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This year id like to break 90 and then stay in the 80's. Long term break 80 only been playing less than a year and im 19 so i've time on my side if anything.

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My first goal is to be able to afford to play golf a few times.


My second goal is to beat Tiger Woods in a monday playoff at the U.S. open.

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Consistently break 90 by year end, then start working on 80.
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My goal is to get my index back under 14.  Not a lofty goal but I'm time limited, so I have to work on quality rather than quantity of golf.  Since I restarted playing two years ago I've seen improvement but not enough of it. I have to improve my game from 150 and in to cut strokes.  My irons just aren't dependable enough since I just don't have good enough control over the depth of my divots.

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Prior to to my round at the weekend I would have said break 100 then 90 and down to a low mid handicap and so on.

However this weekend I played lights out golf for me, been practicing an awful lot and never hit it better. Then I hit hole 7 shirt par 4 protected by trees back right hole location, hit my 3 wood down the left into rough. Hit the most gorgeous open face PW chip as my swing was impeded. In the fringe less than 12ft away. Putt to within 2 1/2 ft. Then I kid you not I ended up 4 putting the green. Add that to a bunker that took 2 shots to get out of they were the only poor shots I hit.

Anyway add up my score and it's 50 for 9 holes. No better or worse. All that practice even my playing partner can see the improvement but the score doesn't lie.

So my goals now are more like when I used to play tennis. I mean you just try to win not attain a score, so practice was more to do with shot execution. So my golfing goals are more to do with particular shots and executing those with consistency. Scores can fluctuate too much to be a reliable guide.

I'm absolutely positive that the score will take care of itself when I shift mentally to the shot at hand everytime.
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Earlier on, I wrote that my goal is to make good contact.  After weeks of trying different swing tips, I finally found one that made a majorhe 

improvement in ball contact after modifying it somewhat.  The tip was to take practice swings where you stop the downswing half way down,

return the club back to the top, and repeat this several times. The purpose of this drill was to develop a better feel for where the club was at

the top, but when I did this drill, I noticed that doing this allowed me more time to sight the location of the ball. In order to incorporate this into

my playing swing, I simply held the club at the top longer, essentially coming to a complete stop.  I've been told that this is a bad thing to do,

but I'm guessing this improved my eye-hand coordination, which is rather poor to begin with since I have a little problem with double vision.  

It is probably my imagination, but the ball looked bigger, but I think that this is probably due to it being more prominent in my vision than without.

I experimented with several situations that gave me a lot of trouble, such as ball above feet, ball below feet, feet in bunker with ball on grass, and

I was able to make good contact on these situations that I hardly practice.  

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  1. Low Score = 85
  2. Less 3-putts
  3. Consistency with the driver
  4. Play more rounds!!!
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Play in the qualifier for the US amateur (requires a 2.4 handi)

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To golf better today then I did yesterday.

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I have two goals.  The first is to gradually improve, the second and most important is to keep the game fun.  I know a couple of people that take it way too seriously. 

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To make more money than it costs me to play. If I do that everything else to do with golf takes care of itself.

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For me it's trying to get consistently better, while still having fun and enjoying the game.

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well first goal is to actually play and enjoy it.  then get better.

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  1. Develop a swing that allows clean, consistent ball-first contact.  The scores will take care of themselves.
  2. Find a couple of golf partners who love to golf as much as I do and are similarly busy at work and home.
  3. Move to a warmer climate where I can golf more than 6 months per year (not gonna happen but I wish it could).
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Break 90 consistently by the end of the year.
Practice practice practice. Since my lessons, my new swing is hit & miss. I will play pretty consistent for most of the round but I'll have stretches on each side where the swing totally disappears and I'll end up with 6 holes that I played in 14/15 over. A total round killer.
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My current goal is to break 85.  Best score has been an 86, and I've been really close too many times to count. Longer term goal is to consistently hit below 80.

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To relax and enjoy the round regardless of all else.

And to bang Holly.
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Originally Posted by Ernest Jones View Post

To relax and enjoy the round regardless of all else.

And to bang Holly.

Thankfully I wasn't drinking anything when I read this post or it would have been all over my computer screen!  You are not alone in your goals both on and off the course!

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