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Originally Posted by Yukari View Post

Definitely.  As might be expected, I never lift on the day of competition.  But I try not to lift too heavy the day before either.  I will do cardio the day before in lieu of lifting--in most cases.




That's the same as what I do.  I typically lift M, T, Th & Friday.  But my club events are typically on Saturday.  So if I have a club event that Saturday, I'll lift M, T, W & Thur and only do cardio on Friday.  Just kinda curious if anybody does something different (like lift heavy the day of or before an event).



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Originally Posted by bplewis24 View Post

For you lifters, do you ease up on your lifting any specific period of time before golfing competitions?



Don't really compete much, but I found out that Saturday rounds (Fridays are heavy) seem to be my best rounds.  Something about the tightness really makes me feel connected?  Everything seems like a half swing and for me that is a really good thing that I can't seem to duplicate when "loose".  Especially if any type of Farmer walks or lunges took place the day before.  


That being said, Didn't work out once this week.  Bronchial infection, Z-pack needed, Inhaler, bummed.  Saw a new Dr.  After 8 months of sort of being off Paleo, I am going back on next week full bore.  Reviewing my health as of late, I am one of those that need it.  Auto Immune system is out of whack and I am feeling the results.  Gonna suck for a while, but I am ditching eggs, and nuts as well. Weather is finally nice, and I am sick of being sick.  


LeftyGolfer, CONGRATULATIONS!  Nice to hit a goal.  Good for you. 

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5 Rounds for Time


400m Run

15 Overhead squat 95#


took a long time and blew out my shoulder.

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How fast do you run the 400m?  And are you okay?



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Um flat out I can run 400m isn 68 seconds. but today I over ran since the course was on the street I missed the markers for the firs two rounds and ran like 1200 meters both times. That sucked. Shoulder will be ok, it just hurts.

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VO2 Max formula today. :20 on :10 off for 10 rounds. 30 min total.


7 Snatches R

7 Snatches L

5 Cleans with Push Press R

5 Cleans with Push Press L

10 Goblet Squats

10 Knees to Elbows


Started with 53lb then dropped to 44lb after 3rd round. 


A little over a week off being sick set me back a bit.  

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Chin ups 3x8

Turkish Get Ups 3x6 (53,62)


3 rounds for time of....


15 DBL DL 70

20 Burpees

15 American Swings (70)


10:35....very hard, not quite done feeling sick with the lung thing. 

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Thread Starter 

1.36 miles, 11:27, 8:27 pace. It was hot. Finally have time to run before 10pm at night.



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Got a mtn bike ride in this afternoon, nice weather in the 60's 


This morning


4x10 R+L Swings (44,53)

4x3 DBL Snatches (35,44)

4x3 DBL Clean and Push Press (44,53)

4x3 DBL Squats (44,53,63)

2 sets of pull ups to exhaustion

4x10 V ups

4x1 min Plank 


Playing Golf tomorrow!  

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I did endurance and cardio training last night .

Ran about 3 miles on elliptical
Combo of
v crunches

After 5 moths of gym , besides losing the 12 lbs of Fat ( my abds turning from from 1 pack to 6 packs ) , gaining some muscle and toned up, finally the workout is working well with my golf game.

I still have not gain more distance yet but the endurance , flexibility and core strength allow me to hit my ball better .

I m still finding the best tempo to max out my new found strength .
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3x10 pull ups

3x8 r+l dbl dl (35,44,53)


Then a partner "I go you go"

20 rounds total


20 swings

5 burpees


70lb kb 


Not sure how fast we went?  He bailed on the 6th rd.  Just getting started though, so I didn't give him any grief.  


By the way, 2nd round of golf this year sucked.  90 w 12penalty strokes.  Left side of the golf course was no place to be. 

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Bench press 5x10 of 180 lbs.

Military press 5x10 of 120 lbs.

Curls 4x10 of 40 lbs.

Push-ups 5x30

Crunches 3x200


Then ran 5 miles at 7:45 miles/min.


And in the afternoon, played 18 holes.  Walked and carried my clubs.  It was hot and humid (93 ˚F).

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Rowed 2K for warm up


3x10 pull ups

3x8 squats (53,62,70)


3 rounds of 


dbl squats 8

Snatches 8 R+L

Cleans + Thruster R+L 8

Bent Rows R+L 8


It was for time, but I wasn't feeling it.  Made it through but it was really hard today. 

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A couple sets of each or so.


One-arm dumbell chest press:  12x85#

Inclined dumbell press:  10x110#

Dumbell chest press on stability ball:  15x65#

Ballanced alternating overhead dumbell press on stability ball:  15x50#

One-arm bent over rows:  8x125#

Dumbell flies:  15x45#

French press:  10x135#

Swiss ball prone knees-to-chest

One-arm bent over rows:  15x65#

Tricep dips

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Dbl Russian swings 4x10

Snatches R+L 4x5

DBL Cleans and  Strict Press 4x5

DBL DL 4x5

TGU 8x1 each side


Pile of Ab stuff and worked on Pistols at the end.  

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Partner workout day.


4 rounds of Alternating 

1 person runs/rows 800 m 

while the other person does As Many Rounds As Possible of


6 Pull Ups

9 Goblet Squats (62lb)

12 BW Lunges


I got in 13 rounds of the circuit in and we finished in 32 min 

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I've been getting back into the gym over the last month.  Feels great and I'm starting to see some results!  Today, I did 25 minutes of cardio... 20 mins on the stair climber and 5 mins on the tread before I did an hour of BodyPump. I'm happy to say that I can now fit back into my 31's without issue.

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Walked on the tredmill for 23 minutes, adding 1% to the incline ever 3 minutes after the first 5 minutes. Then i lowerd the incline down to 1% and sprinted for 2 minutes

Did a series of ab workouts


Plank: 2 minutes

mountain climbers: 1 minute

crunchs, 60 total

rotational ab exercises

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