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Good luck with the new venture but I'd have reconsidered the name of the app given the bad reputation Shotly has within the golf community.  Even with pro-active posts like this you're going to lose business because some won't see these posts and associate you to the company that ripped people off. 

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Well, it appears that Shotly Daily Deals got a giant FAIL rating on both its first and second incarnation!


My name is James Vertisan, and I am the CEO of Vertisan Inc. We just released a golf smartphone app called SHOTLY. I'm posting to this thread to let the forum members know that our company and our new app has absolutely nothing to do with Shotly Daily Deals or any previous owners of a company with a similar name. Our app is a golf GPS rangefinder, with score and stat tracking. NO DAILY DEALS.



James Vertisan

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Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, there isn't anything we can do about the app name now. We have over 6,000 hours of programming in this version of the app and the name is thoroughly baked in. We have an additional 9,000 hours into the website, brand, and promotional items.


We don't have any association to the failed Shotly venture, but I will gladly offer any legacy Shotly customers a free lifetime subscription to Premium features for our SHOTLY app, which is a $500 value. Hopefully that might soothe a few angry souls.


So... if you're a disgruntled customer of the long-dead Shotly Daily Deals venture, send me a private message through the forum and I will get you a lifetime subscription to our Premium app features. The app is currently available for iPhone and Windows Phone.


James Vertisan

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