn't drop. However, I have holed out from over 150 yards three times, just all from the fairway.

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My first eagle was on the par five twelfth hole at my home course. 


From the black tees its about 535 or so, I think, and there is a cart path that runs through the middle of the fairway. It's about 310 to carry, and I hit it about 350, just right on the screws. I had a nine iron in from 165ish, and hit it to about twenty feet and made the putt. First time I ever broke par on a nine, with a one under 34. 

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My first (and only) eagle doesn't even count as an eagle. I was playing in the company scramble years ago, on an 8 man team (20 teams of 8 on the course- talk about a loooooong day). We had to alternate drives among the 8, so my drive had to be used on a par 5, about 450 yards. I ended up hitting a pretty good one (for me), left with about 220 to the hole, downhill. My ball was left untouched where it landed, and when my turn came I uncorked one with my brand new Adams Tight Lies 3 wood (tells you how long ago it was) and landed about 20 ft from the hole and stuck. We marked it, and I ended up sinking the putt.


So, all 3 shots mine, but not really an eagle. I watched 5 putts ahead of mine, so I had a really good read and got lucky.

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Mine was a few weeks ago, playing by myself. At this point, hitting a few pars in a row for me is a huge event.


Hole #2 at Hawthorne Country Club in Dartmouth, MA, 467 yard par 5. I hit a decent drive off the tee, and since it's getting colder out I got a good amount of rollout on the harder fairway. I decided to attempt to hit a hybrid to the front of the elevated green, because I didn't want to end up in the junk on the sides or in the trees behind it. So of course, I sliced the hybrid so badly I nearly ended up on the tee for the 3rd hole.


After walking around looking through all the leaves in the rough for my ball, I finally found it about 30 yards from the pin and pulled my PW, hoping and praying I'd just get the ball on the green, SOMEWHERE. I hit the ball, it popped up, landed on the green, took one hop, then hit the pin and dropped in.


I stood there for a few seconds in disbelief, then I raised both my arms in pure shock. I started walking to the green when I heard a loud whistle and an older gentleman in a cart on an opposite fairway wanted to know if it was for a birdie or eagle. He commented that he was watching my shot while waiting for his fairway to clear, and complimented me. So at least one other person in the world saw this happen!!!! :-D

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I had my first eagle today, on a par 5.. I hit the drive about 260, in the fairway, then a three wood to about 5 feet off the green, and chipped in!  The chip broke in, and I put my arms up because besides an ace and breaking 80, and Eagle has been on my golf bucket list.  I put the ball away, and plan to save it..  I'll mark the Titleist NXT Tour and keep in in my room haha...

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I think my first eagle came when I was 13. It was about a month after I started taking golf seriously. I was playing with my dad and two of my brothers, and needed an eagle on the last to tie my oldest brother. He was talking trash for the last few holes, so I told him I was going to eagle the last and shut him up, which I did! The twist is it was a par 3

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Not my first but my best, snap smothered a drive 50 yrds to left then walked to it and hit a 3 wood about 250 yrds saw my buddy fall down from disbelief, I couldnt see it from where I was but dropped into hole

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