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First Aimpoint session this Saturday

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My club has a certified Aimpoint instructor on staff (I believe he's still the only one in TN).  He does a group class every couple months, but I've had conflicts every time one was scheduled.  He's shared the basics premise with me, but I haven't had a real lesson yet.


All that will change this Saturday.  We're going to start a series of 1 on 1 Aimpoint lessons.  I'll report back afterwards, but I'm excited to start the process.  

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Great to hear!  Your going to wonder how you ever putter before, some game changing information

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I did a 1-on-1 session as well, and I liked it. Beforehand, Erik told me to practice starting putts on the correct line and getting a feel for the speed. That will make it a lot more efficient because you'll cut down on your own errors, and you can really focus on the green reading.
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Thanks guys.  I've been really interested in Aimpoint for a while, but the majority of this year has been spent overhauling my swing (and doubling my index d2_doh.gif ).  I can't work on too much at once so I'm glad a lot of that work is coming together.  It's pretty obvious that I need to focus hard on putting over the winter.  I track my stats with SkyCaddie and it's really revealed how little I've focused on short game this year.  I've never been one who makes a lot of putts, but I don't 3 putt often.  I need to make some birdies and clutch par putts to get back down to where I want to be.


FIR - 74%

GIR - 51% (but most recent 10 rounds have been better)


Those two aren't that bad IMO.  If I can average 12 GIR per round at my home course I'm really happy since it's a tough track.  The next 3 stats are freakin pitiful though.


Putts / hole - 1.83

Putts after GIR - 1.97

Birdie putts made - 9%


My home course is very tough so my 5-6 index travels well.  I'm ready to make some birdies though c3_clap.gif

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What an experience!  One of our assistant pros, Errol Helling, is the aimpoint guru at our club.  We spent a couple hours working through it and I was floored.  I'll never look at putting the same way.  c3_clap.gif


Now to spend a lot of time practicing so that it becomes a faster process.

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Continued improvement....


The weather in TN has been spotty.  Combine that with the really busy time of year for me at work and I haven't been out much since my aimpoint process began.  I've only managed to play 3 rounds with full aimpoint focus on the greens (plus several practice sessions working on green reading).  


This past weekend I played my home course.  Temp was in the 40s with a decent wind so full swings were not as comfortable as I'd like.  I managed a 75, but the cool thing about it was the 28 putts ( 13 on front, 15 on back).  That's a course low for # of putts for me and beat my 2011 average by 5 putts.  Those 5 strokes are my index all other things being equal.


I'm digging aimpoint.  Game changing info for sure.

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