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Play or Practice, which do you do more?

Poll Results: Practice or Play, which do you do more?

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The question is in the title. Do you play on the course or practice more?  I know playing on the course can be considered practice, but for the purpose of this thread I mean (driving range, putting green, chipping area.) So get them answers rolling in. a1_smile.gif

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Practice by far. I've been really concentrating on my swing as it's been too inconsistent for me to enjoy playing. It's much much better now though so this is going to be my year of playing. Even got my first handicap card handed in yesterday to start entering club comps etc.

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Depends on the time of the year, I tend to practice more at the beginning of the year, March and April, but play more in the rest of the year.

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I play/practice on the course because I can play during the quiet hours.  Depends on the situation.


Range Practice - seldom.


Putting Green Practice - a lot (recreation & social interaction with other putting green rats, goofing off avoiding chores.)


Divot/Swing Practice - Under the Power Lines (alone)


Slow Motion Mirror Practice - daily if I'm home. (This is the MOST important one. If it can't be done here I'm not finding it on the range or course.)


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Range: ever few weeks

Practice Green: ever few days

Play: 2-3 times a week...


My goal is to buy a pass to a local driving range, its about 400 bucks, but its unlimited golf balls for a year. I think they consider no one really will hit that much. I could easily get that investment back in 2 months..


But i plan on the following schedule


Monday: Shuffle

Tuesday: Shuffle

Party ROCK!!


Sorry couldn't help it ;b


Sunday: Short Game/Putting

Monday: League 1

Tuesday: Short Game/ Putting

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: League 3

Friday: Range

Saturady: Range




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I wish it was playing more, but I only get out once every 2 or 3 weeks.  Driving range during lunch hour twice a week.

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As an ambassador at a local course I play for free. A large bucket at the nearest driving range is 11. So last year I played over a hundred times, I went to the range twice...

This year, I intend to spend some quality time on more practice greens.
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Practice, by far.  I used to play a lot more but I find that I play better if I spend more time practicing and less time playing.

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I try to practice more, but sometimes i'll catch myself playing quite often when I should be  on the pitching/putting green. z4_blink.gif

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I go to the range 3-4 times a weeek, mostly in interest of time. Working night shifts I'll hit the range after work before bed and then I try to play once a week at least.

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Practice by far.  I get to play 2-3 times a week at most.  I practice my swing in front of a mirror about 4-5 times a week (10-15 minutes).  I luckily have a gym at work with a big aerobics room that is rarely used.  It has big mirrors on two walls.  I mostly practice short game when the weather allows, roughly 60-75% of my practice time.  Last year, I hit the range about 1 per week for hitting.  This year, I am going to set up a net in the yard and work with that instead because it will be easier to film.

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I play more. I do putt a lot but don't go to the range as much as I probably should. If I have a bad round or have something I want to work on I hit the range after I'm done with my round. I pretty much always putt before I go out on the course though. I usually spend more time on the range at the beginning of the year to get back into the swing of things and as the season continues I don't go nearly as often. 

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Pitch and Putt twice a week.  Full course every other week after baseball.

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I go to the range 7 days a week and play once every week. 


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I play in competition twice a week and might practice for half an hour once a year.

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I am more of a range rat than anything.

I dont plan on hitting the course until I have a lot more of the fundamentals and a lot more consistency.

Although I do need to go to the other range in town that has a putting green and bunker so I can work a bit more on my short game.

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I try to avoid the range for everything but my wedges, since I can't focus that well and just end up hitting ball after ball without any thought or meaning behind it. That said, I do go to the range once every week or so just to see how things are going with my swing. I try not to stay much longer than 20 minutes, since my trips to the range usually end in frustration.


To answer the question, I play a lot more than I practice (by your definition).

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I have had times where I've been a more practice than play guy.  But for me, it ends up not working well for me with results.  Playing more than practicing has seen far better results even though my game may not be exactly where i want it.  I mean, c'mon.  Ultimately, we do this to play the game so why not play more.  As I get older I just want to enjoy my time on the course anyway.  

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