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Good thread, I thoroughly agree with it. As we have talked about before, where I teach in Austria (there is something in the water here) the average person we get is a 45 handicap (they call it tournierreifer, 54 is the starting handicap and lots of people stay there), their only idea of practice is the 10 balls they steal off the front of the range before a round of golf. Most struggle to even make contact with the ball at all, the average distance for a lady here is about 50 yards in the air with almost all clubs - at best 70 when they flush it (which says a lot about their ability to create speed). On top of this, their patience tolerance is about 5 balls before they decide whether something works or not. even with all they analogies of how to learn something and the stages you have to go through - it is simply lost on them.


I have tried the net thing - it is a step in the right direction certainly. However, there is only so much you can do in one hour with someone, and when they head straight from your lesson and you see them walking onto the first tee, it does make your heart sink a little. What strategies would you suggest for dealing with a situation like this.


P.S. I am lucky enough to spend the second half of the year teaching top level juniors/young adults and mid-low handicap players which is a breath of fresh air, but also comes with it's own challenges.

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I know this is an old thread, but it is relevant to my practice routine.


Regarding hitting indoors, I did this all winter in my garage. For those of us living up North, the season is too short. I start to get withdrawal symptoms if too much time goes by without swinging. Even if I can't see the ball flight and the mat is nowhere near the same as turf, I can feel it when I make crisp contact and if nothing else, it is probably good for me physically. As far as whether it's good or bad for your game, I don't know - my game still sucks after working on it every free moment over the last several months.


Which leads me to a question. Do you think that anyone in average physical condition should show significant improvement if they receive proper instruction and work very hard? Or is it possible that - even if we have proper swing technique - some of us simply cannot hit the spot we're aiming at on a consistent basis? There are studies that indicate success in sports is more a result from practicing, especially at an early age, than it is about natural ability. But I sometimes have my doubts.


Please don't take this question as me looking for an excuse. The fact is I've only taken 4 lessons and my technique probably isn't correct. Also, for me even a bad day at the golf course is usually very enjoyable. But a little improvement would be nice without having to throw too much money at the problem.

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This is a sensational post!

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