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15 minutes of rowing

Kettle and dumbbells




14 minutes of Rowing

Machine Weights

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Just completed week 7 of my marathon training.  http://www.halhigdon.com/training/51137/Marathon-Novice-1-Training-Program


The runs were 3 mile Tuesday,3 TM 32 minutes, 6 TM 1:05, missed Thurs, 3 OS 33, 12 OS 2:29.  No cross training today.  That 12 mile was a real challenge.  At some point during the whole run something hurt.  First it was one knee, then the other, then my acheles, then just a pure ache in my muscles.  The last 2 were hard.  Lots of down hill which is challenging because my legs are so tired I'm afraid of falling.  Overall, pace was a consistant not run and not walk.  When I got home my legs were throbbing.  Feel fine today.  Just sore.


On my first short, I worked on form.  I'm a habitual heel striker and tried to land in my mid foot.  To me it seemed much more energy intensive at my 11 minute miles.  But when I went fast at the end you have no choice but to use good form.  For now I'll stick with the way I run.  I feel like I'm floating and my exertion is very low.

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Dbl stiff legged DL 3x10 (44lb kbs)

Dbl clean and push press 3x10 (44lbs)


Then four 5 min AMRAP's with no rest in between 



5 Burpees

5 Snatches R+L 


AMRAP # 2 

15 Russian Swings

15 Pullover Sit ups (35lbs)


AMRAP # 3 

20 Grasshoppers

5 High Pulls R+L 



7 Swing Catch & Goblet Squat

7 Pushups


53 lb KB


This was a good one.  First time I have done it with no rest in between sets.  It was good to mix it up a bit. 

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Bah. The third week I've done intervals now. Two weeks ago I did them at Presque Isle and stunk. I ran both the 400 fast and the 400 recovery too fast, and had to take some short breaks. Last week I ran 3+ miles of intervals around my neighborhood and did just fine.
I think the difference is that I'm very familiar with my neighborhood, so I can sense my pace a little better. At Presque Isle I'm still not familiar enough with the little section of path on which I run, so I just run it too quickly.
Maybe. Alternate theory: I've run at Presque Isle both times in the early afternoon. I feel pretty "good" at the moment so I push myself extra. When I ran around my neighborhood it was about 8pm, so I naturally took it a bit easier.
Anyway, I only ran two miles as intervals (4 x 400/400), then drove home and finished out the 3+ miles with another 2 x 400/400.
The second part of my Interval Monday. Did 4 x 400/400 at Presque Isle, finished the 3+ miles with this 2 x 400/400.
Pacing much better around the neighborhood where I'm more familiar with the landmarks. Maybe I should just pay attention more at Presque Isle. This route even featured a moderate hill (just shy of the top of it is 0.5 miles, at the end of the first fast 400).
Whatever. I'm not entirely pleased with my work today, but I got out there, I got 3.1 miles in, and I did it in under 29:00 of running time, so I'm not sad about it either.
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Weather didn't warm up soon enough to go cycling so I ran on the dreadmill.  Interval runs for an hour.  Got Four miles of actual running in.  Good workout but hate being in the gym.  Especially when some woman comes in to work with her personal trainer and she's wearing a gallon of cheap perfume.  I was gagging.  Left before I could finish cool down and stretching.

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That's funny.  That is exactly how I feel about it also.  I know exactly what you mean about cheap perfume smell.


I work out starting at 5:30 AM at the gym.  Today was weights for 45 min then 4 mile run after.  But there is one guy who comes in with cheap cologne and stinks up the whole place.  I don't get it.  It is friggin' 5:30 in the morning and you put on a ton of cheap cologne to work out???  Actually, he doesn't work out much except for his mouth.

Originally Posted by Doctorfro View Post

Weather didn't warm up soon enough to go cycling so I ran on the dreadmill.  Interval runs for an hour.  Got Four miles of actual running in.  Good workout but hate being in the gym.  Especially when some woman comes in to work with her personal trainer and she's wearing a gallon of cheap perfume.  I was gagging.  Left before I could finish cool down and stretching.


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Temps were up this aft but wind was blowing.  I went out anyway.  Road cycling....30.46 miles in 1:47.  Not great but not bad considering I was fighting some gusty conditions.  

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The outer edge of the middle of my right foot is sore. I didn't injure it running - I wonder if I stepped on something or tweaked it some other way. It was sore yesterday (I wrote it up as "ankle" when it's not my ankle), and sore today. I'm rolling it pretty firmly on some golf balls to massage it a little and it's feeling better, but I decided to do this on the elliptical to keep my streak alive. I also decided to run 1.5 miles instead of just 1 and to do it at a 5% incline with resistance at 20% as well, to make sure I wasn't cheating anything.
So, that's what I did. 9:12 pace but felt like a lot more effort than running, but it let me keep my feet relatively flat and so not really risking more injury. Did it barefooted, too.
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Strict  Pull ups 3x10

Dbl Squats 3x10 (44s)


For time complete reps of 18-16-14 


DBL Russian Swings

Body weight squats

DBL Sumo Dead lift High Pulls

Dbl Clean & Lunge (1 rep is dbl clean, lunge right, dbl clean, lunge left = 2, etc)


First time I have done this.  It was very hard.  The last movement was the worst.  


13:43 was my time

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3.0 miles, 26:32 or something.


