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I've been using the split grip, not the 10 finger grip with hands touching, for 3 weeks regularly. I feel much more of the roll of the right hand at or just after contact and my shots fly high and straight.

I don't have the distance you guys do since my physical condition limits me at my age, but, with the split grip I can really hit the ball 80% of the time straight and that's helped my scoring, if, at my age that is even important to me. I just enjoy golf, good or bad.

I'll stick with it till I can manage to understand the wrist roll better and may or may not change back to my interlocking grip. I'll just have to wait and see. I use the split grip on every shot except putting. My chip and pitches are much higher, straighter, actually get some stopping of the ball on the greens at times. So I'm good with keeping it for now.

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I don't use the ten finger I would call it more of a 9.5 finger grip.  Originally I started twenty some years ago with the interlock and 12 years ago went away from it for awhile and when trying to go back to it I never felt like I could tell what the club face was doing.  After having reconstructive surgery on my right wrist and hand I have stuck with my 9.5 grip.  Basically the pinky of my right hand barely rests up on the side of my left index finger.  Very slight overlap if you will but it is what works for me.

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I been trying the intermeshi and like it
it has dropped my handicap in half after one season
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I prefer the interlocking grip myself, but it's due to a couple of factors.

1) When I played both golf and baseball, I used the baseball grip only for baseball to help me differentiate between the swings in my mind

2) The overlapping grip feels like it's always pinching my pinkie finger (actually used to use a reverse overlap)

3) The interlocking grip just feels so right to me, where my hands work together well


On the subject of me previously using a reverse overlap grip, that was because I misunderstood how my instructor was telling me to try an overlap grip (from when I switched away from the baseball grip) and kept it that way for a while. When he finally noticed it, it hurt my pinkie finger to do it the "correct" way. After he showed me the interlocking grip I just loved it.

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Went from 2 handicap to 9 over a period of 3 years lost all feel for the club .Played with overlap grip ,tried  interlock .no good ,While messing one day itried the ten finger grip ,first shot was on the money .game back with lots of feel 2 shots off handicap in one month

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