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I started golfing in august 2012 and here are my goals and one thing I didn't know I would do for a long while.



The Real #1) Stop getting angry when I play poorly. I have only been golfing 3 months... I'm not supposed to play well. 



1) Break 100 by Christmas - Done. I typically shoot 100-108 but shot a 98 1 time.

2) stop topping the ball. This goes hand in hand with goal 1 I would say I lose 5-8 strokes a round with topped shots. Duffs. 

3) Figure out why my irons go left 30% right 50% and straight 20%

4) Figure out why my driver goes left 50% right 30% and straight 20%

5) make an eagle....DONE! Thinned a shot with my 7 iron from exactly 150 and it never went above 5 feet high. Landed on the edge of the green and rolled ~30 feet in!!

6) Consistently stick greens from 100+ yards. 

7) New goal is 95 by Christmas since I already broke 100. 

8) Continue to play 15-20 rounds a month during winter. 

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I just want to play the best golf I can,breaking 100 on a regular basis is a start, then who knows the lower the better,single digit handicap will be awesome and that would be my long term goal.I've been playing for 3 months now and I'm hooked big time.its all I think about.a3_biggrin.gif
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My personal goal is to be as good as my Dad was. He won 9 club championships (the most ever at our local course), never took a lesson in his life and had a peak handicap of 5. My handicap is floating around 11 right now. My off season project is to work on my putting. I've blown many birdies and a few eagles because of 3 putts. I want to be able to make at least 6 out of 10 - 10 footers and 8/10 6 footers. 

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to get a + digit handicap... I am aiming for +5  and why not

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Break 80.


Learn how to chip and put. 


I strongly suspect that the two goals will be strongly correlated.

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Hit more fairways and greens in regulation.  Have a below par or even par round for 18 holes, I had a 2 under round for 9 holes earlier this year....more consistency.

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To get to the point where I feel positive and confident to pull off any type of shot. It's those bad thougts and hesitations that most often causes you to make mistakes.


And if I reach my goal and still makes those bad shots, I know it's just because I'm playing the game of golf...

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I want to break 80 next year, and get to single digits the year after.

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in no particular order:


go a round without losing a ball... almost there... almost

break 90

be a bogey golfer by next year this time.

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Being a senior and just taking on golf this year, I do not care about the scores but have several goals:

1) Driving the ball off the tee longer than my retired friends who have been playing golf for 5-15 years.  I am now about even to some and shorter than others.

2) Try to sink the ball with 2 putts once I get on the green

3) Achieve a SS of 90+ mph with the driver

4) Drive the ball 250 total yards


I believe my goals are achievable, not right away, but maybe in a few years if my passion for golf continues to grow.

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I set reachable goals for myself every new golf season.

Unfortunately, I failed to meet my goals this season for the first time in years. I must say that I didn't get to play, and certainly didn't get to practice as much as I needed. But it was an enjoyable year just the same because I just love to play golf.

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I would like to improve my game to the point where my handicap will allow me to participate in the US Open qualifying process.  At this point no illusions of winning or even qualifying, but it would be an honor to be a part of the process someday.

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Break 90 consistently.

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Short term - More pars and birdies than bogies and other.  Hitting that on occasion, but I want it to be my regular game, right now, it's just my better game.  I really enjoy those days.  More consistency.  I'll be setting goals on Fairways Hit and GIR and Putting.  Those three should be great ways to work to that single digit handicap.  By middle of next year and it shouldn't be terribly hard.


I'm sure once that's hit, I can move the goal to even better, but it's a great start.


However, if that goal in any way takes away from my enjoyment of the game, then I'll drop it like a bad habit and start taking mulligans and ordering more bloody mary's on the course.


(I used to hit around even par on easy courses and I didn't enjoy myself at all.  Too serious - so the goal is to get there without taking it too seriously or turning away from the fun game it is right now.  If you get too serious, then you start bitching about how other players hit, pace of play, what they wear, or even the type of putting they do.....a2_wink.gif)

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Hit more good shots than bad ones, and enjoy the experience.
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Originally Posted by Bobber View Post

Hit more good shots than bad ones, and enjoy the experience.

And that, IMHO, is what golf is all about!


I play to enjoy the experience, and to learn to play as well as I can. I will never compete on tour, but I can enjoy a friendly round with my buds.a3_biggrin.gif

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- Break 80 (Shot an 81 and 82 before)

- Minimize fat shots

- More consistent drives off the tee

- Hit a mid to long iron 200 yards

- Have fun the entire round (still have moments where I get angry at myself)

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Bring down my putts per round Avg. Working at it on my in door putting green.. inoneputting.com, check it out!!!!
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