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Winn DriTac Grips

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I've been looking to re-grip my irons and was searching for reviews on the new Winn DriTac grips.  Since they're so new, I haven't seen any.  So I decided to write my own review...


I bought one of each of the Winn DriTac and Winn DriTac Wrap Lite.  I re-gripped my 6 and 7 irons and have taken them out to the range to try them out.  This is what I found...


DriTac - The first time out was a dry day and I really liked these grips.  After the first day, I was pretty much set on them.  However, a week later on a drizzly day, I changed my mind pretty quickly.  I really felt like they were going to slip out of my hands on every swing.


DriTac Wrap Lite - As with the other DriTac grip I tried out, the first time out was dry.  I did like the feel of the wrap grip other than they way the butt end rested too shallow under my palm.  Because of the wrap, you need to choke up or down based on where the wrap set in your hand (fingers).  For me unfortunately, it didn't match up with where I like to have the butt end of the grip set against my palm.  I guess I could rotate the grip when I put it on the club to where I like the wraps to set... so it's not really a knock on the grip itself, just a preference thing.  I will say that getting a little dirt on the grip affected the tac.  You'd definitely have to keep them wiped down during a round.  On the second day out when it was drizzly, this grip did have a little more tac the non-wrap.  It was decent but not great.


Durability - Since I've just been trying these out while knocking the rust off at the range before the season starts, I can't comment on durability.  I have read that the predecessor's (Excel) were excellent grips in dry weather but were horrible in wet weather and didn't last long.  Not sure if the new DriTac wraps are supposed to be the answer to that.  I'll we'll find out in a couple months.


Decision - I don't think I'll go for either of these in the long run.  I currently have GolfPride Tour Velvet grips on my irons and will probably stick with them for now.  I live in NY, so playing in drizzly weather is not uncommon.  I'll just have to keep searching for the best fit.


I hope this helps give some insight to anyone looking at these grips.  In a nutshell, if you only play on dry days... I think the Dri-Tac grips are great, but beware if you often play in wet weather.





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i have had these for about a week or two(dritac mid-size) ....

i got them cause i have tendon issues that flare up when hitting a lot of golf balls or well anything that has impact vibrations...

at any rate they are softer and reduce the shock to my hands.


I live in texas and it has been raining here but i have not played in the rain just humidity and have not noticed a lack of grip....


as far as the durability i can tell you that they last longer than the winn excels ( i tested one excel out on one of my irons and after about 100-200 balls at the driving range/course over the course of a week or two there were signs of wear and a splitting on one of the seams/fake wrap seam). BUT i will follow up in a few months on the durability of the dritac.


a few people that i have been paired up with at courses have liked the look( blue/black)...i then tell them to hold it and they like the feel, and ask for the brand/model etc.


(tefunk obviously wrote a better worded/formed review i just thought i would put some other comments out there... )


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I put the DriTac grip on an iron to test it and didn't like it at all.  Way too spongy and I felt like I lost some feel with my iron.  I have a couple of friends that have it only on their drivers and love them.  Maybe this is a grip that works good on a driver but not really that good on an iron.

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I confirm BigStack's observations about these grips being good for those of us with joint/nerve issues.


Due to pain I'm changing my grip from a interlock to a Vardon. Going oversize with one layer under the butt and two under the bottom is helping. (I wear a cadet glove) With the butt filling my hand I can grip more lightly. (I was using midsized Winlite Heros)


They are soft and "cushiony" which my raging joints now require. They are light weight and will effect swing weight, which is another reason I went with them. (I re-shafted to graphite)


DriTac Winnlites are not so bad wet. There's much "greasier" grips out there . (Before buying any grip I try it under the water







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Something I should note, especially after reading Tin Man's post... I do not wear a glove.  Glove vs. no glove may obviously have an affect on the tackiness of the grip.  Maybe the non-wrap grip is ok in wet weather with a glove.


That being said, maybe the answer to my dilema with the DriTac grips is play with a glove in drizzly conditions.  I'm going to try that out next time and see how it works.



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Oh....I should have said....."if I wore a golf glove it would be a cadet size".


I only wear gloves playing when it's cold, and the ones I wear are inexpensive carpenters/mechanics gloves from Home Depot. In Southern California we don't get much warm rain (It would be nice.) 


For the heck of it I just put a Pure Grip, and a DriTac grip under the faucet.


Soaked  Pure's and DriTac's are slimy to the touch. Probably the nature of this kind of rubber.  I can't play the Pure's this wet. I can play the DriTac's because I can compress them and get a firm hold.... "not so bad".


When I put on the Home Depot gloves I can get a firm grip on the Pure's, or for that matter a wet wooden hammer. But, I don't like golfing wearing gloves or a hat unless I have to. I also don't mess with umbrellas or trying to keep my grips dry.


If I lived in Florida where you get hot rain daily I could get by with the DriTac's and no gloves.



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Well it's been a couple weeks and several trips to the range and course.  Yesterday was a bit drizzly so I had the chance to try the grips out in such conditions.  This time I tested them both with and without a glove.  Conclusion?  The DriTac grips are slick in drizzly conditions, but a little better with the glove.  I still wouldn't trust swinging the club at 95mph without the club slipping out of my hands.  Also, even though it was a little better with the grip on the left hand, it was still slick in regard to my right hand.  I like my trigger finger (right index finger) to be snug and connected to the club.  I didn't get that feeling with the wet grip.


