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Worked out today and felt no back pain a3_biggrin.gif.  First day of lifting since last Monday when I hurt it.


I was most worried about the leg squats because of possible strain in the back if done improperly, and also when running on the treadmill.  I could feel a slight bit of tension in the muscle on the treadmill, but nothing major.


Leg Squats

Leg Press

Hamstring Curls

Calf Raises (standing)

Seated Rows

Bicep Curls

Reverse Flys (seated).


Ab/core work.


1 mile on the treadmill.



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DBL 1 legged deadlifts 3x8 (used 44s,53lastround)

Chin ups 3x10


Then TABATA intervals, 8 rounds of each exercise with a 2 min break between each exercise


American Swings (53)


DBL DL with kickouts (53s)

Knees 2 Elbows and Plank Pikes (alternate)


Needed a lot of foam roller before and after to get loose!  More snow tonight!

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rowed for 2000 meters then


dbl high pulls 3x10 (44,53,62)

Clean and Strict Press R+L 3x5 (44,53)

Squats R+L (3x5) (53,62,70)

Dbl Snatches 3x5 (35, 44)

Chest to bar pull ups 3x10

TGU 3x1 r+l

Farmers walk as many laps of garage as I can with 70s



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A relatively easy work out for me today after heavy lifting yesterday.  I won't go into details of yesterdays workout except to say I worked out upper body with free weights for about two hours--my muscles are sore.  It hasn't been sore for the last few years.  i must finally worked them to their limit.  A day before that was 10 mile run.


Anyway, today was just an hour of stationary bike ride for the total of 650 kCal--at least according to the bike monitor.

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3 mile run then this circuit 3x for time:

20 pull ups 

10 Bodyweight squats

Pushups to failure


After that ab/core workout of:

Barbell ab rolls

Oblique leg raises


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Dbl clean & thrusters 3x8 (44s)

Toes to Bar 3x15


Then As Many Rounds As Possible in 15 min of the following'


5 Squats R+L

5 Snatches R+L

5 pushups


53 lb KB


I got in 12 rounds.  


Not to psyched about that # even though it was after a day of snowboarding, but need to up my conditioning a bit. Felt really gassed by the 8th round

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I'm on my 3rd round of P90X.  The first round I did the "lean" program, after being inactive for quite a while.  I then did a round of the "Classic" but, toward the end, I realized I was still in the mode of "taking it easy," and decided I had to tee it up again to see how much I could push.  This morning was the Plyo workout in Week 3.  Bring it!

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I haven't posted in a while.  Been running quit a bit since my last.  Training for the whole. Anyone on mapmyrun?  If so, I'm leftygolfer on there and friend me.


3/20 4.02 miles in 45 min

3/21 8.6 in 1:40

3/27 9.24 in 1:48

3/29 4.92 in 1 hour

4/1 18.92 in 3:50


Times are somewhat accurate.  Distance and dates are.   Been super busy, missed a long run the weekend before last.  Haven't ran yet this week.  Really busy with spring outside stuff.  This week I have a 9, 5, 14. 


Wieght is falling a bit right now.  Belt size is dropping and feel pretty strong sometimes.  The last 5 of the 19 really really hurt.   



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I'm still running, but I haven't been posting here. Mostly some elliptical work to let my calf rest a bit.

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Forgot to put down Wed.  End of the ski season this weekend.  Going to start really working on golf stuff and switch over to mtn biking on off days. 


Wed was

DBl Russian swings 3x15 (44,53)

Russian twists 3x50 (held a 26lb kb)


Then a partner "I go, you go" I didn't have a partner so I just ran a stop watch and rested for the same amount of time as I took to complete each set.



5 DBL Cleans

5 burpees

10 Jumping pull ups 


I used dbl 35s, didn't have 40s that were recommended.


Today was a heavy day.


American Swings 3x10 ( 53,62,70)

Strict Press R+L 3x3 (53,62) 

Dbl squats 3x3 (62,70)

TGU 3x1 (53-70)

Snatches R+L 3x3 (62,70)

Farmers Lunges 3x6 (53)

DBL Rack and hold, max time (53s) 1:42  way harder than it sounds.

