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My Swing (Liam84)

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Hi guys, been a member from quite a while and finally decided to post my swing, not really my best ones but they´re the ones I have recorded. i haven´t been able to play as much as I would like these past few months, but plan to start doing it more regularly now that the summer is coming (well, at least for me b2_tongue.gif).

Please feel free to share any thoughts, tips, corrections, comments, jokes, whatever really, they´ll be greatly appreciated.







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Lots of really nice things, but your forward swing approaches the ball well below your elbow plane, and you don't extend much with your spine going into impact.
At the beginning of the backswing, you bring the clubhead under your hands early, under your elbow plane and the backswing finishes under your shoulder plane. A few golfers can pull this off (Matt Kuchar). The problem is that your forward swing stays under your shoulder plane then under your elbow plane--easy to get stuck and hit pushes and over draws.

What I'd work on first-
More pelvic thrust forward and up into impact. Try feeling that your belt buckle faces the sky at impact (it obviously won't, but that feeling will give you more spine extension and forward and up pelvis going into impact)-- these things will enable you to extend more with the arms going into impact.
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Thanks so much for your answer.

I do tend to hit many pushes due to the "stuck" I get sometimes.

My biggest concern these days was my left arm which tends to bend too quickly after impact. I`m having a tough time keeping my arms extended through the impact zone and I think your annalysis gives a pretty good explanation as to why it is so.

I do have a question though, in trying to get my backswing more in line with my shoulder plane, should I conciously look for more steep arms going back or is that a consequence of some other part I`m not doing right?

Thanks again for taking the time to look at my swing and giving me some help.

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Looks like you're a student of Einar's?  Never met him but seems like a great guy.  I agree with uttexas about the hips forward/thrust and just add: feel like your squeezing you butt on the followthrough to get the belt facing the sky piece.  I'm sure Einar has a plan though, looks really good so far, just my suggestions.

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I think your backswing plane is fine-it's just a hair (tiny bit) under the elbow plane at first then a tiny bit under the shoulder plane at the top. It's the downswing plane into the ball (closed shoulders with club well under elbow plane early going into the ball) that I think is causing some issues. Regarding the swing plane as you approach the ball--With more tuck butt, belt buckle at the sky, hips more forward at impact, your swing plane into the ball might just sort itself out on its own. Sounds like you are in good hands with your instructor.
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Thanks again for your replys, your description of my swing flaws are great! They are the exact issues I struggle with. I will be working on all the things you mentioned in my next practice session.

I am in fact  one of Einar´s students but I haven´t been able to take lessons as often as I would like. He sure is a great teacher and a better guy, I´ll tell him about your kind words next time I see him.

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Hi, It's been some time since I posted one of my swings. Any help or tips are welcomed



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One more, Face on this time.

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Not a single comment or tip??? a4_sad.gifa4_sad.gifa4_sad.gif There's a million things wrong!

Come on Sandtrappers, help me ou!

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Originally Posted by Liam84 View Post

Not a single comment or tip??? a4_sad.gifa4_sad.gifa4_sad.gif There's a million things wrong!

Come on Sandtrappers, help me ou!

Hmm. I would not say a million. I would argue very few. Your swing looks really good.


At A1 you can flare your feet a little. This will help you with some better balance.


The video quality is quite bad. Especially the face on swing. If I had a suggestion it would be Mike's video here on creating space on the downswing. I think you can benefit from this.


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Thanks for the help, that's a great tip!

Sorry for the crappy vids, I think I have some better quality ones where I.m hitting it much worse, I'll try to post those and see if I get any more tips.

Once again thanks for the advice

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Ok, here are a couple more recent, and certainly worse, swings.

I can't seem to find any FO ones, I'll try to get one the next time I hit the range.


I'm counting on you to improve so please shoot me your opinions, tips, advice, insults, whatever (actually I think no insults would be better! a2_wink.gif)


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To be honest, you're probably not getting many replies because there really isn't much to criticize. The basics all look good and you seem to be at the point where it's mostly fine tuning. Looks like a slight fade pattern to me, are you happy with your ball flight?

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You're still forcing your swing out. Hence VERY stiff arms. Have you seen a kids swing(playground swing) ? Try swinging it freely so that your after swing will fold naturally...



And you are going to get chest pains if you keep hitting it so hard onto the ground.. Power comes from your hips leg torso. Not your hands if not WWE wrestlers would have won the long drive competition.



After viewing your latest video , improved a hell lot. Well done mate. 


Try pausing your video at the downswing transition realise how your pulling the club down to impact , are you losing distance? 


Swing abit too flat in my opinion

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