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Does President Obama play too much Golf?  

Poll Results: Does Obama play too much golf?

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Mitt Romney seems to think so.  He just launched this Website that lists the number of holes Obama has reportedly played in office, 1,584.  Also wants you to donate $18 to give the Prez a "permanent vacation".  Romney recently commented on Obama's 17-day vacation to Hawaii; “I just think it’s time to have a president whose idea of being 'hands on' doesn’t mean getting a better grip on the golf club,".

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I think they should be able to get out and play but, they use to give george bush so much crap over it and he played less than half of what Obama has done.

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Thanks for the website Mike, Looks like Obama has a decent putting stroke from the picture. Personally, I don't mind him playing golf in office. I would rather have an active president then one that just sits behind the desk.

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Clinton was pretty active too, oh wait, that was still behind his desk

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Is it possible that Obama is also getting some work done out on the golf course? He wouldn't be the first person to do both at the same time.

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I'm not opposed to Romney and do not love Obama, but it is ridiculous he is using the number of HOLES played to sway the average idiot voter.  Do the math...it is less than 30 ROUNDS per year which is far from being absurd.

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I wonder how many donations they have received

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I'm far more Libertarian than Democrat, but I don't care about how much golf he plays. Play more, I don't care.

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It doesn't bother me at all.     The job is one of the most stressful in the world and is nearly 24/7; the Pres doesn't work 9-5pm weekdays only.       1600 golf holes over 3 years isn't all that much time, and it is doubtful he is 100% away from the job even when he's trying to line up a birdie putt.     And I'm pretty sure a couple weeks in Hawaii for a president isn't quite the escape from work it is for the rest of us.  


Funny that know one seems to go out of their way to sympathize with a sitting president about how they're awakened at 3am by the National Security Advisor, or had to spend the last 5 evenings in row at state dinners meeting with foreign dignitaries that can't stand personally.   But let them take a few days "off" and they're a lightning rod for criticism.


Regardless of which party holds the office, it is a tough demanding job and it is important that person gets a little time to themselves to step away from the world's pressing problems and recharge their batteries.   Don't care if it's golf, bowling, watching Three Stooges movies, or even Clinton's method of "escape".  

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Mitt Romney would suck off a goat on live television if it would get him a 1/4 inch closer to the presidency. Worked in US politics for almost 10 years and never came across a less-principled candidate. Thanks for reminding me how much the whole cycle reeks. Been happily ignoring it from a safe distance.

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I don't think sitting behind a desk more is going to solve America's problems. Romney should live a little. Play golf, America!

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As of August, Obama has taken 61 vacation days in his first 31 months compared to 180 for Dubya, 112 for Reagan and 28 for Clinton over the same time frame. What does it mean? Nothing, really. I doubt the man even books his own tee times or buys his own clubs. The President has so many advisors and handlers and PR people that if they thought he was playing too much they'd put the kybosh on it. 

And yeah, breaking it down to 1500 holes is a bit disingenuous.

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I think Obama may be the worst president our country has ever seen, and his love for golf has nothing to do with why I feel this way..........not relevant.



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Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut View Post

I think Obama may be the worst president our country has ever seen, and his love for golf has nothing to do with why I feel this way..........not relevant.



I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on Andrew Johnson, Calvin Coolidge and Warren G. Harding.... but that's for a different thread.

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He is spending way more days and time campaigning for his second term than playing golf.  I just wish he'd take 365 vacation days,,and retire on his fat pension and book deals,,and let someone else who is actually competent run this country. 


Personally, I am sick and tired of the left, socialist agenda that he believes in.

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Psh, no.


"Dwight David Eisenhower got in his share of golf, and then some. A study of the 34th president's daily itinerary during his eight years in office from 1953-'61 turns up a staggering 1,000-plus days of golf, including almost 800 rounds everywhere from Augusta National to Cypress Point to Turnberry and beyond.   Not that playing 100 rounds a year was a bad thing. But no president before or since played so avidly, and we're now in an age where there's intense pressure on politicians to avoid being perceived as slackers."


At the end of Eisenhower's 3rd year as president, he had an average approval rating of 75% and held onto as much while the Cold War was raging.  "Commies?  Hm.  Sounds complicated.  I'm going to go ponder this situation on the course."  So, say what you will about what Obama has/hasn't accomplished, either way, it very, very probably has absolutely Nothing to do with how much golf he's played.

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It seems pretty obvious that 30 rounds of golf over 3 years is a ridiculous thing for anyone to care about.  You know he's not playing some packed muni, so 3.5 hours on the course less than once a month is really something anyone can try to take umbrage at?  Even if he were truly thinking 100% only about golf for those hours, it's ridiculous.   Every golfer should play more golf than that if anything, whatever your job is!

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I remember reading in one of John Feinstein's golf books that Woodrow Wilson walked/played 9 holes every morning. He suffered a stroke in his last year in office and couldn't even walk anymore , so it's good he got those rounds in, well over 1000 by some counts.




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