Tin Man mentioned he just grips it tighter, and maybe that works for him and would for some other people.  For me personally, I don't like having that tense feeling in my grip or swing.  Obviously everyone is different.


In regards to durability, it's only been a four to five weeks since I've had the DriTacs, but I have not noticed any wear.  I would think these could last someone a season (depending how much they play).  I've played five rounds and hit about 1,200 balls at the range so far (obviously all of those shots were not with my 7i or 6i, which have the DriTacs on them).


Anyway, like I said in the first post... I just wanted to put something out there from my experience in case anyone else was thinking about these grips, since I hadn't seen any reviews of them yet.

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(following up on my above post)

I have now had the grips for a few months and i can say that the durability is maybe questionable(or maybe not.... I will describe below).


I have played probably 30 rounds and hit hundreds of balls at the driving range... and well I likely have grip issues. 

At any rate these grips have worn away were my left palm rubs at the end of the club(on the clubs that I use the most my 7iron, driver pw). in my mind this type of wear should either never happen or happen only after a year of use... for me I would guess the 100+ rounds of golf time frame... 


my gloves used to wear on the heel pad and I would have to get a new glove once every 10 rounds of golf but this has stopped and due to the softness of the grip the wear now occurs on the grip instead of the glove(hope that makes sense).


the rest of the grip is in good condition and I still personally like the feel of the grips still.

so if you only play 10 times a year I would guess these would last quite a while...


dont know if this will actually help anyone or not but i figure any additional info is better than no additional info.

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I have the DriTtac on every club minus my driver and putter.  Since I went to the DriTac's, I stopped using a glove completely.  I really like the DriTac, as they feel incredible in my hands.  I will add, I haven't played with them in anything more than a slight drizzle (on the course) - and afternoon shower (at the range) that lasted maybe 15 minutes.  And I simply used a dry towel to wipe the grip down before the shot, to ensure it was dry.  I found no issues with the club slipping in my hands at all by doing this.  


But I guess living in SoCal has its advantages?  Less chance of rain. a3_biggrin.gif


PS. Why I didn't re-grip my driver... At the time I re-gripped my clubs, I was hitting over 60% of my fairways with the driver... And I didn't want to change a thing on it given it was working.  After some swing changes, my fairways have dropped a little as I'm trying to get my swing grooved with the driver... So I may regrip it soon given the original grip is a little worn.

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Bigstack - I've noticed the wrap grip starting to wear down a little bit.  Probably from playing a bit and pulling it in and out of the bag probably doesn't help either.  I still think I'll be able to get through the season, but we will see (I play about 27 holes per week, and usually one trip to the range per week).  Haven't noticed much wear on the regular dri-tac grip (non-wrap).  Just curious, which are you using?


Beachcomber - glad to hear they are working out for you!  I was super happy with them myself, other than in the wet conditions.  Just fyi... I did put the Dri-Tac Wrap on my driver as well and I love it.  I really notice better control over the big stick!

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Picked up a set of callaway diablo edge irons at a great price, new. Am an18 handicap. Didn't like the thinness of the stock grip so I re-gripped with the dri tac oversize ( I wear a cadet medium large glove). The clubs just felt so much better and my 4 rounds since the regrip have all been In The lower 80's. We've had hot humid weather here and I've had no issues with slippage. I've regripped all my clubs and just did a full set for a friend who really liked the feel as well. Will repost in another month with any updates.
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Can you guys please clarify if your comments are referring to the Dri-Tac or the Dri-Tac Wrap Lite? thanks

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Originally Posted by Satori View Post

Can you guys please clarify if your comments are referring to the Dri-Tac or the Dri-Tac Wrap Lite? thanks


My comments have been regarding the 5DT-DG (Standard Dark Gray grips):

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Dritac oversize, not the wrap or lite version
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I re-grip my 8, 7 & 6 irons a couple of weeks ago with red & black standard size. It feels good the first few days mainly because of the size (from my old mid size medallist) that fits perfectly. However I noticed significant wear in just few days of use and now the outer layer (yes the grove pattern outside is not part of the core material, it is a very thin outer layer) paper thin and starting to peel off! This is the WORST purchase I ever made on anything related with golf. I'm really surprise that Butch Harmon associate himself with this product. Terrible durability. I definitely not recommend this grip to anyone. 

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I really like the DriTac Oversize because it allows me to have a comfortable, oversize grip at the same weight as a standard 50g grip.  For comparison, Lamkin Crossline Oversize grips are about 75 grams. An extra 25 grams in the grip is noticeable.  I have not had any grip problems using DriTac in wet (or sweaty) conditions.


I use the DriTac Oversize on my irons and the DriTac Wrap Lites on my fairway woods and driver.

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Love 'em. Hot and humid here. I have the gray one pictured above.
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i have the grey ones too, and after 2 months I am wearing out my driver grip already where my right thumb sits on the grip.  I like them a lot but durability is not the best.

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