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So I am going to try a new program out that I had to pay for called Kettle Bell Burn 2.0  The guy's name is Geoff Neupert.  Since he has his stuff protected I won't post it up.  Didn't start it yet but going to later this week.  Back to the basics of Kettle Bells.  Less Cross Fit style.  For example today I did 20 min of :20 on :40 off of just swings with a 62 really focusing on my form.  L sit pull ups and pushups with a bunch of toes to bar.  In and out in 30 min.  Golf course are actually opening up!  Not here but 40 miles away, close enough for now.  Last Evolvr shows me I have lots to work on.  Excuse my silence for awhile.  Hope everyone is still getting some exercise while golfing. 

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Worked out back today. I don't do anything complicated:


Dumbbell rows 4s 10r/15r/10r

Seated rows 3s 12r

Wide lat pulldown 4s 10r

Dumbbell shrugs 4s 10r

Hyperextensions (lower back and obliques) 3s 20r/16r/14r


I try and do the Ab Ripper X exercises after every workout, almost threw up lol. Ate a slice of cookie cake before I went to the gym, didn't go over too well.

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Headed to the gym for only the second time this week a4_sad.gif.  Life sucks when it's software deliverable time.


Planning to work legs.  45 minutes for the following:


Warm up on treadmill 5 minutes

Warm up/stretch with light barbell stretch calves, hips, quads, hamstrings, lower back, erectors (5 mins)

Superset x3

  Farmers walk 50 yards or so with 150lbs

  One-legged squats to dog pees

  One-legged calf raises on stability disk with 120 lbs

Front-squats: 3 sets x10 with 225lbs

Kettle bell swings


  Hip adductors

  Hip abductors

  Hamstring curls

Good mornings (very slow)

Glute press

Hold a 25 lb weight straight out in front of me with good posture to failure

Some light abs

stretch it out


Can't wait....

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Quick update on this temporary routine. I am up to 22 min of :20 on :40 off of swings with a 62lb bell. First two weeks kicked my butt worse than I thought. Better now. After that I have been back to adding some heavy kb snatches, press, TGU, and lot's of abs and pull ups. Just wanted to say thanks to Bunkerputt for the hold the weight straight out in front you routine. Never tried that one and now it is officially mixed in with the rest of the ab stuff. Good one. New mountain bike coming next week. First new bike in 15 years! Stoked. Look out for a " I got a Mtn Bike" thread! First round of golf of the season tomorrow. 50 and raining, but I will take it.
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I was sick Saturday through Monday, so I'm happy to report I have most of my energy/strength back.  


Today's workout:


Abs/core (200 situps, some leg lifts and bicycle things)


Chest/shoulders/triceps (incline bench, decline bench, upright rows, shoulder shrugs & tricep extensions)


1 mile on the treadmill in around 8.5 minutes.


I weighed in at 176.8 today, which is only 4lbs away from my target weight.  That brings the tally to about 23lbs that I've lost since around February 1st.



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I've run at least a mile a day but I haven't posted here in awhile. Very busy lately.

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I typically work through a 30 min circuit in the AM that includes some lifts and some standards, jumping jacks, burpees etc. and some newer things like rope work and plyo. I followed that with 30 min of cardio on my Trixter X-Bike. I alternate upper and lower body days through Sat and take Sun off. I shoot to get the circuit and the spinning done in 1 hour with minimal rest, max of 30 seconds between moves.Though I do spin on Sun and usually walk for an hour just because it's part of my Sun routine. During the week I bike to work, 3.7 miles each way, doesn't take long and I like it. I walk through my lunch 30 min Mon-Sat and I often spin a little more in the evenings, 15 minutes or so. I wear a pedometer and shoot to get in 10k steps a day, easy on golf days. Makes me stand and get away from the desk.


Something like this.


Warm up

10-15 Burpees x4

30 jumping jacks x4

30 skater lunges x4

20 windmill stretches

2 min undulation rope x4

8-10 bench press x4

8-10 flyes x4

8-10 cable rows x4

12-15 fore arm curls x4

50-60 situps

30 minutes spin bike




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Nice workout on Monday.  Did mostly a press workout:  bench, incline bench, dumbell presses, tricep extensions, stability ball work, ITB stretches, some core.  Don't do a lot of tricep work these days because I don't want big arms anymore, but I'm always impressed at how strong they are when I get around to working them out.  Had to do some maintenance work thanks to an entire weekend on the ground working on cars.  Knees are killing me.  Bent a thumbnail back on Sunday, which means I can't touch a golf club.  Started feeling a little better on Tuesday and a little better today, but still some pain.  Headed to the gym today to get some back/lat and oblique work in.  Still stretching those hips and IT bands...

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