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When is your final round of the year? - Page 3

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Last year I stopped on December 27 and picked back up on January 2.
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I'll probably call it a season pretty soon. I just haven't felt like touching a club since having one of my worst 9's of the year Tuesday at sectionals right after one of my better 9's.

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3 weeks ago, my allergies are way to bad to be outside this time of the year and after the first freeze the courses are so rough I'm not willing to play on them.  So my clubs have been cleaned and put away until next March.

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I cannot comprehend how people just pick a random date and proclaim...........well, summer is over....."I'm done for the year".


LOL.......I'll be playing on New Years Eve if the weather permits!!!  My last round of the year will be solely dictated by the weather.  I won't know for certain the date of my final round of 2001 until the very last week of December.




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Barring snow or extreme cold/wind I will play all winter plus it's usually a good time to get cheaper rates at different courses. I also love the fact that generally there is no one else on the course. 

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Just started our Winter league and it finishes in Feb next year, so will be playing right the way through unless the course is closed due to heavy snow :)

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Just packed up my clubs for the winter. Last round was 10/11.

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Dec 31 will be my last this year,,


First will likely be Jan 1 2012

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Playing tomorrow. Could be it for the season:-(
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I'd love to play a couple more rounds this year, but first snow hit yesterday, so it'll be iffy.

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I never stop playing golf. Am looking forward to the winter so I'm the only one out there.

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Snow in the forecast.  Hope today wasn't last round of the year

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if it's above 35 degrees and i have a chance to play, december 31 will be my last round of golf for the year.  and my friends and i play what we refer to as "the polar open" every year on january 1 (unless it's sleeting or just absolutely unbearably cold).

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Last OUTDOOR round will be a tournament on Thurs.


Indoor on the the sims.... ALL. WINTER.  LONG.



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Another Charlottean here. Will play up until December 31st weather permitting! As Sam_Gill said all the fair weather golfers will be gone and I'll have the course to myself. So looking forward to winter for the first time.

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lets see dec 31st


being in AZ has its perks c2_beer.gif

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Originally Posted by HAVOC View Post

lets see dec 31st


being in AZ has its perks c2_beer.gif

I think I'll probably give it up early this year.  About Dec. 30 because when I retired I decided I'd leave the weekends and rush hours for working folks.


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It's supposed to be good weather through this weekend.  After that it's just borrowed time basically, with all the snow down in the US lately I'm kind of surprised we haven't had any yet.  I'm going to get at least 36 holes in this weekend and just hope that it's not the last time this year.

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