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My current goal is to go a round without a double bogey. If I manage that I will also most likely break 85 which is another goal of mine
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To achieve a single digit handicap, once there it will be to hit the scratch mark, like my Dad, then to golf my age when I get to that point in years of maturity.

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long term - single digit hcp.    short term - more accuracy with all approach shots - more GIR's

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I break 90 on a regular basis in friendly games, but I still have to break it in a qualifying event...


Lower my hcp < 18 by the end of the season.

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1.  Hit 70% of tee shots in the fairway

2.  Play and make no "8's"

3.  More accuracy in short game

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Take ten strokes off my game this year.

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Play more often

Break  100 on a regular basis.

Better course management 

Enjoy my new clubs


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Have fun. I don't have the time for real personal goals in golf right now. I'd like to break 80, but don't think I have the time to practice and put in the effort needed. So, the goal now is just to go as often as I can and have fun.

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I want to have fun.  The more the better.  I feel I would have more fun if I could hit the ball solid enough and with enough distance to score decently from 6500 yard tees.  Right now, I play 6000 yard tees, and if i move further, I have trouble reaching some greens.

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Sometimes I feel like the golf gods are working against me. twice I have been in a position to hit my main goal of shooting in the mid-90's only to have something interupt my game. Last September the storm siren went off on the 14th hole. I was then stricken with a herniated disc and pinched nerve which killed the rest of the season for me. This year I am back and once again the other day I was playing great and the wife calls  -- I have to leave right away to pick-up the kids. Ugh. When I play terrible I have all the time in the world, but on those occasions I actually play well..BAM!


I've been trying to play 1-2 times every week, but between the drenching rain, cold and wind it's been tough to get out there consistently.

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Score-wise, I always want to shoot in the 70's but I'm really not as focused on the final number anymore.  I want to make sure I have fun.  I want to get another hole in one, make back to back eagles, hole out from the fairway, go on a birdie run, chip a couple balls in during the same round, hole out from the bunker, hit the flop shot and drop it on the hole, make the 25+ footer, cut the corner, drive the green, make double eagle, save par from un-parable circumstances lol.....  etc....  I go for the pin, Each round I want to play a couple good holes and hit a couple really good shots...


GOAL:  Make it Fun, hit shots that I remember.. make it fun for those I play with.

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My first goal for this season is to improve from hi-cap down to mid-cap.


My second goal is to learn a proper driver swing. Thusfar, I've played from the closest tees for beginners (C). I open from the tee with hybrid.


Lack of good driver swing would cost me strokes in the future, if I want to play from the medium tees (B).


Third goal is to get better at chipping and pitching. Especially chipping because I get frequent mishits in my chips.

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I just accomplished a goal of less than 36 putts (35...15 on the back 9) but still falling short of my main goal this year of breaking 100. If it wasn't for the fact that my wife is due June 8th I would say I would easily be in the 90s by the end of the summer but I'm definitely gonna be strapped for time....for a great reason :)


My other goal is to be able to consistently drive 230 without ending up in the woods. I know most people on here hit the ball 300+ but My biggest strengths right now are my hybrids/5W from the fairway and my short game so I don't mind being short, hitting my approach near the green and getting down in 3 for bogey, I'm just so inconsistent off the tee...even when I use my 3W or 5W.

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Personal goal is to get to a low teen handicap (13-15). I do not exactly expect greatness or be a single digit guy, but if I quit loosing so many balls off the tee box, I immediately become a mid 80's player. Short term goal: continue to get used to this new driver. It has served me well so far and loosing less balls. Shot a 92 Friday. Hoping to break 90 very soon.

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I'd like to be able to go a full round just making golf swings and not trying to hit balls. I tell you, this space between my ears is fighting me all the way.

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To consistently break 90 on my home course which I find to be a very difficult course.

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Being new to the sport i have a lot of things to work on. For this year:
1) straighten out my slice with my driver.
2) hit my irons more consistently. I top the ball a lot.
3) learn the ins and outs of the game as a whole.
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My goal is to get my handicap to 18 so I can qualify for a couple if regional tournaments.
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