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Just now saw this thread.  I got some true tours a couple weeks ago and have played 45 holes in them so far.  I'm a big fan of them.  My only complaint is that after walking a long 18 holes on thursday, my arches were pretty sore.  They're still even a little sore today.  I'm assuming this is mostly due to my feet being weak from using shoes with arch support all my life.  Anyway, these are the first golf shoes I've ever had where my toes weren't killing me after walking 18 holes.  I love them for that.  I've got some friends that might be looking into them too now.



I also wanted to mention that I ordered mine on a monday morning with the free shipping and got them on tuesday!  It helps that I only live one state away from where they shipped from, but I thought that was pretty awesome.  For size, I ordered the same size as all of my shoes (10.5) and they feel like the right size for me.

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Walked 9 with them in a Par 3 course. Was a little loose still even with the laces tightened, so I got some pads to put under the tongue of the shoe, and this was enough to secure my feet in while giving me plenty of room in the toe box and keeping the same feel underneath my feet.


With the True Tours, I stay in balance much better and when I do go off balance, my feet are able to tell me why. Great shoe, and will take them out for a full 18 hole course this upcoming weekend!

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I walked two days at the Masters in my tours.  I bet I walked 8-10 miles per day in them and my feet could not be happier.  I had no issues at all.  Of course I have been wearing my TRUEs on the course for about a year though.  Just thought I would post how 20 miles in TRUEs worked for me.

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great article ... thanks for sharing ... now to order my new TrueLinks.

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A quick review from todays round.

It was pouring 60% of the round and the course was wet. There was so much casual water you could hardly call it casual anymore. Really sogging wet fairways all over the place

I wore my True Linkswear Tour shoes, which are waterproof. After 4 rounds, my feet were a little wet from sweat and water coming in from above, but the shoes worked great. They are not very high around the ancles, but I didn't get water in there, even though we were standing in a puddle on every second shot.

Most are sceptical to playing golf without spikes. It was unheard of until a couple(s) of years ago. Today you will not get me out on the course with spikes if I can't help it, it's as simple as that. I hit shots from uphill, downhill and sidehill lies without experience a single slipping issue. Not once through the entire round. I once slipped a little when walking, but that was due to wet mud and a pretty severe slope.

I was worried myself it wouldn't work out in the rain, but all my doubts went out the window today.
The shoes are great, but still got lots of room for improvement in my opinion. Both in design and fit. They are really wide, though I don't know exactly why they did that when you can't tie them up a whole lot. I've also got a pair of Ashworths without spikes that I wear when it's not raining. They fit really good and feel great.

I've already ordered a second pair of True's and might try some Ecco's one day. I have great experience with Ecco shoes outside of golf.
These types of shoes is really a revelation for me. I've never been particularly happy with golf shoes before. They are too heavy and chunky. I want more focus on comfort.
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Rock Bottom has last years TRUE"s for $80.



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How are the blue soles/sides on the PHX's holding up? Stained from damp grass? Clean up easily?


My Ecco Bioms with lime green soles/sides stain and are a bear to get even close to clean.

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If I like the styles equally, are the Stealths worth the extra $50? Is the leather that much better/softer? What other things make it worth the extra $50.


I have 2011 Tours. I'm looking to buy a my third TL pair and would like help choosing.

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Originally Posted by rustyredcab View Post

If I like the styles equally, are the Stealths worth the extra $50? Is the leather that much better/softer? What other things make it worth the extra $50.


I have 2011 Tours. I'm looking to buy a my third TL pair and would like help choosing.

Well, they updated the leather in the Tours for 2012, so I am going to stick with them, and not the Stealth. And the PHX for the summer, may work in hot, dry weather.


Good luck.

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The PHX are about half a size larger. I wear a 10.5 in Tours and Stealths and a 10, ideally, in PHX.


I like them all, but my favorite - the sweet spot, I feel - are the Tours.

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I walked 18 with my True Tours yesterday, and had no soreness in my feet or legs afterwards or today. Thumbs up!

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I just got my True Tours. How long does it take for the new shoe odor to off gas? I am assuming that is the waterproofing. I put them on the porch for a couple of days. It has been pouring here in Boston, so I haven't had a chance to use them.
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Tour Linkswear Stealths 2012: Just got my Stealths (White/Mud) and they are super comfortable. Much softer leather than my 2011 Tours. The toe box is still feels plenty wide even as they look less wide in the toe. I have come to love the spread toes feel of my tours. Much easier to get on -- slip foot into the shoe --  than the 2011 Tours which can be awkward to get on. So, my 2011 Tours were the most comfortable golf shoes I've ever owned and they have lost that honor to their cousins, the 2012 Stealths.


My only wish so far is that the shoe laces were something other than cotton (or whatever they are). These white laces will get dirty and since the Stealths are waterproof, I expect to wear them in the rain. The good news is it looks like it will be easy to find replacement laces -- unlike some Ecco laces which are odd thicknesses. The leather looks like it will clean up easily and shine up well.


These Stealths will replace my first generation Ecco Biom white/lime shoes which are also comfortable, but do not have barefoot feel, and are too odd (the lime green soles) to wear when I am a guest at a fancy club without feeling funny. And I love being a guest at fancy clubs.


BTW, ordered direct from True Linkwear and deliver only took two days from order to my door.

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I've played two rounds in True Tours and they are very comfortable.  I need to re-calibrate my AimPoint technique with the lower heel though.

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I've had the PHX for a couple of months now and my only complaint is that they get hot from time to time.  I would love to see a pair that breathes a little more for the summer time.  But I still prefer them over any other of my shoes though my adidas come a close second.

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Has anyone tried Spikeless Golf Shoes? If so please share Your Experience!

I've noticed the growing trend of spikeless golf shoes, like True Linkswear shoes and even some eccos and kikkors.  I have read reviews on the True Linkswear golf shoes and I think I'm going to try them out...


Have any of you owned or currently own a pair?  And, if so, how have they worked for you?


ture linkswear 1.jpgTrue Linkswear TOUR model

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searching is your friend... that is all

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True Linkswear=most comfortable golf shoe I've ever worn. Love them.

Ecco Street Premiere=Terrible blisters for me and others. Some people really like them.
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