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The Knicks probably won't win game 5, I'd be surprised if Lin played more than 20 minutes. That said, they didn't want to play him off his injury at all if possible, but Baron Davis is looking pretty done. They don't really have anyone else with a point guard skill set except one backup. I think the backup will start but they'll play Lin to give him rest, especially if they're behind. I doubt Lin will be 100% but they have no options right now.


They just need to install a shock collar on JR Smith to force him to pass the damn ball instead of shooting bricks all night. And give Novak the ball more than 2-3 times.

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I hate that everyone thinks hes a beast and all act like they love him just because he played well for 2 weeks. to be a beast you have to be great every game. and in my opinion i dont think we will see that much of him in the future.

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His field goal shooting is poor, okay, horrendous for a guard, after 7 games - .373.


Otherwise, the stats are good:



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