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Age 35. On-again, off-again lifter since college. I've never been a really strong guy, particularly in the legs, so lifting (particularly squats and deadlifts) has really helped my swing by building a more stable lower body. Also, I've had some of my best rounds when my legs were a little fatigued. I usually attribute this to either a) a quieter lower body or b) lowered expectations.


If anybody wants a Fitocracy invite, PM me. The Golf group needs people.


Edit: Forgot to answer the original question: about 3 times a week.

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Age 41 182 lbs 


I strength train(Kettle Bells) 3 days a week with a couple of days of rowing in between.  I do play golf on days I work out.  A lot of crossover between Kettle Bell form and Stack and Tilt form.  Being tight in the upper body isn't always bad!

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I've been lifting weights seriously for over 20 years. I do 2-3 full body, compund exercise workouts weekly, less than 1 hour each. To me extended workout sessions featuring several isolation exercises is a waste of time and precious energy. I am powerful and very big, but with a more rounded look, like an old-time bodybuilder. I think execising to cut up is a fruitless pursuit unless one is willing to diet accordingly.

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I do 15 minutes of cardio and lift weights 3 times a week at a local fitness center, never on the days I play golf. I have been working out for three years and lost 25lbs.

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I workout 2-3 days a week and eat healthy.


My workouts are:


day 1:



day 2:



day 3:



I usually do 3-4 exercises of 3 sets each at 6-12 reps per set per body part. I end up doing 16-28 sets total for the workout but I do them as super sets so its non-stop most of the time which helps with endurance. I'm not a big fan of cardio and I like to concentrate and getting stronger and leaner.

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I visit a gym for golf specific strength training approximately zero times per week.

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Originally Posted by sean_miller View Post

I visit a gym for golf specific strength training approximately zero times per week.


How do you keep that straight in your head? Do you just skip the days that end with a "Y"? 


I have even doing some core at the house with the stability ball. Good stuff.

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Never!  I played baseball in college and lifted a s**t-ton then.  But since then I've only worked out body weight resistance stuff.  I started with this Navy SEAL workout book, basically tons of various kinds of push-ups, pull-ups, dips, running, and various plyometrics and such for core and legs.  Also got into yoga and just intense stretching in general, and the flexibility has definitely helped.  Had a time where I was doing P90X, which is definitely recommended as an intro into body-weight training.  Overall I'm in WAY better shape then I ever was as a gym rat, though I'm sure I can't bench press nearly the weight I could back then.


I do more strength focused training 3-4 times a week, though like I said, never in the gym!

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Age 51.  In off season, 3 times per week with one two day break.  I don't use heavy weights, but do 10 - 15 reps with little break between sets.  I do a training method I got from track and cycling where I do 'super groups' of two to four exercises with opposing muscle groups and only have <30 seconds between sets.  For example: Bench 10 - 15 reps, curls, seated row, triceps.  This way you are giving the muscle group rest but continuing to workout.   It has a mild cardio effect because your heart rate stays elevated during the group set.


I also do a lot of shoulder and core golf related work using resistance bands and pulley machines.  I got the exercise's from Joey D's book , "Fix your body, fix your swing".  I do these as the warm up for the weight training.  I include legs as well. 


During the season I will reduce to 2 days a week.  As you get older, weight training becomes more important as we can lose muscle mass faster than cardio endurance.  Also, every session ends with 10 - 15 minutes of stretching.  My whole workout is 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the day.

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I workout seven days a week in the off season. Alternate days with upper and lower body.


During the season I workout four days a week and do upper and lower body all on the same day.

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Right now i workout two times a week, i need to get back on a good schedule, at least 3 times a week

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I recently re-thunk my whole approach.  I am not wired for long endurance type workouts.  Gave up the mind numbing running/biking/swimming cult like bullshit.  So I am just walking a ton and doing some weight training.  Specifically phase one of this........





Rehabbing a wierd injury now but making progress.  Clothes are loosening up a bit and I feel better.


Oh...47 with a desk job.


We will see when the snow melts.






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Age 16, I lift 3 times a week, do agility the other two days, on the weekends I normally take a break, but as to the OP's statement about being tired, I feel I play much better really tired, I don't try and swing as hard, and I don't have as much extra, unnecessary movement


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Monday - upper body + core

Tuesday - cardio, flexibility

Wednesday - Lower body + core

Thursday - cardio

Friday - Upper body + core

Saturday - wind sprints - long toss (baseball)

Sunday - Yoga (can't get over how much this has helped me as I've grown older)


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im 45 yrs old. work out five times a week . work with moderate to heavy weights 3 days a week and cardio 5 days a week, lighter workout on fridays before round and i relax on sundays unless i play another. works for me.

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I go 4-5 times per week,strength training and weight loss purposes.I keep my golf stretches for after my workout because I feel nice and loose by then.But I really dont do a golf specific workout.I do love doin shoulders and legs though.I absolutely hate chest day.

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No more than 3 days a week.  As we get older, I think emphasis should be put on cardio.  Just M2C.  I see guys who all they do is lift with very little cardio.  They are basically strong and out of shape.  "Dunlap" disease and couldn't run a mile if their life depended on it.  Keeping muscles tone but not bulky is a good long-term strategy.

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I'm 47 and have been lifting on and off since 14.  I have never looked like anyone that stars in an action film.  A few years back my wife was treated for 2-3 different types of cancer.  Between surgeries, radiation tablets and hormone treatments she was left rather "wilted".  Last year I bought her a golf pass and she started getting some mileage in walking the courses we play.  Unfortunately, although she was getting her legs back in shape, she was struggling trying to hit 75 yard drives.


So,  we signed up at a local rehab center which has a well stocked Nautilus circuit and we started do Super Slow/Power of 10/Body by Science workouts.  She is starting to gain muscle mass in her shoulders and hips, and I am losing weight lifting the prescribed 1-2 days a week and cutting my food intake to three one plate meals a day.  (No S Diet)


I do use a Bullworker as well.  But, too much gives me shoulder issues.

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