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Back at the gym, doing very light workouts for now and riding my bike on the trainer inside the house (that is driving me nuts, I hate it, want to go back to normal riding outside!!!!!)

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2 more days until I'm in my 4th week of P90X!


Only 71 more days of this intenseness.

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Did a great bike ride today. Only 37 miles but includes a nasty climb - three tough miles up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Didn't break any records but pleased with my effort.
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Gym for strength training (leg day) plus hit balls at the range for 45 min and putting green green 15 min.  Cardio=walking the dog for a total of 1 hr spread out over 3 walks in the day.

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Well, after being away from running for the past 7 months, I am getting closer to being back.  I hurt my knee in January and I didn't go to the doctor ( I am hard headed and don't like doctors).  I just figured I strained something and I would just give it time to heal.  Well, after 6 months of hearing me complain, my wife finally talked me into seeing a therapist who is a friend of mine.  Well, after my initial assessment, he believed it was my medial meniscus that was giving me problems. So we met a few times and did some exercises and worked my leg and knee.  I met with him again this morning, and my knee is looking good.  He wants me to test it by doing some running this week.  Hopefully it will go well and I can get back to running some 5ks and just headed back down that road.

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Week 4 of P90X will be done Sunday/Monday.


This second phase is the one that is going to destroy me.

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Running 20 Minutes - 6MPH

T Bar Rw - 100lbs x 3 x 10

Chin Up - 10 x 10 

Dead LIft 4 x 100 ibs

Incline Dumbbell Curl 20lbs x 3 x 20

Dumbbell Curl 30lbs x 4 x 12

Lat Pull Down 160lbs x 4 x 10

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Almost two weeks since the last post?  Looks like the average weight of the website is going up some..   a1_smile.gif


Speaking of, things got a little out of control with me the last month due to life events, so I'm back in the gym, trying to knock off the 6 pounds I gained.  Went twice this week, plan on hitting the range tonight and working out again tomorrow.  Yesterday was a bunch of relatively high weight work, trying to get some muscle back to help shed the pounds..

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I'm still working out 6 days a week.  Nothing has changed, except that I hit my goal weight (172) over a month ago and I'm just trying to maintain now.  I'm a little heavier than that at the moment because I'm a poor maintainer :)  Eating too much junk food lately.

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Right now I'm working on doing a half hour on an eliptical in the morning 5-6 days a week. My hope is to start fitting in additional workouts after work... namely  the "Insanity" program. Oh! Plus more golf b2_tongue.gif

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I did an hour of yoga after gardening. So refreshing and calm :)

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Chest/shoulders/triceps to start week 6 of P90X

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Still hitting k bells and x fit 3 times a week.  A bunch of Mtn Biking along with wake surfing too.  Wish there was more golf but the other stuff has been quite fun. 

Workouts are going great, just got tired of typing them all out.  Hope everyone is feeling strong this summer. 

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1.22 miles in 11:19. I haven't run in awhile - things got busy, it was always 80°, etc. I started to put on a little weight - enough that I noticed my belt felt differently but nowhere near enough to go one loop larger (one inch), but that was enough to make me want to get back to running.


It was 70° when I ran tonight which was fine.





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Chest & Back


Week 2 of my 2nd rd of P90x this year.

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Legs day! 

Squats 135x10 185x5 225x7 205x8 185x8 185x6

Deadlifts 135x10 225x10 315x7 275x8

leg press- 2 plates on each side x10 3 plates x10 4 plates x10 5 plates x8 4 plates x10

leg extension 135x10 165x10 180x7



3 sets to failure on ab ball

3 sets to failure on leg pull ins

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chest, arms, and shoulders today.

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It's over 100 degrees in Texas on a daily basis during the summer, so I either do a 40 minute walk or a 40 minutes kettle bell workout (The Art of Strength Providence) and flexibility exercises, and additional weights. The weights are not meant to bulk, but kettle bells get the heart rate up more than a walk - it's high intensity, and then a minute rest, followed by high intensity.


Did it yesterday. I try to do something 5X per week.

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