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Poll Results: Should Pete Rose be in baseball's Hall of Fame

  • 78% (54)
  • 21% (15)
69 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by newtogolf View Post

Maybe Rose will get voted into the HOF post humously so he can't do anything to embarrass MLB

I actually agree with the notion that he gets in, but after he passes. Rose makes a mockery of the HOF by holding signing events during the induction weekend, and he has not tried to earn his way back in by getting in the good graces of writers or the commissioner. Sure he has a grudge, but it because of his own actions that he is in this circumstance.


Rose is very much "in" the HOF, as his records and his memorabilia are prominently displayed in Cooperstown. But, IMO, if Rose were to be elected then he would use this as yet another avenue of self-promotion (like it has been reported that he sold multiple authentic bats/balls used in record breaking games).

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What really needs brought to light about Rose betting on baseball was the fact he was the manager of the reds and was able to have the final decision on starting pitching and rotations. His job was to manage a team through a 162 game season not do everything possible to win this game today cause 10k was riding on it. Because of his gamblig problem it is very easy to believe decisions were made about players availability and health with how much of "Petes" money was at stake. The fact he was a manager of a team really compromised the integrity of the reds season along with baseball in general. I really don't know what the HOF should do, this is really difficult because heres a guy with the all time "hits" total but at the same time did something to tarnish the results in the game during the years he managed.

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I voted no. If he actually stuck to his guns and took it to the grave with him I would have said yes.  Instead he decided to sell books.

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I say no.  The cardinal sin in baseball is gambling.  All the players know it.  They know it from day one.  Rose knew it, and he knew that doing it could get him banned for life.  He still did it.  Then he lied about it, now he seems to be telling half truths about it so he can sell books while still not coming out as a complete villain.

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I'd like to see him in the Hall of Fame for purely selfish reasons... I have a baseball that he autographed to me when he was in Tampa for spring training while he was a player for the Reds.

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Thread resurrection! :)

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Not sure how I missed this one the first time around, but I'm a "yes"! It's about the baseball.........
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Someone on Around the Horn (can't remember who it was) had a good point yesterday. The Baseball HOF is no longer a HOF, it's a shrine to an idealistic game that no longer exists, or never did. There was an interesting article in the New York Times on Tuesday about players with questionable character in the HOF. Worth a read.



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