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My first 5k this weekend.

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Well, my wife and I have our first 5k coming up this weekend. I know it's not that big but we just started running a few weeks ago and the 5k was our first goal.  We aren't looking for any certain time or anything.  Our goal is just to finish it.  We have another one scheduled at the end of this year too. We wanted to hit some of these for fun and see if we are "runners" or not.  If we decide that we are, we want to train for a half next year.


Any tips or anything for the 5ks?  I know they aren't very long so there probably isn't much to think about.

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Just enjoy the experience. I did my first last summer as the "runner" in a team triathlon with friends and had a blast. I, like you was just looking to finish. I have kept up with the running but have not done another race. Thinking of finding a good fall 5k though as they are a lot of fun. Good luck to you and your wife!

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5K's are great.  They are usually more about fun than running fast though you'll get some speed demons that will be done in 15 minutes.   Have a plan for the race, such as your target pace and if you plan to take in fluids during the race.  I run with a heart monitor / gps - Garmin Forerunner 610 - which tracks my pace, heart rate and distance travelled.  Most 5K's will have digital readouts at every mile or at the split so you can check your time if you don't.  Some other tips that might help;

  • If you're going to run a slower pace > 10 min/mile line up towards the back so you don't get trampled at the start. 
  • If it's cold that morning dress in layers that you can stay warm in up til race time then run in just t-shirt and shorts store the jackets and sweatshirts in your car or leave them with someone that's going to be hanging out.  You will get hot quick and will wish you didn't have them on otherwise. 
  • I usually don't take fluids in during a 5K but if you have been during your training runs do it during the race.
  • A 5k doesn't require carb loading or special diets but I'd eat light familiar food so you don't feel bloated or sick the day of the race.
  • I usually get up about 2 hours before the race have a cup of coffee and a 1/2 bagel so I have some carbs in me - a banana works well too. 
  • About 15-30 minutes before the race do some light running and stretching - nothing heavy that would tire you out.
  • Have fun!!!!
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Thanks guys.  Yeah, it's all about fun and charities with the 5ks.  We are just excited because it's the first one we have ever run.  We walked a half last year for St.Jude.  That's the one we want to run next year.  I have been meaning to get me a heart monitor but I have just never gotten around to it.  Maybe I will soon.  I will let you guys know how it turns out.

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Well, I made it through.  I started off running with my wife as we had planned to finish it together.  That was our deal if we ran the whole way, but if either of us had to stop and walk, then the other could go ahead.  Well, we started out running together and I was running at her pace to stay together.  It was really cold out there and it made it hard for her to breathe so she had to stop and walk about half way through, so I kept running and got away from her.  I ended up finishing in 34:52.  I think I probably could have gotten close to breaking 30 had I ran my pace the entire time.  But I am very happy that I ran the whole thing.  That was my first goal.  My next goal will be to get below 30.  We will see.  My wife ended up finishing at 40:40, but she had to walk like I said.  The colder weather really got to her and hurt her breathing.  We didn't use our Ipods during the race either and that lets her mind focus too much on stuff that mentally messes her up.  We had fun though.


Funny thing is, she actually got a 3rd place medal in her division!!  I got nothing.  You have to put down a good pace to win anything in the men's 30-35 age bracket.

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Congrats on your first 5k TN94z. My wife and I do them occasionally. It's fun to go out and be part of a good cause as well as doing something healthy for yourself. 

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5Ks are great... I completed one a few months back.  Now the challenge is conquering the 10K!

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