Rolled my foot on a golf ball a few times today. Felt good enough to try to do my tempo run. Texted and played around on my phone the whole time. Seriously, if I wasn't afraid of dropping it or falling off, it may be the best thing for distracting me so I can run. Headphones with a mic and Siri for speech to text worked great.
Every half mile or so I'd change the speed from 7 MPH to 6.7 MPH (8:30 and 9:00 roughly). Forgot watch and foot pod at home but the treadmill has been accurate so far. So I trust it.
Ran in the VFFs. Longest time in them yet (the treadmill is fairly well cushioned). Foot actually seemed to stretch out a little bit as I ran and felt better at the end than the start, but I was pretty beat by the end and glad it was over. Forgot to set the incline to 1% until somewhere in the middle of the run. :P
Blech. Happy to finish, not happy to do these. Still hate the TM, still hate tempo runs. :) Looking forward to LSD tomorrow or more likely on Saturday.


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Bench press:

  2x10 (155 lbs)

  2x10 (165)

  2x8 (175)

  2x8 (185)

Military press:

  5x10 (110 lbs)


  4x10 (50 lbs each)

Push ups:


Sit ups:


Followed by 3 mile run (7:45 min/mile)

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Rowed 1500 m as warm up




Bottoms up press r+L 4x1 35-44 (couldn't keep the 53 steady)

DBL DL 4x8 (70s)

TGU R+L 4 x 1 = (53-70)

Pistols r+l 4x1

Kipping pull ups 4x15 1 min rest in between

Power Plank (70lbs for 1:13)

DBL rack and hold 3x2 min, 1 min rest 53s  This was first time I tried this, really hard.  Couldn't make it past 1:40 

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Pushups 20

Split Squates 20 (each Leg)

Pullups 15 (single leg assisted)

Pressdowns 15 (this is were you put your feat on a bench, and keeping your arms, inline with your back, you do a shoulder press towards the ground)

Plank on Exercise Ball 30 seconds + 30 seconds of mountain climbers

Tricep Pulldowns 12 reps at 80 lbs

Seated Dumbbell Curls 10 reps at 35 lbs per arm

Kneeling Row 12 reps at 45 lbs

10 lbs medicine ball working on ab rotation

Medicine ball diagonal chops 12 reps at 10lbs (each side)


Repeat for two run throughs


I usually do the top 5 every friday, then i just think of other stuff i want to do.

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1.5 miles in who knows how long indoors at the Y.
Just took my iPod on my watch and listened to some podcasts. Ran the first 20 laps (1 mile) about as hard as I could, then eased up and did some goofy stupid things like skipping and running backwards for the last ten laps. Muscle in calf is getting better. Hoping to do the LSD tomorrow. Hoping NOT to have to do the LSD tomorrow indoors. :)
Time listed should be pretty close to accurate though. I think I skipped faster than I ran, but the running backwards slowed me down. :)
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Road Cycling Saturday.  Windy and very cool (48).  46 miles in 2:45.  Not bad considering the wind gusts.  Only two days on the road this week but still got 76 miles in.  Cross training of some kind tomorrow.  

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On Friday I got my Super Slow workout in.  I increased my time under load for the leg press by 40 seconds.  Yesterday my legs felt like I'd peak bagged Bora Peak.  I have been "cutting calories" the last few weeks and my shirts are starting to fit better...which is good.  Anyway, the snow is melting again.  I very well could be golfing in two to three weeks.  I have an anniversary scheduled in Sun Valley in mid-April.  I might be golfing on the Sun Valley resort course then.

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4.11 miles in 39:35. LSD day.



I tend to be too negative about myself, but I will say this: two months ago if I had tried to run 4 miles in a row at 9:39 pace or whatever this ended up being, I don't know that I could have done it. I *definitely* couldn't have done it as easily as they roll off these days.
I'm still well aware of the fact that 4 miles is a sprint for some of the marathon or ultra folks on here, but I'm just a geek who still finds road running boring as heck and who just started in mid-October with C25K. My running streak is at nearly 60 days in a row now and I'm on my way towards racing a sub-28:00 5K in April.
So I've got that going for me, which is nice #caddyshack. Anyway, gorgeous day outside. Sun was in my eyes on the way back but that's okay - better sun than nothing. I over-dressed and was sweaty as heck despite the relatively light exertion. One of these days I'll do five miles just to say I did five, but I'm in no rush to do that. My made-up training program seems to be doing just fine for me. :)
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I totally screwed up my training program this week.  I missed my long run.  I also am trading the short runs for spinning/other stuff (mostly spinning).  So last week, I was at the gym from 5:30 till 7 both tues, thurs.  Hit it hard on the spinning bike prior to class so it was an hour long class with doing this and that before.  Did 5.6 mile run Wednesday.  Felt good.  Dog went and he did well.  Time was right at 1:05ish. 


Saturday went to gym, did spinning bike to warm up for 10 minutes, eliptical 20 minutes, then some excercises lifting.  Quick tempo kept heart rate.


Misses Sunday's run.  Overslept and had plans with Family.  Losing motivation in my training.  My last long run was a little painful.  But where I'm not doing well is eating and not drinking/having ocassional cigarettes.  Loosing weight all week to put it back on Sat Sun. Signed up for the Heart Half Marathon on Sunday March 18th.  Figured give me something closer to train for.  The marathon isn't until May 3ish.  I have to admit I'm a little scared.  12 hurt me.  I need to get in better shape fast.


Tonight ran a little to make up for it.  5.68 Miles 1:05.  Dog went, felt pretty good.  Great weather for running.  I really enjoy that length run. 


This week I'm continuing to sub out my Tues/Thurs run for spinning.  Then 6 wednes, 13 Sat, cross train or golf practice sunday.

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