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1. To improve my swing.

2. To go to some best golf courses in the South America.

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1. Get down to a real HC i.e. <=36 (Stupid German starting HC, Course License = 54)

2. More consistent shots of the Tee and Fairway


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(1.) Keep smiling and having fun.

(2.) Practice more, Putting for an hour at least 3x a week and going to the Range 3x a week

(3.) Pick up a camera to properly record my golf swing - so that I can upload it for review/input.

(4.) Eat better/healthier (lean meats, increase fruit and veggie intake)

(5.) End result... Get my handicap below a 5 again... Which means I'm consistently breaking 80.


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1. Improve my putting

2. Practice with my Driver more so I am not afraid to hit it on the course.  I feel like I will really benefit from the extra distance it gives me if I can learn how to hit it properly.

3. Consistently shoot in the mid to lower 90s and try to break 90 on a harder course than I did last year.

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1.  Make more putts, from inside 10 feet



2. Practice 3 times a week



3. Make more putts inside 10!! ahhh

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1. Break 90's on a consistent basis

2. No 3 putt's :)

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2011 was almost a year off for me. I really got back into golf around 09 I think, and hacked my way around the 110's. Last spring I started working on losing weight, I am 45, 5'10" and weighed about 210. Most of the good weather last year was spent with my son's hockey team, participating in their dry-land workouts. I bet I only golfed 6 times last year. I'm down to the low 100's and broke 100 a few times last year.


So for 2012:


1. Get in better shape. I've lost weight (down to 170 now) but I'm out of shape. I workout 3-4 days a week now, slowly building strength.

2. Golf more. Golfing so little last year did nothing for my game.

3. Stay below 100 consistently

4. Drink less alcohol on the course (This should be #1)

5. Walk more, use the cart less.





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 Goals for 2012:


Scoring Goal: Break 90 consistently, with a few 80's thrown in on good days.


Swing Goal: Minimizing head movement, eliminating thin sliced shots, and gaining a little distance with my irons.


I also have a practice goal to make sure I work on my putting at least a few days a week.


EDIT: Had to thow this in: Make sure to have fun, and take in the sights smells and sounds of a golf course everytime I play. I will always shoot lower when I do thi.

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Goals for 2012


Play more than the 20 rounds I played in 2011

Play at least 1 round with my classic clubs- MacGregor Persmisson's and Tourney irons

Restore my dad's red leather Burton Golf bag

Have my 10 year old grandson play his first full round

Walk more

Take a lesson

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Just play, baby!

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1. Replace my entire set of clubs.  The ones I have were given to me in 1996.

2. Play 20 rounds of golf (I'll count 9-hole rounds as 0.5).

3. Break 90 on a par 72.

4. Break 85 on my local course (par 66).

5. Bring my handicap below 25.

6. Improve my putting.  It's the area where I feel like I can drop the most strokes.

7. Improve my overall ball striking consistency.  Likely to be accomplished along with my scoring and handicap goals.

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Chris i can help you with goal number one i am actually doing the same thing with my equipment, changing out my irons only! But i have two sets for sale if you want to discuss!


however my goals in no particular order are

1) Break 80 at my home course par 72

2) Beat my dad twice, i am 30 years old and have never beat my dad i have come close but he is really consistent and my ball striking has not been consistent for awhile. I am pruchasing a nice set of ping eye 2's and have a new driver.

3) I want to hit 300 balls a week starting end of march. I need to find a swing net for my garage. I think this item alone will help me start scoring a lot better and it not the equipment. But i am switching to a more forgiving iron.

4) I want to get my handicap down to a 15

5) Get my two year old daughter swinging a real club she seems interested but do not want to push her if any dads have any good ideas let me know i am just going off how my father taught me, which worked out well, i love to play!

6) Get my wife to play one hole of golf with me, this could be a tough one but she has gone to the range with me! Her hand eye coordination is not the best but i like teaching her how to swing!

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At the begining of last season I made some signficant changes/improvements to my grip and setup which really helped lower my scores. I went from shooting in the 90's to consistently shooting in the 80's. My focus this winter has been on improving my takeaway so I'm in better position at the top of my swing and can quit working so hard to square the club face at impact. So far I'm making much better contact and my ball flight has improved dramatically with better distance and control. Long story short, my goal is continue working on this to where I'm not thinking about it near as much and can just play. I also make myself take 20 putts a day at a minimum in my office. Hopefull I can start breaking 80 very soon.

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2012 goals

devote at least half of my practice time to chipping and putting

shoot more than 1 round in the 70s at my home course

completely eliminate the over the top move from swing

walk at least a couple rounds

lower my handicap 5 strokes

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Hey Buddy,

I live in Edmundston,Nb and if you need some New Clubs let me know.

This is what I have.

Drivers-3 new Calaways,New Cobra#2 with the #3Wood,the Callaway RAZR

#7 wood calaway

Iroons New Taylormade-R7 Max

I have Titleist A1 used maybe 5 times with a Titleist Driver.

Putters around 10 of them also I have two sets of irons used but in Great cond.-Nike and Taylormade

All Drivers are 10.5 and all Right Hand and plus a TaylormadeR7 Driver for Woman


Now if your handicap is in middle double digits (15) like mine it does not

pay to spend over 1000.00

Let me know



The reason I have them is that I had a Sports Store 


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1. To build a repeatable, consistent swing.

2. Improve driver/hybrid accuracy

3. join a golf league

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Practice with purpose more and break 90. I was hit by a drunk driver and have a spine injury. I had to get a new set of clubs to make up for what movement i lost and i am breaking them in this year. Just happy to be out there swinging with new clubs. This game is awesome so have fun and enjoy it.
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Break 87- 18 holes

Break 43- 9 holes

Get my 1st birdie

Make high school golf team


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