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DG X-100 or PX- 7.0?

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Hey guys, 

im taking a year off between high school and college to work and practice to get better. Im good enough to play division II or III right now but i really want to go to a big school and have some tougher competition. Im about to order titleist 712 mb's an inch extra long and 3 degrees upright, unfortunately i have no idea which shaft would be best for me. 


I like a heavy iron shaft, and strongly prefer a low penetrating ball flight. My 6 iron distance is 195 and i have a 97 mph iron swing (just got checked today, dad works at golfsmith). Im trying to get my launch angle down to about 17-18 and dont know the characteristics of each shaft. Project x 6.5, 7.0 or dynamic gold x100, x200? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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If your dad works at golfsmith, why not just hit both of them? On a launch monitor, no less?

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well no disrespect to the company, but their selection of fitting options is very limited. Im 18 living in the retirement capital of the united states so basically every shaft in the fitting carts is a flex or regular. there are a couple s300's and project x 6.0's but nothing close to what i need. its frustrating haha. the only club that is an inch extra long is an s300 but if you extend a club an inch it brings down the flexibility a ton, almost making it an s200.... it sucks

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Fair point... I believe the Project X is very stiff and low launching, low spinning. Many claim it causes a loss of feel, and it is boardy and hard to launch to all but the longest hitters. You're looking at the 6.5 if you have a normal tempo, it plays close to the X100, maybe a bit stiffer. The PX 7 is one of the stiffest shafts out there, and you'd need a fast tempo to load it even with that SS. I haven't hit them myself, and I don't know your swing, but it's probably one of those 3, you'd have to special order X200 or higher.


Don't dismiss KBS, Nippon, or other brands, either.

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What shafts do you play now?  Do you know what kind of ball flight you're looking for?  I know you said low penetrating, which is what most say with a swing speed like that, but the x100's like to tail up at the end before the apex and the PX tend to carry flat into the apex and drop.  I play the x100's and I notice that it encourages me to vary my spin.  I've tried PX shafts that friends of mine use and it just didn't suit me.  Because it carry's so flat, it hangs in the air just that bit longer and flies a little bit further.


I'm also not so sure you should jump into an x200 without trying.  That moves the flex point pretty far from your hands, you really gotta load her up.  I'm thinking about trying those KBS shafts for my next set (although, probably not in the near future).  I always hear great things about them.  I do understand straying away from them as dg and px shafts definitely are the value buy.

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I currently play x100's but my launch angle with them is stupid high. because of my size (6'4 185) i have a pretty long smooth tempo swing. Almost that of a nick watney or sean o hair. My ball flight right now starts off normal height and rapidly climbs before hitting its apex and falling straight down. It makes shots into any type of headwind near impossible, and shots with a tailwind can fly an extra 15 yards unexpectedly. Id prefer a more boring trajectory, not necessarily lower, but just something that has a lower descent angle. Ive looked into kbs c-taper x flex's but I'm not sure of the benefits of those either. i like the weight of the x100's I'm playing, they're just going very high and I'm losing distance. my 6 iron and 8 iron distances are probably only 10-15 yards part because they balloon so much. 

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The PX or KBS should be a bit better into the wind, but I suggest you evaluate your choice of ball and hitting technique. Ballooning x100s isn't all that easy to do, even into the wind. You could also try tipping the shafts, if x100s are cheaply available.

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Hey Reviving old topic, curious what you went with. 

Im playing the PX 7.0s and loving them. Although my Ballflight is still nowhere near where I want it to be. But thats just not the shafts fault, its my swing, still scooping too much I suppose. Gotta figure out a way to get a few sessions on a Gc2 HMt, flightscope or tracky.

Shouldnt the benefit of your dad working at a store like that be, that he can order in Testclubs with ur specs and the desired shafts to test? 

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Well i think you should look into the KBS Tour c-taper x stiff shafts. Think this is what you are looking for

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Two things to consider:

  • Shaft weight (uncut): DG X100 = 130 grams | PX 7.0 = 130 grams
  • FCM rating (Frequency Cycle Matching): DG X100 = 6.8 FCM | PX 7.0 = 7.5 FCM


So, the PX 7.0 is about 0.7 a flex stiffer than the DGX100.


The PX 7.0 (Rifle) shaft gives he ball a slight launch boost, but then flattens out for "penetrating trajectory."


The DG X100, like others in the Dynamic Gold family, is a low-launch shaft.


You would have to compare the two on a launch monitor or Trackman to see which would be best for you.

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Ive compared the PX 6.5 to the X100 and loved the feel of the strike with the 6.5. The 6.5 however were still a bit too soft but they didnt have any 7.0s there, not even standard length. But I bought a pulled set, put them in and am so happy with the results. They feel so much softer than the X100. The X100 kinda whip in your hands which I didnt like at all (infact all the DG do that).


Would love to try out the KBS C Taper at some point. 

I cant really imagine, that the trackman numbers are that important, after all they can be manipulated a lot with the same shaft by simply changing ur setup and/or ur swing. 

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