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MP-69 vs. MP-68

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I currently play MP-67 ....... I actually am playing worse now than when I was still playing the 710 AP2, doesn't bother me much, it maybe differs only a few strokes per round...... a less perfect shot is a less perfect result, but the feel on a good one is so much better than with the AP2's that I take the punishment of a poor shot and am still very pleased with the MP-67's.


I have allways been fond of the MP-68 as well, but never felt the need to invest in the MP-68 vs. MP-67.


I currently play the quite harsh PX 6.0 shafts and since I think of switching to a slightly softer shaft, it might be the right time to buy a maybe discounted MP-68 or go for a MP-69.


Anyone hit these yet and being able to compare these to the MP-68/MP-67? 

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I don't think there is a huge difference between the two.  The MP-69's are a degree stronger and promote better cog placement.  I'd recommend looking into the KBS tour shafts, softer feel, higher ball flight without an increase in spin

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